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Paros Bay Odlično 9 Location - we have traveled round the whole Paros island and the place, where Paros Bay is located is the best place on the island. There are two nice sand beaches with beach bars around hotel. Closer to hotel is Delfini bar, a very good place with nice team and atmosphere. The second one is Parasporos beach near Parasporos club. Try Dorado and Seabass in the cafe near the beach ;) Hotel crew - all of them were very kind and ready to help. There are also a couple of nice dogs. Don't be offended, they are begging for food just for fun ) WiFi - it is first time when using internet on hotel territory is so easy, works perfectly in any place around the hotel. No one-day password. No browser activation. No device locks. Just use it and enjoy it. Food - breakfasts were mostly the same every day, though there were enough variety to find something for us during 10 days stay. It is also possible to buy dinners in the hotel - 14 Euros per person per day. That is quite a nice offer if you are lazy to go out. P.S.: There are free board games in the hotel lounge. P.P.S.: You can enjoy your meal on hotel's balcony with fantastic sea view.

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