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Imlil, Morocco (Ma Rốc) 44 chỗ ở

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44 chỗ ở tại Imlil
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Dar Imlil Tuyệt vời 8,7 Views and stream side location, hospitality of the staff, dinner, log fire, hotel correspondence prior to arrival
Dar Adrar Rất tốt 8,5 Dar Adrar is located in a secluded part of Imlil, not accessible by car - so a donkey collects luggage to carry up. Views of the surrounding mountains are beautiful and breakfast was generous. Big bathroom, room with wood burning stove was authentic.
Dar Tighoula Rất tốt 8,2 - The service was very nice, very kind people (speaking french and english) :) The room and everything are superb, especially considering the price ;) We had a great time here!! X Leon and Ronja
Le Village du Toubkal & Spa Rất tốt 8,5 The facility is top notch. Room was spacious, well appointed and clean. Housekeeping is good. Meals are served at your convienence, inside or out. The view from the deck just doesn't get any better. Taxi dropped me in town and the burro picked up my luggage pretty quick. Nice easy walk up to the resort. Took in the spa while there - very nice. Rated well at 9+
Riad Atlas Toubkal Tuyệt vời 8,6 Second visit in Imlil within 3 month, same choice for the hotel without doubt, second time didn't lie. Recommend. Great terrace view, central location. Must do: ask for the dinner.
Imlil Lodge Tuyệt vời 8,8 We were very happy with our stay at Imlil lodge. The staff is very friendly, the food good and plenty (although the selection is limited) and the our room was super. If you can clinch a room looking towards the valley you will enjoy a stunning view. Would definitelly stay there again!
Gîte Atlas Mazik Rất tốt 8,4 Great service by local owner. Great view from window. Not expensive food. Best service in our whole Morocco trip
Chez Les Berbéres Tuyệt hảo 9,1 This place was fabulous. The staff was incredibly helping. I was there at the busiest time of the year but still, they came to pick me at the airport, made their waiters wake up early to prepare my breakfast and booked a chauffeur to drive me around at a friendly price. The room was nice, well decorated and clean. The restaurant offers excellent food and the terrace on the roof is beautiful. It was a great experience to live in the mountains for a few days., Thank you hassan and your small family.
Dar Assarou Tuyệt hảo 9,1 very quite, decorated with taste, and (exceptional for maroc) everything is working , and terrace with splendid view. Owner is a guide for high mountains, french diplôme, best place in Imlil to start your mountain trip! We will definately come again!
Atlas Chateau Rất tốt 8,4 Run by a lovely group of brothers who do an excellent job making your stay as comfortable as possible. The rooms were a bit chilly (March and after a big snow). Great food and, of course, stunning location
Dar Atlas Tuyệt vời 8,7 From minute we were guided by local girl to Dar Atlas and were invited in by Jamal with typical Morrocan mint tea we felt in love with that place and we will return for sure as there is still plenty for us to discover. As we are 4 hikers we were often comming back very late evening, but still got tasty dinner, no matter when we arrived. We did really enjoy Jamals tajins and breakfast was brilliant energy boost for us as well and again even early as 5am as we had to be very early on the road. And we finaly discovered proper taste of mandarines :D. Jamal probably does not know it, but he saved us successful Toubkal mountain ascent as well. He called local hire shop in Imlil for us to get crampons for next days ascent of mountain as we arrived just before 6pm when shop down in village was already closing. We were able to get them that evening in village, only to find out next day, they are all gone at Refuge Toubkal up in mountains and we would have to wait there another 24h to get them, if not for him. Also weather got much worse, so we wouldnt be able to finnish ascent at all. We also got loads of help with trip to Sahara desert, where he called his friend to book for us camel trip to desert with overnight stay there, gave us instruction were to go what to avoid, simply perfect host. If you are 5* Hilton kind of person you are not going to look for this kind of stay and if you are not then I cannot recommend it enough. Thank you Jamal for all your help, you are the best host ever. See you soon again. P,J,K &I
Maison des Associations
Riad Tourtit
Riad Atlas Prestige Xuất sắc 9,5 We spent a wonderful week-end in this hôtel, the view from our room and from the balcony was amazing as well as the food and the staff, we enjoyed Hussein's food and his hospitality, we'll definitly go back one day.
Kasbah Imlil

Imlil 44 chỗ ở

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