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Taprospa Tissa Bom 7,7 The hotel manager really wanted us to enjoy ourselves. He went out of his way to organise our transportation for the best price (and we trusted him not to rip us off!), even after we'd travelled back to Galle. He even organised a bonfire on the lake for us, and let us hoon around in his mate's tuk tuk on the beach! Thanks Fernando!!
Saraii Village Bom 7,4 This is one of the best hotels i've ever been to. Staff at Saraii are the most hospitable i've come across in Sri Lanka. Since its a small resort, they give you more personalized service. The tree house was a dream. My wife and kids were so thrilled. This is literally atleast 25 feet above the ground and the tree sways with the wind. Its very safe with a railing all around and my kids of age 4 and 5 loved it. They were enacting Tarzan and Jane. The food was the best we had in the South. The spread of local vegetables and fresh seafood and meats were simply delicious. You can request them to reduce the spices, if you prefer, but I'd say go with what they prepare as thats spot on. Game ride was organized by Saraii and they use only good drivers and guides who took very good care of us and explained what we were looking at. Saw the leopard and elephants, lots of deer, crocodiles, a cobra! The hotel arranged for a ride immediately when what we had planned fell through, and gave us a better rate than what we would have paid before. They were so nice, they packed us delicious Chicken sandwiches for the ride for free. I'd come back anyday.
Flower Garden Lake Resort Muito bom 8,1 Comfortable large rooms, a small, quiet hotel with very nice design and less than 12 rooms, lake view, swimming pool, surprisingly good restaurant (better than in many much bigger hotels on our trip)
Pala Hotel
Lake Wind Hotel Muito bom 8,5
Peacock Reach Hotel Muito bom 8,4
Gaga Bees Yala
Richards Cabanas
Ajith Safari Lodge
Hotel Tissa

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