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Dauin, Filippiinit 17 majoituspaikkaa

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17 majoituspaikkaa kohteessa Dauin
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Bahura Resort and Spa Hyvä 7,7
Wellbeach Dive Resort Erittäin hyvä 8,3 Very friendly staff and owners. Food: try the cordon bleu, the best since a long time! Dive guide Gino is highly professional, staff at the dive shop is realy helpful and careing. All divegear up to date. Nightlive zero, but you are in 35 to 45 min. Dumaguete, enjoy Why Not disco. I can recomend the Wellbeach resort!
Gracey Dive Resort & Restaurant Melko hyvä 6,1
Dumaguete Springs Beach Resort Melko hyvä 6,7
Aqua-Landia Resort Erittäin hyvä 8,2 From the first meeting with Ron, the manager, I knew I was in friendly hands. He went out of his way to make sure my stay was good and I had a lot of Scuba diving during my stay. The food was excellent, the rooms are big and quiet. The pool is kept clean and very relaxing.
J&P Family Beach House Erinomainen 8,8 Hotel is located just in front of the beach, only 30 seconds on foot. As they have a nice sanctuary area for corals and fish, we never regret for visiting here for snorkeling and also for diving. At the same time, as this hotel, there are two excellent stuffs who manage this hotel from taking care of the customers to cleaning the room. They are just excellent stuffs whom I have never met at any hotels in the Philippines while the owner and his wife stay out of the hotel without doing anything for the hotel and customers. Thanks to these two nice stuffs, we could really enjoy our one week vacations with a big help of them with always a full of sweet and warm smile to us!! And as the kichen down stairs are well maintained so clean and equiped enough, we could enjoy our three times meals everyday for all free including fuels and mineral water and refrigerator situated beside the kitchen besdies the one in the room. Let us say once again, deep thanks to these two stuffs, Mrs. Gane and Marina. And husband of Gane was so nice to us although his is a stuff of Government Administrative Institution of Dauin. We will be surely back to enjoy our holidays there to meet three of them!!
Private Residence Vip Resort
El Dorado Beach Resort Erittäin hyvä 8,5
Atmosphere Resorts & Spa Fantastinen 9,8
Amontillado Beach & Dive Resort
Mike's Dauin Beach Resort Erinomainen 8,9
Azure Dive and Yoga Resort
Atlantis Dive Resort Dumaguete Hyvä 7,7
Sea Dream Resorts

Dauin 17 majoituspaikkaa

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