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Carmel, Mỹ 46 chỗ ở

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46 chỗ ở tại Carmel
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Pine Inn - Carmel Rất tốt 8,3 Perfect location, in the middle of all shops and restaurants. Decor made you go back in time (despite how everything looked like you we in the 3rds, everything was very clean and well conserved) free wifi is a nice plus and voucher for breakfast was a good surprise.
Quail Lodge & Golf Club Tuyệt hảo 9,2 Wow surprise for an online booking! Perfect setting, clean rooms, super comfortable bed, patio view to the lake! Hyper friendly staff! Just highly recommend
Carmel Mission Inn Rất tốt 8,2 When we booked the rooms for 1 night only we thought it is gonna be cheap motel BUT it was stylish and big hotel (comparing to other places near it) Clean rooms and everything you need inside,wi-fi, water in glass bottles etc.
Hofsas House Hotel Rất tốt 8,2 A perfect clean room close to the ocean and to shops/restaurant. Lovely atmosphere
Carmel Village Inn Tốt 7,6 located right in the center of Carmel & the beautiful romantic streets & shops. The rooms were renovated, modern, with strong Wi-Fi Very friendly staff Free Parking * Free Breakfast
Carmel Resort Inn Tốt 7,2 We did get an upgrade to a larger 2 bedroom cabin. Free parking directly in front of the cabin.
Adobe Inn Rất tốt 8,1
Sea View Inn - Carmel Tuyệt hảo 9,1 Tracey was the best hostess ever. The hotel is magic in every detail. Recommend it to everyone visiting Carmel!
The Dolphin Inn Rất tốt 8,5 the staff was fantastic! we've got a sparkling wine waiting for us in the room, just because i've mentioned we were celebrating our 25th anniversary! we loved it!!!
Candle Light Inn Rất tốt 8,5 Second floor room. Quiet and very comfortable. Look of the room and motel in general. Helpful and accommodating staff.
Best Western PLUS Carmel Bay View Inn Rất tốt 8,2
Normandy Inn Rất tốt 8,3 Style, location, town, beach, friendship, efficiency.
La Playa Carmel Tuyệt vời 8,8 Champagne on arrival Well-appointed rooms Excellent shuttle service into town Helpful, friendly staff Beautiful grounds and location Very clean Delicious breakfast
Carmel River Inn Tốt 7,5 the friendliest staff one can imagine, superb cottages, excellent breakfast facilities at a three minute drive
Forest Lodge

Carmel 46 chỗ ở

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