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Turtle Beach by Rex Resorts Hyvä 7,1 The food was great. the staff was very nice and helpful. but i love the saturday night it was great.
Half Moon Blue Hotel Erittäin hyvä 8 Lovely, friendly, helpful staff. The junior penthouse room was spacious, airy, and pleasant, with a roomy, patio, perfect for sea views and a morning coffee, or watching tropical rains pass through. We also had access to all the facilities at their sister hotel, the Bacolet Beach Club, across the street: that made it fantastic value.
Bacolet Beach Club Hyvä 7,9 I really liked the private beach
Le Grand Courlan Spa Resort Hyvä 7,1 The meals served were very hot (only had breakfast there though) and the staff was professional. . The library was well stocked also. The ocean could be seen and heard from our room.
Grafton Beach Resort Hyvä 7,1 I absolutely love the pool itself besides for the absence of the bar!I mean come on it's vacation!The lobby bar man was great,he tried assisting in many ways!Also I loved the fact that we could walk to Buccaneer's bar by the beach side!
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