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Aberdeen Guest House Tuyệt vời 8,6 located in Ilford really close to a railway station, we travelled by tube and bus and was also accessible guiet neighbourhood very kind and warm welcome everything was clean and tidy clean bathroom and shower just behind the door breakfast cereal, tea and coffee for us to use, milk and juice in the refridgerator even though we didn't pay for breakfast everything was great, we were thrilled:-) definitely a place to recommend
Park Hotel Dễ chịu 6,5 Superb value for money. The room we got was newly furnished so everything was sparkling. Cleaning staff did a through job every day. Buffet breakfast was really handy. Bus stop was right in front of the hotel and there were about 8 different buses to take us to the nearest tube station!! We couldn't have asked for more.
Best Western Ilford Hotel Tốt 7,2 Staff were friendly, welcoming and helpful. Our unit was comfortable, secure and private. Great variety for breakfast. Close to a bustling Ilford town with heaps of shops and a walk to the beautiful park.
Best Inn Hotel Tàm tạm 5,5 all the services were perfect, no proclem at all. i actually loved my stay in such friendly environment. All staff were so friendly and professional. 24hrs customer service available. fully clean.and so cheap from money side.I will be returning there soon and always will.highly recommended.Thank you Best inn Staff!
Arran Guest House Tốt 7,4 Freindly staff,excellent location.
Britannia Inn Hotel Tốt 7,4 We really enjoyed our stay here. Clean spacious room for a family of 4 and breakfast was great! Lots of restaurants, supermarkets close by and didn't take long to reach central London on the tube.
Arinza Hotel Tốt 7,2 We loved how quiet the area was, and were it was located from the train station, it wasnt on the night street if was off a side road which we preferred, and we found that the roomwasnt overly big but we quite like our comforts being close, the shower was lovely, my boyfriend didnt want to get out of it... we would definately stay again. the woman on reception was helpful and at night when we couldnt work the key for our room a gentleman soon came to help. i would recomend this hotel.
London Inn Dễ chịu 6,8 The Guy (manager) of the House is very kindly, help on every problem, (we has some..:) ) He personally help us, not caring his time. So He was very very good. Go by train to City it is faster, 40-50 minute in total, not go by car. We had car also, but we left next to house there is free parking. The house has free wifi.. If you have problem just ask the guide for help he will..:)
Rotana Hotel Tốt 7,2 Great location just minutes from the town centre.
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