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Plaza Ļoti labi 8,1
Ulrika Labi 7,5
Stefanie Studios Brīnišķīgi 8,9
Pantazis Studios Labi 7,3
Hotel Rastoni Lieliski 9,1 The locaion turned out to be even better we'd expected. If you're coming to the place from the port it is better to go along the quay and turn right at the first street you see after you begin following the fence of the archeological site (the Apollo's temple). The first you see at the hotel is the wonderful garden with a great number of cosy places - with sofas, arm-chairs and so on. It is really pleasant to spend time there relaxing at hot midday or watching moon at night. The rooms are also very pleasant - they are very big and comfortable with large balconies, each room is designed in its style (ours was in Japaneese style). What is more - there are both air-conditioner and a large fan so that you could choose either lower temperature or fresh air and open windows as you like. On the recepion you could enjoy a piece of ancient wall left for wathching (it was found during the archeological works). We like the hotel very much and would like to return there.
Sissy Hotel Ciešami 5,1 The facility itself is what you expect them to be. The beach is very close as well as tavernas and bars. The hotel is positioned between Egina and Perdika,which is great. What is exceptional is the owner who was more than helpful. He organized a bike for me and also, as I forgot some things in the hotel, sent them to me via both to Athens the following day!
Marini Luxury Apartments and Suites Lieliski 9