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Le François, Martinika 5 apgyvendinimo įstaigos

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5 apgyvendinimo įstaigos vietovėje: Le François
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Le Cap Est Lagoon Resort & Spa Labai geras 8,3
Hôtel Frégate Bleue Geras 7 quiet location with top view over the Atlantic, big room and veranda, swimming pool
Les Bungalows de la Prairie Puikus 8,7 An amazing beautiful setting with a magical ocean view, very well-appointed apartments with wi-fi connection. It was so peaceful, quiet and relaxing. The hosts were so nice and very helpful. We are so thankful for making our stay so pleasant and unique! We cannot wait to return.
Eden Paradise Spa Geras 7,5 The staff was very friendly and helpful. The users that said the staff was horrible clearly have mental issues or were served by entirely different people. Because the hammam was not working my boyfriend and I received a free 1 hour ritual massage (180 euro value!) . Everyone should really try a massage - it was great! When we sat on th couches outside, staff brought us drinks and always asked if there's anything th can do. The bed is so comfortable! And the jacuzzi is great especially looking out at the forest view. It was also fun to wake up in the morning and do some exercises with the aqua bike and weights. Outside of the spa is a small barn with roosters and a horse that loves you to feed him. What bookers must keep in kind is that this facility was not created as a typical "hotel" ; it is first and foremost a spa. So if you want, rest, relaxation and natur - this is the place for you. If you want high speed Internet, TV and cocktails by the pool - choose overpriced Bakoua or another location. Eden paradise is truly a unique place in martinique and I think most people would enjoy it even for one night.
Le François

Le François 5 apgyvendinimo įstaigos

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