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State Plaza Hotel Tuyệt vời 8,8 very nice rooms. walking distance to mall nice team
Georgetown Suites Tuyệt vời 8,7 This hotel is perfect. Not only is the location perfect, but the staff are efficient and very friendly. The rooms - or appartments - is a better word, are very fine, clean and plesant. To bad, you don't spend more time at the hotel, since you always are on your way out to see something!
The Melrose Hotel Tuyệt vời 8,7 The value was outstanding. Also, we appreciates the help of Vladimir K. At the front door. He was courteous and helpful. Thanks Vladimir. "Dobre". Miroslaw Korol & Louise Paradis
The River Inn-A Modus Hotel Tuyệt vời 8,9 Excellent hotel for a very reasonable price in a very lovely road in Foggy Bottom. Highly recommended.
The Quincy- A Modus Hotel Tuyệt vời 8,8 Into the downtown, clean and very comfortable. You can walk to the White House in 15 mins, close to several restaurants, parkings and bars.
The George Washington University Inn-A Modus Hotel Tuyệt vời 8,6 A great hotel - the location was fantastic-close to everything and to the Subway station. Very nice rooms and very good service (They didn't even charge us for a night that we missed due to a flight delay). It's not a luxury hotel but it's very comfortable for travellers !!
The Hay - Adams Tuyệt hảo 9,3
The Embassy Row Hotel Tốt 7,6 The location was good,the bed was so comfortable you never wanted to get up! Great place to stay.
Hotel Harrington Tốt 7,2 Location was excellent and great value for money. Staff were helpful and polite.
Grand Hyatt Washington Rất tốt 8,5 Great location and comfortable hotel.