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Places of Interest

Yerevan State University
Republic Square
Blue Mosque
Yerevan Cascade
Saint Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral
Yerevan Zoo
Erebuni Fortress
Katoghike Church
Armenian Genocide Museum
History Museum of Armenia
Lovers' Park
Stadiums or Arenas
Hrazdan Stadium
Vazgen Sargsyan Republican Stadium
Subway/Metro Stations
Marshal Baghramyan Metro Station
Republic Square Metro Station
Zoravar Andranik Metro Station
Barekamutyun Metro Station
Yeritasardakan Metro Station
Sasuntsi David Metro Station
Garegin Nzhdeh Square Metro Station
Shengavit Metro Station
Gortsaranain Metro Station
Armenian Opera and Ballet Theatre
Train Stations
Yerevan Train Station

Hotels in Yerevan


Caucasus Hotel
Latar Hotel Complex
Multi Grand Hotel
Hotel National
Radisson BLU Hotel Yerevan
Royal Tulip Grand Hotel Yerevan


Ani Plaza Hotel
Aquatek Resort and SPA
Ararat Hotel
Artsakh Hotel
Aviatrans Hotel
Bass Boutique Hotel
Best Western Congress Hotel
Diamond House Hotel Yerevan
DoubleTree by Hilton Yerevan City Centre
Erebuni Hotel Yerevan
Europe Hotel
Forum Hotel
Green Palace Hotel
Hyatt Place Yerevan
Ibiza Hotel
Imperial Palace Hotel Yerevan
Marriott Armenia Hotel Yerevan
Metropol Hotel
Minotel Barsam Suites
Nork Residence Hotel
North Avenue Hotel
Nova Hotel Yerevan
Opera Suite Hotel
Paris Hotel Yerevan
Park Boutique Hotel
Republica Hotel Yerevan
Hotel Roma & Tours
Royal Plaza
Tufenkian Historic Yerevan Hotel
Venezia Palazzo Hotel
Villa Ayghedzor


Albert House Hotel
Hotel Apollon
Areg Hotel
Best View Hotel
Capital Hotel
Cascade Hotel
City Centre Hotel By Picnic
City Hotel By Picnic
Comfort House Hotel
DDD Hotel
Elysium Gallery Hotel
Family Hotel
Georgia Hotel
Hotel Grig
Hin Yerevantsi Hotel
Holiday Hotel & Hostel By Picnic
Hotel House
Hrazdan Hotel
Hotel Meg
Mia Casa
Mirage Hotel
Moscow House Hotel
My Hotel Yerevan
Nairi Hotel
Nare hotel
Nor Dzoraberd Hotel Complex
NUR Hotel Yerevan
Olympia Hotel
Ossanna Hotel
Park Apartments & Tours
Praha Hotel
Primer Hotel
Princ Plaza Hotel
Regineh Hotel
Shirak Hotel
Sil Plaza Hotel
Sochi Plaza Hotel
Valensia Resort & Water World
Villa Delenda
White House Hotel
Yerevan Deluxe Hotel


