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Club Hotel Ephesus Princess Sangat baik 8.3
Hotel Kalehan Sangat baik 8.5 The fantastic environment. The vintage but not kitsch decoration. The excellent service received from all the staff, especially Seda at the reception and Mehmet (maitre d´hotel).
Richmond Ephesus Resort Baik 7.1 Helpful and nice staff.Spa is very good. Elef, the spa manager, is just amazing!
Sürmeli Ephesus Hotel Sederhana 6.1 The all inclusive program was convenient. It was nice not to worry about having cash or paying for every meal.
Dreams Hotel Baik 7.6 It is an amazing hotel with very supportive staff, really well located, full and close to main transportation lines, super clean, nice turkish breakfast so best value for the money. In the middle of everything, very close to all touristic spots. Couldnt be better choice. Thank you all guys for the nice hospitality. It will be in our memories ...
Hitit Hotel Baik 7.1
Efes Konaklari Mengagumkan 8.8 One of the greatest experiences in our life... Very beautifully restored mansion of the 19th century, serene village bringing you back to the atmosphere of a warmer forgotten past...we were welcomed like family members coming back after years abroad. Nursen and Ismet who run the business are 2 of the warmest people we have ever met. The breakfast fantastic, better then home. We will definitely come back!
Yedi Bilgeler Vineyards Mengagumkan 8.9 Room was wonderful, food was delicious especially the rice with pine nuts and raisins and the chocolate souffle was worth the whole visit to Turkey all on its own!
Gullu Konaklari Hebat 9 The hotel is located in Sirince, beautiful small village, near Selcuk. Beautiful location, beautiful gardens, very nice rooms and a good restaurant. Would have liked to stay longer. Really first class and highly recommended.
Selena Hotel Mengagumkan 8.7 I fınd thıs hotel on bookı I been readıng the rewıew and after I dicede to book thıs hotel I arrıve to hotel early ın the mornıng and they gıve me my room dırectly.after they were very helpfull they explaıned to me how to get the ephesus, they told us ıf I wıll go myself or ıf I joın the daily ephesus tour was the best ıdea they gıve us good deal and it was best ıdea we really enjoy thıer tour I wıll defınıtely recommend you thıs place also thıs hotel ıs new hotel the room is amazıng decoratıon was so cool and specıal bathroom ıs huge ın the room there was slım led televısıon all the englısh channel has ıt . we were walkıng around for a couple hours when we came back they change all the towels and sheet as well. everythıng was clean comfartable stuff was very helpfull Im defınıtely recommend thıs beatıfull place