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Cuba Premium Bungalows Tốt 7,3 The staff is really nice and helpful - they let me use the shower of my old room after check out, which I really needed after a day on the beach and with the bus going at 8 pm.
Cuba Beach Bungalows Tốt 7,6 Excellent service! This concerns all the employés we met at Cuba. When you stay at Cuba, you feel like one of the family. The huts where good, not to much comfort, as you can expect from a beach hut, but location is great. You can have view on the beach, without hearing to much noise. Food is very good n the restaurant!
Cuba Agonda
Cuba Patnem Beach Bungalow Tốt 7,2
Dropadi Inn Tốt 7,1 Very close to the beach. Hardly 20 to 30 meters and best part was the shack just present outside the hotel room.I would like to recommend the hotel to backpackers only.
Roundcube Beach Cottages Tốt 7,9 On the beach,Personal - friendly,warm,easy to get on with,very helpful,wanting to please.Cottages is what you pay for,adequate.Very pleasent place to stay.

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