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Diwane Hotel & Spa Marrakech Baik 7 - the staff was friendly - the pool area is nice and clean and the poolboy takes good care that everybody gets a towel and try that everybody gets a place even if its full already he try to find a solution - the breakfast pancakes mentioned above were good indeed !! But i would recommend to just book it with breakfast as there a bunch of good arabic restaurants outside for dinner and lunch ;-) - Wi Fi in the lobby was not always working but if it was working it was ok and enough, take it the moroccan way if not and take it easy - i had a room in the fifth floor inkl a balcony with view down and to the pool area which was really nice - the room was clean incl the bed and the bathroom facilities so if you dont mind that things like table and furniture are a lil worne and not super new but still clean than this is a great place to stay
Villa Makassar, Marrakesh Hebat 8.8 Excellent and extremely attentive and courteous service. On site director most efficient and showing friendly professionalism at a high level. Design exceptional. The food served was also excellent throughout our stay (breakfast) and we ate twice at night at the magnificent first level terrace (same as for the breakfast even though the roof top terrace is also available). The spa services that my wife received were also at the same level of quality.
Riad Karim
Appartement Da Vinci
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