Crown Hotel
Gyumri Hotel


1 BR Apartment Republic Square
14th Floor Hotel
2 Bedroom Apartment on Pushkin street (New Building)
2 Bedroom Cozy Apartment in the Center of the City
2x2 Cinema-Bar Hotel
4-Bedroom Apartments on Republic Square
5th Floor Guest House Yerevan
Abovyan Apartment
Abovyan Apartment
Abovyan street by Opera Theater
Afina Hotel
Agatangeghos Apartment
Aleppo Hotel
Alley Residence Yerevan Apartments (New Building)
Amber Hotel
Amira Palace Hotel & Sauna
Amiryan Apartment
Amiryan Apartment
Amiryan Koghbatsi Apartment
Amiryan Street Apartment
Anahit Stepanyan B&B and Hostel
Angel Apartments
Anush House
Apartament In Pushkin Str.
Apartament Nune
Apartaments on Komitas 20
Апартаменты Ереван Сервис
ApartHotel Arshakunyants
Apartment 33 Saryan Street
Apartment 4 Yeznik Koghbatsi
Apartment 78 Hanrapetutyan Street
Apartment Abovyan
Apartment Abovyan 26
Apartment Abovyan 48
Apartment Abovyana 26
Apartment Aghayan
Apartment Amiryan Street 5
Apartment Arami (New Building)
Apartment Arami 82
Apartment Arshakunyats
Apartment at Abovyan Street
Apartment at Bagramyan Street
Apartment at Chaykovski Street (New Building)
Apartment at Demirtchyan Street
Apartment at Mashtots Avenue
Apartment at Paruer Sevak 8
Apartment at Republic Square
Apartment at Sayat Nova avenue
Apartment at Sayat Nova Street
Apartment at Sayat-Nova Street
Apartment at Vardanants 10
Apartment Athens
Apartment Avet Avetisyan
Apartment Azatutyan 12
Apartment Bagramyan 1
Apartment Bali
Apartment Brutyan
Apartment by Opera
Apartment by Tigran Mets
Apartment Charentsa
Apartment G.Njdeh
Apartment Gurgen
Apartment Hakob
Apartment Hovsep Emin Street
Apartment in Bagramyan 23
Apartment in House of Classical Armenian Architecture
Apartment in Koghbaci 3
Apartment in the Center
Apartment in the center of city
Apartment in the center of the city
Apartment in the Centre
Apartment in Vernisage
Apartment in Vernisage 2
Apartment in Yerevan
Apartment in Yerevan
Apartment in Yerevan Centre
Apartment in Yerevan Centre
Apartment Koghbatsi
Apartment Komitas
Apartment Komitas Ave
Apartment Malyi Tsentr
Apartment Mashtoc 15
Apartment Mashtoc str.
Apartment Mashtots 48
Apartment Mashtots Avenue
Apartment Mashtots Avenue
Apartment Mesrop Mashtots
Apartment Moskovyan
Apartment Na Abovyan 23
Apartment Na Bilyakov Street 5
Apartment na Moskovyan
Apartment Na Sar'yana
Apartment Na Tumanyan
Apartment Nalbandian 29
Apartment Nalbandyan 7/1
Apartment Nalbandyan Street 25a
Apartment Narine
Apartment near ANI PLAZA hotel
Apartment near Cascade
Apartment Near Cascade
Apartment near Opera House
Apartment on 10 Sayat-Nova Avenue
Apartment on Abovyan 17
Apartment on Abovyan 26B
Apartment on Abovyan street
Apartment on Akopa Akopyana 7
Apartment on Amiryan 10
Apartment On Amiryan 12
Apartment on Amiryan 4
Apartment on Amiryan 7
Apartment on Amiryan street
Apartment On Amiryan Street 4/6
Apartment on Arabkir
Apartment on Aram Street
Apartment on Arami 48
Apartment On Avet Avetisyan 36
Apartment on Baghramyan
Apartment on Bagratunyac 10
Apartment on Barekamutyun Square
Apartment On Bayron Street
Apartment On Buzand
Apartment on Buzand Street
Apartment on Charenc 40
Apartment On Charents 25
Apartment on Eznik Kohbaci 42
Apartment on Gyulbenkyan Street 27
Apartment on Hanrapetutyan 8
Apartment on Heraci
Apartment on Kaskad
Apartment on Kasyan
Apartment On Khorenatsi 24/2
Apartment on Kievyan
