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GHL Hotel Sunrise Tốt 7,7
Hotel Cocoplum Beach Tốt 7,8 Considering local standards it was a very nice and clean hotel directly located on the beach, quiet in the evening but with lots of activities during the day. The personel was at all times friendly and the food served was decent and fresh. I can definitively recommend this hotel, for couples but also for singles looking for a nice time out.
Sol Caribe San Andrés All Inclusive Tốt 7,5
Sol Caribe Campo All Inclusive Tốt 7,5
El Viajero San Andres Hostel & Suites Tốt 7,7 3rd time I've stayed at this hostel and no complains at all, fun all the time!
Hotel Decameron Marazul All Inclusive Tốt 7,4 Some facilities, such as the pool and the pier.
Hotel Decameron Aquarium All Inclusive Tốt 7,6 The beach club is a very good place.
Hotel Casablanca Rất tốt 8,4 Attentive restaurant staff. Well kept and clean in all areas. Nice big beds. Very nice bathrooms. Baby friendly (had a crib). Great food. Perfect location-across from the beach and along the main promenade. Has a pool.
Hotel Decameron San Luis All Inclusive Tốt 7,1
Caribbean Island Hotel
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