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Burgess Hill, Didžioji Britanija 3 apgyvendinimo įstaigos

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3 apgyvendinimo įstaigos vietovėje: Burgess Hill
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Homestead B&B Nuostabus 9,2 Just back after a gorgeous two nights stay in this lovely Bed and Breakfast which fully deserves its 4 stars. The B&B is located in the neighborhood of two train stations which allow you to easily get there in less than 30 minutes from Gatwick airport, while the cab option is also available. I could as well easily travel from there to the nearby Ardingly Antiques Fair, the purpose of my stay. The train can bring you in a few stops only to Brighton or the delightful medieval Lewes or allows you to travel to London main stations. I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful rooms decorated with care, the cleanliness of the bathroom, the quality of the breakfast (where next to the traditional British one can also have a variety of other options, being able to opt for one or the other the evening ahead; traditional British with veggie sausage is available for Vegans!) and of the overall service. The B&B has a modern gym and a nice covered swimming pool. It is surrounded by a magnificent private park where one can see rabbits and occasionally deers. The hosts, Sue and Mike were extremely helpful and offered a lot of useful advice during my stay. Next to my room, I could as well visit the one of another guest who socialized with me and who was an expert in real estate. I was not at all disappointed and found out that through regular stays at the B&B she also appreciated highly this place. Looking forward to return soon! It is a very good base for visiting the South of England.
Premier Inn Burgess Hill Labai geras 8,2
Burgess Hill

Burgess Hill 3 apgyvendinimo įstaigos

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