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Grand Palais Excelsior Tuyệt vời 8,6 Friendly and professional staff. All the goodies for 4 star hotel. Nice decoration, excellent position
Limone Palace Aparthotel Tuyệt vời 8,6 Got upgrade for no extra cost from a single bedroom to a double. Staff were extremely helpful and friendly. everything was way over my expectations.
Residenza Il Girasole Tốt 7,4 Il Girasole is a fantastic and authentic rural hotel and it is only 5 minutes from the cute town of Limone. It was an excelent choice for us. The kids enjoyed a lot the outdoor life that the hotel offers. The food is excelent and the owner really kind.
Hotel Edelweiss Rất tốt 8,1 A delightful Family run Hotel in a very beautiful, mountainous countryside with interesting history. Cuisine superb.
Villa Maria Teresa Tuyệt hảo 9,2
Hotel Marguareis Rất tốt 8,3 Imagine being in a hotel where the hosts take service and guests' well-being very personal, so it is to be a guest at the Hotel Marguareis at Limone Piemonte. Marguareis is a family owned Hotel, and it can be felt by the good mood. If you want to be greeted by people who want you the best, then Marguareis the right place, we will come back ... we love this hotel!
Petit Meuble Tốt 7,9
Casa Verbena
Casa Rivalta
Casa Gabri