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Sonata Hotel Hea 7,6 everything was good and comfortable. Recommend to visit.
Classic Hotel Harmonie - Superior Hea 7,9 1,breakfast is very good; 2, Helpful & friendly staff; 3,Cleaning & comfortable bed.
A&O Köln Neumarkt Meeldiv 6,9 A&O hostel surprised me on Christmas ! I left this morning and have been wanting to write a review fot it :) It's my first to Germany, a friend lives in Colonge invited me for Christams, when I was browsing accomdation on booking.com,I found a deal offered by A&O, 71% off for the 2 days when I stayed. I firstly picked it because the cheap price, then I found positive reviews and high scores. It's very convenient, from the Colonge Bonn Airport, takes U-bahn(local metro) to The Dom(Koln hbf) station, I arrived at night with a big luggae,so I chosed to hire a taxi, it cost me 8.90 EUR, maybe a little bit more than 5 minutes ride. If you travel with small baggae, you can always take train to Neumarkt station, less than 10 minutes walk to the hotel.There's also Tram station near by. Shopping center, dinners,cafe,pubs...all you could think are on your fingertips and it's very quiet during night time. I highly recommended to you. Tonight, I am staying in another place close to the central station(hbf station), but it's very noisy and small, just 2 stops away from Neumarkt if i didn't make wrong, I think A&O is definate way better for rest after a long day. Next time, I will choose A&O again. Tips for future guests: 1. if you want to drink hot water, 10 EUR deposit , borrow one from the front desk 2. a 7 EUR cost will apply if you wish a late check out at 2pm
Novum Hotel Leonet Köln Altstadt Hea 7,1 1.check-in, check-out are very friendly and easy going 2.very good breakfast buffet 3.nice neds and clean room 4.very close to shopping street 5. very friendly hotel staff for travel tips and suggestions.

Köln 345 majutusasutust

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