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Guadix, Spanyol 13 akomodasi

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Hotel Palacio de Oñate Sangat baik 8 The atmosphere of the property, combined with the quality of the furnishings lends a historic grandeur to the hotel - but its in no way stuffy or snobbish. Staff were very friendly and helpful always. The Cafeteria / Bar is open to the public and many local Spanish in their 20s stop off during the evening for great smoothies & lattes.
Cuevas Pedro Antonio de Alarcon Baik 7.7
Cuevas Abuelo Ventura Sangat baik 8.3 What a great place once you FIND it. Garmin GPS was a total fail on this one. Entering the given street name and number will take you around in circles. If you enter TORREMOLINOS 44 you will have better luck. You will be on a narrow, winding, two lane road and it will appear that you have left town. Do NOT turn back. You will see the tall iron entrance gate a little further ahead on your right. I had Cave 7 on the upper level and it was amazing! There is a small sitting room with TV which leads into a good sized twin bedded room. Bed was very comfortable and I slept like a ROCK. Bathroom is narrow, but long. Shower worked well, and there was plenty of hot water. There are portable electric heaters in both the bedroom and the bath. If you are like me, you will take lots of pictures of both the inside and the outside of your cave! The two hotel dogs were very friendly and came right into my room with me. The cave district with its visitor center is very interesting to wander about. Don't miss the nearby hermitage which has an amazing display of manger scenes, many with a cave theme.
Abades Guadix Baik 7.8 Reception staff great, hotel very comfortable
Casas Cueva La Tala Baik 7.3
Hotel Mulhacen Baik 7.6
Hotel Abentofail Luar biasa 9 Located in the ancient part of Guadix, a very nice hotel in the style of 'boutique hotels'.It's an old townhouse refurbished as hotel, with very individual rooms and barrier-free bathroom/showers etc., an excellent combination of 'tradition' and modern room equipment (large and comfortable modern beds, fridge and little kitchenette as in 'part-hotels' etc.) Staff is very supportive and friendly. The hotel does not have parking space for cars. However do not bother - in the area nearby parking places can be found in the streets, and the staff is very helpful with this. Anhow it is not the concept of that hotel to be something like 'drive-in' - it is a 'city hotel', and in my view rightly so. All in all very excellent.
Hotel Mari Carmen Baik 7.9
Cuevas de Rolando Sangat baik 8.1 Great view, awesome concept and the service was second to none.
Cuevas de María Baik 7.6
Cueva La Ermita Hebat 8.7

Guadix 13 akomodasi

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