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La Olivera Gott 7
Cal Ganso Framúrskarandi 9,2 So much to say here... I'll start by honoring the lovely hosts who tried their best to communicate to us in English - even though we had no expectation of this. Google translate is wonderful and they were eager to please, so that was a gracious touch. My husband and I were on the tail end of a long road trip through northern Spain and I had had a headache for almost two weeks at this point with no relief. With one email, Ramon arranged an amazing massage from a local therapist who showed up with her table, music and aromatherapy and despite the language barrier, completely understood how to relieve the pain. My husband had a massage, too, and all in the comfort of our beautifully furnished suite! Amazing! Breakfast was lovely and all served in such a quaint setting. The home is beautiful, well-furnished, and so inviting.

Albinyana 2 gistirými

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