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Ürgüp, Turki 97 akomodasi

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97 akomodasi di Ürgüp
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Selcuklu Evi Cave Hotel - Special Category Luar biasa 9 a very good hotel which is worthy for you to choose. the manager Halil is a quite enthusiastic, the staff of the hotel are pretty warm-hearted. We had a wonderful time in this hotel.
Yunak Evleri Cappadocia Luar biasa 9.3 staff is nice and room is also perfect.
Mdc Cave Hotel-Special Category Luar biasa 9.2
Vera Hotel Tassaray
Turban Hotel Urgup Menyenangkan 6.8
Perissia Hotel & Convention Centre Menyenangkan 6.8 Great hotel with all amenities. Dinner buffet inexpensive and good quality. Awesome outdoor pool
Ramada Cappadocia Baik 7.8
Dilek Kaya Hotel
Dinler Hotels Urgup Baik 7.3
Cave Art Hotel Hebat 8.7 Since the very arrival the hosts were very friendly and kind. Loved the design of the rooms, that was actually done by manager. Food was very delicious, cleaning standards were very high and lots of benefits were provided without being additionally charged. Perfectly close to lots of historical places and has a beautiful view. Will definitely offer this hotel to all my friends and hope to stay there this summer myself.
Dere Suites Boutique Hebat 8.9 Easy walk to city center nice room condition
Kayakapi Premium Caves Cappadocia Luar biasa 9.4 We booked a weeks stay in March 2015, having read numerous reviews and recommendations, they were all correct. The property oozes class the minute you hit the approach road. Our room although one of the smallest was wonderfully appointed, extremely tasteful and a wonderful experience. The hotel is a work in progress, and learning about the history of the location from the site manager was extremely interesting. Although there is work going on, it in no way encroaches on the rest of the hotel, in fact if you didn't wander too far from the completed parts of the hotel you would never know it was going on. The restaurant and pool area is in an elevated position and offer wonderful views over Urgup. The Spa is wonderfully decorated, although we did not use it as never found the time!. We booked our hot air balloon ride through the hotels sister company Royal Balloons which was effortless and a wonderful experience. Toiletries were of a good quality and plentiful.
Jerveni Cave Hotel
Burcu Kaya Hotel Sangat baik 8

Ürgüp 97 akomodasi

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