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Pousada Vila Marinha Tốt 7,9
Pousada Praia dos Carneiros Tốt 7,3
Tamandare Apart Hotel Marinas Tốt 7
Pousada 100 Passos Tốt 7,3 Very nice small hotel, really close to the beach. Rooms with rather basic standard, but still tastefully decorated and very clean. Quite good breakfast. Next door there is a very good Italian restaurant belonging to the same, very nice Italian owner.
Pousada Costa Tropical Rất tốt 8 we had a great stay at this hotel. The owner and all the staff were particularly efficient and friendly, always willing to help us. The room was very clean and confortable. Breakfeast were very good and varied.The poussada is well located, in the city and at some 200 meters from the beach. The beach is just .. fantastic, especially when you walk a bit from the city.
Pousada Doce Vida Tốt 7,1
Flat do Golfinho Tốt 7,9
Bangalôs do Gameleiro Tuyệt vời 8,7 I wish I could give this place 12 stars out of 10. It's beautifully located, the staff is friendly, the food is delicious (especially the breakfast), and there are lots of fun things to do around there. Our favorite spot was Bar do Mangue, a wooden hut built in the middle of the mangrove forest serving fried fish and boiled crab. You need a boater to take you there, but one of the Gameleiros staff can arrange it for you. Also, I would avoid the overhyped Beijupirá restaurant (down the street) unless you like terrible service, mediocre food, and exorbitant prices.
Chalés dos Carneiros Rất tốt 8,5
Casa Praia dos Carneiros