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The Kings Arms and Royal Hotel – RelaxInnz Geras 7,5 friendlinessnof staff. Decor. Accessibility to town.
Godalming Hotel Geras 7,7 didn't make any fuss about our late arrival, or delayed departure. We didn't bring our dog, but know he would be welcome next time.
The Manor House Labai geras 8,3 Beautiful building, very clean and comfortable. lovely setting and exceptional staff. Would highly recommend.
Innkeeper's Lodge Godalming Geras 7,6 Restaurant staff were excellent. Both the manager and the waitress who served us were very helpful in recommending and providing variations on dishes for my wife who has a number of food intolerances and the Hungarian barman fills a pint of Guinness as well as any Irishman!
The Merry Harriers Puikus 8,9 The pub, the food, the views, the staff.
Hambledon House Labai geras 8,4 To think I could be staring at the grim magnolia walls of a faceless premier inn. Thankfully it was full and bookings.com brought me to the wonderful Hambledon House. If you like the saccharine world of corporate hotels read no further. If on the other hand you value beauty, eccentricity, sparkling conversation and true hospitality then please visit this unique and unforgettable establishment. The house is stunning, the rooms fantastically comfortable, but for me, nothing can beat the atmosphere created by my eccentric hosts. I didn't watch TV or solve crosswords, my usual hotel fayre, but have never been better entertained. This is truly an experience, Englishness at its best. Among the books in my room was Eats shoots and leaves. You can judge for yourself If it has helped! If you like corporate magnolia that's fine; me, I'll take the technicolour accommodation of Hambledon House.
Pound Corner Nuostabus 9 Comparable to a bedsit more than a hotel room but has everything you would need for an over night stay. Very friendly host who ensured there was milk in the fridge, bread and butter (and marmalade)for toast and a choice of breakfast cereals. There was also a good supply of tea bags etc so you don't have to plan your tea drinking to the 2 or 3 tea bags and uht milk you would get in most hotel rooms. Sky tv and wifi (although I didn't use the wifi) included. What more could you ask for at just £48 fornthe night?
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