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Agistri Town, Hy Lạp 13 chỗ ở

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13 chỗ ở tại Agistri Town
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Vasilaras Hotel Tốt 7,7 the site is very convinient and the view very satisfying.Rooms are clean and spacious. Little kichen very helpful with good-size powerful refrigerator.
Aquarius Village Apartments Tốt 7,2
Hotel Milos Rất tốt 8,5
Agistri Club Hotel Rất tốt 8 We were the last guest of the season. This could have been strange experience but we were welcomed by Bryan, his family and hotel staff, who made us feel special and appreciated. We enjoyed our stay from breakfast served on the terrace overlooking the sea to the delightful food we were served for dinner, falling asleep listening to the waves beating against the cliffs.
Seaside Studios Tuyệt vời 8,6 Clean Good location Seaview Good beach very close to hotel
Hotel Flisvos Tuyệt vời 8,7 I felt very welcome. The owners were exceptionanly friendly and forthcoming with all my requests. The rooms had beautiful views and were freshly and tastefully renovated. It was the perfect spot to relax, look at the sea and feel comfortable.
Nontas Hotel Tuyệt vời 8,9 Value for money hotel. Situated in the not so touristic Megalochori, just 2km away from Skala. Ideal for quite vacation next to the sea. Incredible balcony sea view. Very clean. The owner of the place is a very warm and kind person who really cares for the well being of its customers. We will be back for sure.
Hotel Abatis Tốt 7,6
Sunrise Studios Tuyệt hảo 9,1
Akti Tốt 7,6 Next to the port, and with great amenities for the low price offered, Akti offers a great "base of operations" to explore the beautiful Agistri island (overlooked unrightfully for more cosmic islands).
Agistri Island Dream Tốt 7,4 The building is only a few minutes’ walk from the very centre of Skala and its nearby beaches and has a stunning 180° view all over the bay. Our apartment was very large, full of light and perfectly clean, modernly furnished and vastly accessorized – including a washing machine and a fast and reliable Wi-Fi. Both window and balcony overlooking the sea allow a pleasant and soothing breeze, which even made the installed and well funcitoning air-conditionig totally unnecessary. Our landlord Yannis is a faultless host, highly professional, extremely helpful and very efficient. He gave us plenty of interesting advice and tips and made our stay totally tranquil.
Agistri Town

Agistri Town 13 chỗ ở

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