Apartment on Kievyan Steet 6
Apartment on Komitasa 59\6
Apartment on Koxbaci 2a
Apartment on Mamikonyan 51\2
Apartment on Mashtoc 45
Apartment on Mashtots avenue 6
Apartment on Mashtots street 5
Apartment on Mesrop Mashtots Ave.15
Apartment on Nalbandyan Street
Apartment on Nalbandyan Street (New Building)
Apartment on Nalbandyan Street (New Building)
Apartment on Nalbandyan street 3
Apartment On Northern Avenue
Apartment on Northern Avenue 3
Apartment On Pushkin 40
Apartment on Pushkin 40
Apartment on Pushkina 40
Apartment on Saryan St. 29
Apartment on Sayat - Nova
Apartment On Sayat-Nova 10
Apartment on Sayat-Nova 21
Apartment on Sayat-Nova 40
Apartment on Sayat-Nova Street
Apartment On Tigran Mec 86
Apartment on Tpagrichner 8
Apartment on Tumanyan
Apartment On Tumanyan 15
Apartment on Tumanyan Street
Apartment on Tumanyan Street
Apartment on Tumanyan street 5
Apartment on ulitsa Arami 82
Apartment On Vagharshyan 3
Apartment on Vardanans 22
Apartment on Vardanants 5
Apartment on Yerevan
Apartment On Zakyan
Apartment on Zakyan Street
Apartment Pavstos Byuzand 55-53
Apartment Pushkin
Apartment Pushkin Street
Apartment Pushkin Street 49
Apartment Pushkina
Apartment Pushkina 60
Apartment Pushkina 60
Apartment Republic
Apartment Republic Square
Apartment Royal Home
Apartment Saryan 16
Apartment Saryan 2
Apartment Saryan 30
Apartment Saryan Yerevan
Apartment Sayat Nova
Apartment Sayat Nova 10
Apartment Sayat Nova Residence
Apartment Sayat-Nova
Apartment Sayat-Nova 18
Apartment Serob 11
Apartment Teryan
Apartment Teryan 4
Apartment Teryan Street 56
Apartment Toramanian Street
Apartment Tumanyan 22
Apartment Tumanyan 9
Apartment Tumanyan street
Apartment Vardanants 11
Apartment Vardashen Home
Apartment with great view near Cascade
Apartment Xorenaci
Apartment Yeznik Koghbatsi
Apartments Aram 82
Apartments at Nalbandyan street
Apartments Bali
Apartments in the Center
Apartments in the Center
Apartments in the center of Yerevan
Apartments Kaskad
Apartments on 4 Bayron Street
Apartments on Arami 4
Apartments on Hakob Hakobyan 1
Apartments on Kiyevyan 1A
Apartments on Komitas Avenue
Apartments on Mesrop Mashtotsa
Apartments on Metro Druzhba
Apartments on Nalbandyan
Apartments on Nalbandyana
Apartments on Prospect Mashtoca 6
Apartments on Pushkina 21
Apartments on Sayat-Nova Avenue
Apartments on Sayat-Nova Avenue
Apartments on Teryan 3a
Apartments on Tigran Mets
Apartments on Tumanyana 5 a
Apartments on Vardananc
Apartments Tigran Petrosyan 39/5
Appartaments in the Centre
Appartments on Mashtoc 23
Apricot Studios on the 2nd Floor
Apt Pushkin 43
Aram 82/84
Aram Guest House
Arar Hotel
Ararat View Apartment
Ararat View Apartment
Areg and Tours
Arm Hostel
Armenia Hostel
Armenian Royal Palace
Art Apartment
Art Cascade
Art Guesthouse
Art Hotel
Artur Apartment
Arzumanyan street 19, apt. 33
Aurora Hotel & Hostel
Avan Plaza Hotel
Avant Garde Hotel
Aygedzor Vacation House
Aygektsi Cozy Apartment
Aygestan Comfort Holiday Home
Azoyan Guest House
Babkens house
Baden-Baden Hotel
Badger Hospitality - Villa Chkalov
Badger Hospitality - Villa Kilikia
Badger Hospitality - Villa Noy
Baghramian 2nd deadlock Apartment
Balcony Villa Hostel
Baxos Hotel
Beautifull Apartment on Paronyan str
Bellagio Hotel Complex
Benefice Mini-Hotel & Tours
Best Hostel
Best Hostel Republic Square
Big House in Armenia Apartment
Big House Small Price
Bridge Hostel Yerevan Armenia
