Top 3 strange destinations for comic book fans

After a busy schedule of protecting the mystical balance of the multiverse, Doctor Strange finds the time to take a well-deserved getaway – the question is where? Only, with its diverse selection of properties worldwide, offers stays fit for any sorcerer. Watch as Doctor Strange makes his vacation plans.

Portal to a Doctor Strange-inspired vacation

Want a real experience similar to the Hotel Endless or the Doctor Strange Hotel? offers a spectrum of property types, with lots of quirky superhero-friendly stays ranging from a grand hotel housed in an infamous former prison to a library-themed hotel.

Travel through time: Crowne Plaza Hotel Indianapolis Downtown, Indianapolis

The Crowne Plaza Hotel Indianapolis Downtown is in flux between past and present. This property offers 26 rooms that are actual Pullman train cars – all of which are stationed at their original tracks and have decor inspired by icons including Charlie Chaplin, Winston Churchill, and Jean Harlow. During your stay, you can hear and feel the subtle rumbles of trains passing, as the hotel is still an active railroad station.

Find your own Sanctum Sanctorum: The Library Hotel, New York

If you’re looking for your own Sanctum Sanctorum, New York’s Library Hotel is so dedicated to a hushed atmosphere, its decor and approach are inspired by the Dewey Decimal System. The floors are themed by category (think history, philosophy or Doctor Strange’s favorite, math and science) and every room comes complete with a collection of books. See? Learning is fun.

Where past meets present: The Liberty Hotel, Boston

The Liberty Hotel was once the Charles Street Jail, which housed some of Boston’s most notorious criminals from 1822 to 1990. Now a grand, contemporary hotel, its historic features have been preserved, including catwalks, three-storey arched windows and jail cells – 19 of which have been converted into guestrooms. With such rich history and modern design, even Doctor Strange would want to stop time and stay here.


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