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Star Apartments - Petah Tiqwa Nagyon jó 8,1 Nice, clean apartment. Kitchen equiped very well, so you can make breakfast, lunch or dinner. One thing what is missed - opener for vine... :)Alexander - buy it ;) Special thanks to Alexander, the guy who meet us and introduce us apartment. He was so kind, and show us a very nice place with very nice beach - Herzliya. Which is just 18 km from Petah Tiqwa. The flat had parking space within the building at the bottom floor and it was safe.
Gaya Rooms Kiábrándító 4 It was a great experience. The transient hotel costs about 130 schekel for the first, 20 schekel for every additional hour. Its obviously for prostitutes and theire suitors. Next to these place is a techno disco, making excessive noise. When I say next, I mean in the next room. The cleannes is ok. Everything in the room was working. You dont need to reservate, the dont check there mails. The personal is cooperative but grumpy. I think this place is quite safe. I sleeped very well, until the disco stopped the music at 8 am, then I woke up. I have never been in a place like that and I recommend it to you, if you never have been there too. Its a little adventure. I will keep this experience in mind for a long, long time.
Apartments Petah Tiqwa Jó 7,6
Petaẖ Tiqwa

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