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Gloria Palace Amadores Rất tốt 8,5 Every bit of it. Excellent staff, fantastic location, superb facilities.
Bahia Blanca Tốt 7,8 I loved everything about this apartment block and complex it was really well kept and very clean and tidy. The actual apartment was very comfortable and one of the best that iv ever stayed in. I have plans now to go back with my family next october hope we get the same apartment. Staff are so friendly
Servatur Terrazamar Sun Suite Rất tốt 8,3
Apartamentos Palmera Mar Dễ chịu 6,9 We enjoyed so much our stay in this apartment because of the perfect location, friendly staff, clean room... and the view was amazing. I really recommend it, beach Amadores is the most beautiful one on the island!
Aparthotel Puerto Plata Tốt 7 I loved everything about the place from the staff to how clean it was kept
Apartamentos Río Piedras Rất tốt 8 I absolutely loved the location of the apartments and the staff were extremely friendly. The rooms were spotless which is a great plus. I would definitely stay there again.
Apartamentos Natural Park Tốt 7,9 Rooms were very clean and cosy, nice pool ans area around very pleasant. Nice food in the restaurant. It is located on the hill so it is very quiet during the days and nights so it's a great place to relax!
Apartamentos Babalu Tốt 7,3 Everything, we'll be coming back! Room 116, peace, quiet and excelent sun!
Apartamentos Cumana Dễ chịu 6,2 Great place if you like to party only 10 min walk from all the night life 20 min walk from the beach but only€3 for taxi .Nice pool and pool bar with good hot snacks.would highly recommend for a cheap place to stay.But if you are female dont ! travel home late at night get a taxi its much safer and cheaper in the long run
Anfi Tauro Golf