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Hotel Calabahia & SPA İyi 7.4 Fitst, I want to say thank you to staff for helping us. Actually we were beyond excited on our journey in this town so we swimed at the beach and I got jelly-fish shot on my legs(Scars Looked serious and so hurt) I asked staff where should I go to get some medicine (It was christmas day and most of stores are closed) and she searched and taught us the way to get the pharmacy in malaga so I'm still alive... lol thank u so much again. Room and bed were clean, we got a room with great view of the beach so We coule watch the sun rise on bed!!, also hotel is located right near the beach and restaurants area. My trip for this small town is full of good memories!
Hotel María Cristina Çok iyi 8.1 This Hotel was amazing from the entrance to the rooms and everything in between. The reception area has a bar and tables and chairs to relax in. Manuel was so helpful from minute 1 until our departure. The freshness in the hotel was a nice change to have. The furnishings in the lobby/bar area where amazing also. Will 100% return to this hotel again. Highly reccommeded.
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