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Vinsæl hótel - Calci

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Il Molendino Pisa B&B Framúrskarandi 9,4 - Hosts were really lovely! Thanks to both of you... - The breakfast (with home-made pie and/or cake every day!) - our room and its tuscan design - the shared well-equiped kitchen - the hints of the host (beaches, visits, restaurants, etc.)
Antica Toscana Frábært 8,7 Very beautiful place in heart of Tuscany. We travelled somewhere everyday but every evening were happy to return to our apartments. Tasty breakfast at b&b, really hospital & nice owners, nice room and accomodation. It was great experience for us.
Villa Amorosa Frábært 8,9 Beautifull rooms. Very nice staff. Best breakfast with everything you like. I know many b&b in the area, Villamorosa is outstanding! Thanks for a great time Sandro!
B&B Gli Olivi Framúrskarandi 9,1
Al Palazzaccio Frábært 8,8 Local breakfast, specialites made by owner.
Villa Scorzi
Villa Martini Mjög gott 8,3 allright...where to start! If you expect a hotel style apartment you would be very disappointed. If you look for authentic Italian experience with fantastic, friendly landlord this is the place for you! It is a +-300 old house with very old fashioned apartments. They are furnished with very old and beautiful furniture (fantastic mattresses tho!), kitchen is stylish and very functional, terrace offers unforgettable views to the countryside full of olive trees and mountains. It is truly an experience which I would love to get again and frankly, I think I will go back because... this is the sort of place which makes you love Italy! PS. It is difficult to find the house but every solid gps should make it + (very important) call the landlord before arrival cuz the house does not really look like and apartment house :)
Bed and Breakfast Zia
Casa David
Casa Rossa Lodge
Villa Santa Maria
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