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The Ross Fevkalade 9.4 Having a complimentary upgrade to a suite, the friendly staff, the lively bar great for sitting back and watching people. A fabulous resturant both in design and food provided. Brilliant breakfast!
Travel Inn Killarney Müthiş 8.6 Very well appointed, large room. Excellent bar and dining room. Helpful staff.
The Heights Hotel Killarney Çok iyi 8.3 It was very convenient to take a walk into the city centre and enjoy the views. Very easy to navigate around town.
Harmony Inn - Glena House İyi 7.7 Clean , Quiet at night, great breakfast, nice staff great location , (sure what more do you want)
Gleneagle Hotel Çok iyi 8 Love that it was very much family orientated so much for the kids to do. We spent all the time in the hotel without having to look for things to do for the kids in the town though we love the town of Killarney.
The Lake Hotel Müthiş 8.9 We appreciated the view, the large size of a standard room, the helpfullness of the hotel colleagues, and the wide opportunities for excursions. Food was delicious. Choose the place if you wanna get rid of the crazy crowd and busy days!
International Hotel Fevkalade 9.2 I liked absolutely everything. Killarney National Park is right beside the hotel, and the price coulnd´t have been better. Absolutely worth it!
Redwood Fevkalade 9 Beautiful setting Evelyn very friendly and gracious.Rooms very spacious and decor luxurious .The food was to a gourmet standard.
Neptune's Hostel İyi 7.8 Easy and pleasant check in Helpful and friendly staff Good value for money Our room flooded overnight and the staff kindly acted quickly by bringing up towels to soak up the water on the floor of our room and put my soaked jumper in the dryer.