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Hotel De La Digue Jauki 6,8 Location; it is ideally placed for visiting Mont St Michel.
Hotel Gabriel Ļoti labi 8,5 The room for 4 persons was really nice, divided in 2 floor connected with a stairs.
Hôtel Vert Labi 7,8 Nice very clean hotel with a kind staff, very good location and beautifully view on mont sant Michel.
Hôtel la Croix Blanche Labi 7,5 Location unbelievable, nice restaurant!
La Vieille Auberge Labi 7,5 There are 4 or 5 Hotels within Mont St. Michel. I wanted the one which was closer to the top and I got it. The romos were very cosy and with the best view ever !!! At first, I thought it was closed, but the owner runs this hotel and another one (Pierre Auberge) and it was the shop in front who told me that. So, at first a scary surprise, but then they took me to our romos (2) which were at another small "building" My 5 and 8 yrs. old girls loved it. They felt they were really inside a fairy tale of in Mickey Mouse´s "The three Musketeers". No sound at night !!! Wow, Everything clean. We didn´t even watch the TV, ´cause we were in the middle ages !!!! - with electricity, ja, ja. Their restaurant had the best pizzas and you have to try their ice cream. All in all, one of best trips ever. My girls and my wife and I will cherish it for all our lives. Thanks to the staff at the Hotel and Restaurant of La Vieille Auberge and to Mont St. Michel !!!