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The Spa Resort Chiang Mai Tốt 7,7 good spa good restaurant and food excellent.
Mae Rim Lagoon Bed & Bakery Tốt 7,1 Excellent food at grandma's kitchen restaurant - part of the hotel. Lovely friendly staff
Muang Gudi Resort Chấp nhận được 5,8
Fueng Fah Riverside Gardens Resort Tốt 7,4 Wonderful resort with nice garden and fitness equipment including table tennis and table soccer, very helpful and smiling personal (they called to several attractions to make a booking for us), amazing breakfast (you can choose from several hot dishes and then choose classical toasts, yogurts, tea, coffee, ...). It is very calm and nice place to stay.
Azaya Villas - Chiang Mai
Ruen Ariya Resort Tốt 7,6 Great place, great value, clean, green and comfortable hotel in Mae rim, Chiang Mai Good wifi signal in the room. the water was warm enough for this winter. Very nice reception, I booked the wrong date and they didnt charge me for that. Will definitely return.
Thailand Smile Resort Chiangmai Tốt 7,3
Ban Rai Tin Thai Ngarm Eco Lodge Tuyệt hảo 9,3 Such lovely hosts, helpful and just wonderful & relaxed people. If you search calmness and a great nature around youre definitely right here. Would recommend 100%, nothing at all to complain
Howie's HomeStay
Sukantara Cascade Resort and Spa Tốt 7,5 The hotel is good for relaxing only and have rest there far a way from people and crowded area. It nice for honey month to stay there for 2 days
Youdin Kindee
Mae Sa Valley Garden Resort Tốt 7,7
Villa Panghi Tốt 7,9 1.Beautiful lush green surround. 2.The interior decor and architecture are traditional with some contemporary touches, very airy, spacious and peaceful. 3.Friendly Pet zone. 4.Service very warm.
Bann Tarntong
Country Retreat
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