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The Ferryboat Hebat 8.8 We had the night ferry and had to leave early in the morning. So we wouldn't see the owners to pay. Now, we didn't have enough money in Pounds so i wrote a letter and we gave them euro's. I never heard anything, so we're very thankfull to them, accepting euro's.
Ivy bridge Hotel & Spa Hebat 8.6
Fishguard Bay Hotel Baik 7 It was so quiet and calm... In Saturday's sunshine ..we sat out ... Listened to the birds singing and had a relaxed cup of tea on the terrace... First class.... The staff were attentive and not over fussy.... I know Fishguard very well... This was a brilliant and new experience for me ...
Seaview Hotel Sangat baik 8.5 Quality breakfast, good views, great location, friendly staff! Can't ask for more!

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