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Hotel du Nord Çok iyi 8.2 This is a small hotel right in the centre of Lodeve, located on the main street. The reception was quick and efficient, we were shown to our rooms which were quirky and interesting. Very clean, comfortable beds and a view of the trees outside. The shower is somewhat old fashioned but this just adds to the charm of the place. Breakfast is taken in the breakfast room or on the first floor terrace overlooking the main street, all the usual offerings for a buffet breakfast in France. When we were there the Sat market was running so lots of interest just below the terrace. Right next to the hotel is a free car park so that was easy, though I suspect it might be difficult in peak season at weekends. This is just the sort of hotel to look for if you want something different from the ubiquitous chain hotels. Yes it needs some work doing and clearly this is happening but it will only continue if independently minded people stay here.
L'Atelier du Soulondre İyi 7.3
Villa Escandorgue Olağanüstü 9.5 My wife and I recently completed a section of the GR653 and this was one of the highlights of the trip. Marc and Phillippe have set up a chambre d'hote in their lovely home and have plans to expand with a gite on the ground floor (which will have direct access to the pool). Although not on the route of the GR653, it only takes around 30 mins to walk but, if you can't face this, if you give Marc a call he will be happy to come and collect you from town (and can also pick you up from the airport/train station with a bit more advance notice). This was an excellent stop and Marc took the trouble to ring around the restaurants for us to find somewhere for an evening meal (we were there on Labour Day so this proved more difficult than would normally be the case). When he found that most places were closed, he took us to Auberge du Lac near Lac Salagou which was excellent. We had the option to either take a table on our own or join them for dinner. We joined them and had a lovely evening. The room at the Villa was comfortable and the breakfast was delicious (Marc cooking us a lovely omelette as my wife is allergic to wheat). Highly recommended.
L'Ecrin D'Osely Çok iyi 8.1 Nice reception, got the largest room, location close to Roqueredonde (our destination)

Lodève 12 tesis

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