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Regis Hotel Spa Rất tốt 8,2 Excellent hotel in a very good location in town. Room was very large, and clean. Shower had good hot water and pressure. The hot spa is really nice, and they kindly adjusted the temperature to our taste. Location is perfect, right in the middle of main street, but secluded off the main road so it is quiet
Porta Hotel del Lago Rất tốt 8 I adored the view from the hotel. The souvenir dolls that the hotel sells are fabulous : I went to buy 1 and I ended up buying 4.Staff very very friendly and polite.
Hotel Posada de Don Rodrigo Panajachel Tốt 7,6
Hotel y Centro de Convenciones Jardines del Lago Rất tốt 8,3 The location of the hotel by the lake side and its setting of gardens with hamocks over the entire area between the buildings and lake shore makes it taste like heaven. The comfort room ,avaiability around the clock of coffe and cockies and free and efective internet services made the stay very pleasant.The staff was outstanding in friendliness and assistance.Its close location to thr main street of Panajachel makes it even better.
Hotel Real Santander Tốt 7,8
Hotel Paradise Inn
Grand Hotel Panajachel
Posada de Don Jose