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Bisser Hotel Jó 7,6 We very much enjoyed our stay in this hotel, which proved to be the best choice for this price and star rating. We stayed in both types of rooms, in different nights. The "Superior" rooms are flawless - best choice. The "Comfort" rooms (without air conditioning) - the bed mattresses are not as comfortable as those in the "Superior" rooms. No matter the room type, the following are true: * sheets and towels freshly washed - one big and one small, for each person; * clean room; * clean bathroom; * clean air conditioning system - no trace of smell; * clean refrigerator - also very efficient; The beds were separated, but bringing them close to each other to make one large bed is very easy; after this operation you will find out that there is almost no gap between the bed mattresses, so your sleep won't be impaired. The morning breakfast was served from 8 to 10, about the same each day and offering sufficient choices to enjoy it. As for the exterior... I loved that you are surrounded by vegetation and trees which, with the hotel design, make up a somehow rustic environment. The beach was very close and it was a pleasure to walk to it by going down a couple of stairs.
Saint George Hotel 2 Jó 7,7 The view and the beach were great The rooms was very nice Excellent raport - price-quality