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Logis L'Hôtel İyi 7.9 Well designed room with good use of space. Good bathroom. Good breakfast. I walked down to the station; it would be a bit more difficult to walk up to the hotel with luggage.
Hôtellerie Saint Yves Çok iyi 8.4 Locatated in the heart of the city, very close to Cathedral. Free parking, tranquility.
Residences De Chartres Keyifli 6.8 large apartment in the historic center of town.
Le Boeuf Couronné Çok iyi 8.2 staff very helpful and friendly . location central very clean bedroom good size good value
La Villa Saint Pierre Chambres d'hôtes Müthiş 8.8 Charming owners made you feel at home in an extremely relaxed environment. The building was very old and beautiful on the outside but absolutely up to date and contemporary in the room itself which had a beautiful view of the cathedral and Chartres. I strongly recommend this accommodation.
Hotel des Poèmes de Chartres İyi 7.9 Friendly staff, stylish decor, comfortable room, generous breakfast
Maunoury Citybreak Fevkalade 9.1 We live in the Tintin's room. The room is comfortable and the breakfast is very delicious. The wifi works well. The location is near the downtown and about 10 minutes walk to the station. I love the lovely house and the surroundings. We have wonderful time in Chartres. Wish we can go there again and live in Maunoury Citybreak.
Appartements Les Terrasses du Cloître Müthiş 8.6
Maison Ailleurs Olağanüstü 9.9 The owners of the house The distance from the station and the location in the old town
Le Clos Chedeville Fevkalade 9.1 It is in a good place, walking distance to the Cathedral, yet it appears to be in a wood! The garden is glorious, the house is wonderful, the bed comfortable, the breakfast delicious

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