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Madaba, Ürdün 12 tesis

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Salome Hotel Müthiş 8.6
Madaba Inn Hotel Keyifli 6.3
Mosaic City Hotel Fevkalade 9 Perfect location, local breakfast, nice staff, clean and spacious rooms.
Queen Ayola Hotel İyi 7.9 This is not my first time I stayed in Queen Ayola hotel. When I am in Jordan I like to stay in this hotel because the service in Hotel Queen Ayola is excellent! Nabil the receptionist and waiter of the hotel makes everything possible whatever you ask for; to me it seems that he is always there, day and night. The room is nice and clean and just before I arrived they made new toilet; very nice. In Madaba are many places to visit; it is situated in the centre of the country and from there it is easy to drive anywhere. The restaurant has a fantastic cook named Walid and they also have very good trained guides and taxi drivers. The hotel is near the Airport. Thursday and Friday Nabil makes Romantic night in restaurant with candles and romantic music… I enjoyed! Every day there is Happy Hour and always free wifi available. I highly recommend the hotel and restaurant…I wish you a good stay
Pilgrim's Guest House Çok iyi 8.3
Grand Hotel Madaba İyi 7.7 best hotel, best staff, best food, it's a perfect hotel. we arrived to the hotel in 22:00 after every long way in the desert, the staff welcome us with drinks, and was very professional and kind. the hotel is very clean, the restaurant cheep and have a very good food.... absolutely recommend on this hotel.
Delilah Hotel Çok iyi 8
Saint John Hotel Müthiş 8.9
Moab Land Hotel Müthiş 8.7 I simply had a great time there. I had booked for a bed in a dorm which was changed to a beautiful twin bedroom. I felt very welcome and the terrace is astonishing ! Oh and breakfast is delicious. Book without hesitation

Madaba 12 tesis

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