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Time Hotel Tốt 7,5
Night Hotel Theater District Tốt 7,9 Times Square, 45th & 6th - you can hardly get more central than this and definitely not at this price and having been voted "Sexiest hotel in the US 2013". As a relatively infrequent guest (every 3-4 months), the staff still remembers me. Rooms are compact - this is not a hotel where you practice your tango in the room - but compensated for by excellent location and friendly helpful staff. Rooms are individual in configuration so discuss your requirements. If you sleep lightly, rooms facing 45th may not be your preference - morning dump trucks will save you the alarm call and ensure that you enjoy NYC's early start. Very friendly staff (from Mr Brito in reception) to the chatty bar staff (who will join in conversation and are always ready to adapt opening hour to your liquid requirements) to the discreet night security guard in the corner (the silent smiling Buddha of the establishment). Other hotels costing more may provide other comforts but the combination that Night offers is what makes it special for me and a repeat visitor. Having stayed here a number of times now, nights at Night in New York is a tradition.
Morgans Hotel - A Morgans Original Rất tốt 8,3 Everything of this hotel is excellent. The facilities and the staff of this hotel are very good. After we enjoyed New York in the daytime we had a very good time in the comfortable room in the evening and enojyed a continental breakfast the next morning. This hotel is worthy of the name of "Morgan" as one of the most notable celebrities in American history. But I have some concern about our reputation to this hotel will be accepted or not by other guests on the ground that we are Japanese and bumpkins who don't know American prosperity. Last I want to say again this hotel knows well a win-win relationship with his geusts and surely has something excellent to make guests choose this hotel again when they'll stay in New York in the future.
La Quinta Inn & Suites Manhattan Rất tốt 8,1 A very good place to stay in Manhattan: Not expensive. Breakfast and wify included. Very clean. Walking distance to the most important landmarks. I totally recommend it!
ONE UN New York - Millennium Hotels and Resorts Tốt 7,7 Amazing view, kind stuff, great location
Hotel Pennsylvania Dễ chịu 6,2 * Nobody disturbs you *excelent direction in ny *check in and check out very fast , even at crhistmass time * GENTLE PEOPLE TO HELP (INFORMATION, ROOM KEEPERS, CALL OPERATOR) * GLEN MILLER ORCHESTRA WAS THERE !!! "PENNSYLVANIA 6-5000" *SIMPLE AND EFFICIENT
The Gatsby Hotel Tốt 7,6 Hotel with excellent and helpful personnel, clean rooms, very nice bathrooms and conditioners in bedroom! Amazing location with 2 nearest subway stations, and famous places in a couple of blocks (Little Italy, Chinatown, Chelsie and other) many cute cafes and bars and good grocery store (whole food market ) with special floor for eating in 50 meters from hotel)) This hotel is pretty cool for positive travelers without huge luxury demands! I satisfied by my choice! Just positive emotions! Go! Go! Go! ;)
World Hotel Thất vọng 4,6 Đã thu tiền trước trên thẻ visa . Khi đến lại thu bằng tiền mặt . Và báo sẽ hoàn trả lại trên thẻ sau . Hotel của người China . Phục vụ rất tồi . Tôi sẽ không bao giờ đến đây . Booking phải làm việc lại với Ks nầy . Cancel Ks nầy đi
Cosmopolitan Hotel Tribeca Tốt 7,7 Location is amazing. Subway station right at the hotel door steps. The subway lines can take you directly to south or north Manhattan without changing trains. Hotel is very clean. Staff were amazing. They were able to provide me with the needed room as per my request. They were also capable of extending my stay for an extra day for the lowest rate. Wifi speed was good. All types of shops, restaurants and cafes are in the same area. I would stay there again in my next visit to NYC.
The New York Palace Tuyệt vời 8,7 A very comfortable hotel, excellent location and reliable staff. I would recommmend this hotel.
Hotel 32 32 Rất tốt 8,2 Excellent location, quiet place, average price, friendly staff
Incentra Village House Rất tốt 8,5 Great location and room. They are so nice
Manhattan Hostel Dễ chịu 6 Superb location! There are windows and it is not dirty as someone mentioned. The beds are not small at all and they're comfortable; whoever said they're small must be a very tall supermodel :) Windows do open. If there's something you need just ask the staff! If you don't ask you don't get! Sorry for copying the same post from before, but it really is close to the subway. Plenty of bars, restaurants and supermarkets in walking distance. Enough power outlets in the dorm (2 per bed). Lockers in the room, very nice and helpful staff, nice common room area - there's always someone to chat or watch netflix together with. I have made two new wonderful friends there xxx
Hotel 99
Orchard Street Hotel Tốt 7,9 Good value for money and a really great location.
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