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Vinsæl hótel - Mitcham

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Flexistay Thirsk Road Ánægjulegt 6,9 Brand new washer and dryer. Neighbourhood was solid working class, not scary to walk in at night. Little kitchenette in room worked well (full kitchen with oven was in common area and was very good).
Tooting Place Apartments Í lagi 5,8 As the taxidriver said, who took us to the airport in a secure way, this neighbourhood is no good. The apartment is as the neighbourhood, no good. The air inside must be full of housemush and the owner must be aware of it since there was mounted boxes with air fresheners in every room. The cleaning was no good cause of dirt in the kitchen lockers, long time since last time cleaned..... The fire warning detector is out of function and the garden was not allowed to use cause of the insurance terms, what about the fire warning detector? The beds were cleaned but no good, and finally there was nowhere to put the garbage!!!! 3 of us got infected by flu during the week we hired the flat. Had to leave it inside when we left. We will send an announcement and demand money back for this.

Mitcham 2 gistirými

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