Bright Apartment In Vardanants Street
Buzand Apartment 1
Buzand apartment 2
Caliseum Sayat-Nova 33
Carota Hostel
Cascade Apartments
Cascade Hostel & Tours
Caucasus Hostel
Central Apartment
Centre Apartment Argishti
Charents Apartment
Cherry Hotel
Cinema Moscow Abovyan Street Apartment
City Center Cottage
City Center Hostel
City Centre Apartments & Tours
City Centre Apartments Tours
City Heart Apartment
Classic Apartment on Kievyan
Classic Hostel Yerevan
Close to Center and Metro Family Apartment
Comfortable Apartment
Comfortable apartment
Comfortable Apartments on Bagramian
Cosy newly renovated apartment in the very center of Yerevan
Cozy apartment at Saryan street
Cozy apartment in Tigran mec
Cozy Lovely Flat
Cross Apart Hotel
Cross Health Center
Cross Resort Hotel
Dayana Hotel
Deluxe Apartment at Abovyan Street
Domino Yerevan Hostel and Tours
Downtown Apartment
Envoy Hostel & Tours
Erevan Centre Apartment
Eridana Hotel
Family Apartment
Family Apartment Buzand 39
Family apartment in Abovyan 30
Family Apartments Pushkin str. 43
Family Garden Guest House
Family Summer House On Cityline
Fancy Flat
FindArmenia Hostel
FlatsInYerevan - Apartment On Abovyan Street
FlatsInYerevan - Apartments at Aram Street (New Building)
FlatsInYerevan - Apartments at Orbeli Brothers Street
FlatsInYerevan - Apartments at Vardanants Street
FlatsInYerevan - Apartments by Republic Square
FlatsInYerevan - Apartments on Hanrapetutyan Street
FlatsInYerevan - Apartments on Tpagrichner Street
FlatsInYerevan - Pushkin Street Apartments
Fortune Hotel
Гостевой дом Каскад
Glass Tower Hotel
Glendel Hillz Apartment
Glendel Hillz apartment
Glide Hostel
Golden Eagle
Granada Hotel
Grand Hostel Yerevan
Griboyedov 44
Guest house Alex
Guest House at Aygestana
Guest House at Gogol Street
Guest House at Keri street
Guest House Hay Art
Guest House Hospice
Guest house Na ulice Orbeli
Guest House on Hrachya Qochar 7
Guest House on Michurina 3
Guest House on ul Davidashen 10
Guest House West Yerevan
Guest-house Relax Lux
Guesthouse Şara Talyan
Hanrapetutyan Apartment
Hayk Apartment in Small Center of Yerevan
Hayk Apartments on Vernisage
Hayk North Avenue
Holiday Home Charents 35
Holiday home Karen
Holiday Home on Kalents 11
Holiday Home on Sarmena 39
Homestay Lions Pride
Homestay Yerevan
Hostel Baghramyan
Hostel Hostell
Hostel Sakharov
Hostel Sun Ray Yerevan
Hostel Vagary
House on Baghramyan Ave.
House with its own lovely garden
Hovhan Guest House
Hrachya Kochar 1 apt 22
Hrashk Hotel
Inn Delichi
Inn Vorskan
Inter Hostel
Jasmin apt at Republic Square on Tpagrichner
Jasmine's Downtown Apartment
Josefin Apartment
JR's House
Kamurj Apart Hotel
Kantar Hostel
Kantar Hotel
Karen's Bed and Breakfast
Karinitas Family Hostel
Karson Apartment
Karson Apartments
Karson Guest House and Tours
Kentron Apartment at Tumanyan
Kesabella Touristic House
Khanjyan street Apartment
Kilikia Villa
King Hotel
Komfort apartment
Komitas Apartment
Komitas avenue Villa
Large apartment Amiryan 18
Le Petit Hotel
Lenin Apartment
Lovely Apartment in Aram street
Lucy Holiday Home
Lux Apartment
Luxe Apartment at North Avenue
Luxury 2 level duplex near center
Luxury 2 Level Duplex Near the Center
Luxury Apartment - Teatro dell Opera
Luxury apartment at Amiryan street
Luxury apartment at Nalbandyan street
Luxury apartment at Nalbandyan street
Luxury Apartment at North Avenue
Luxury apartment at Pushkin street
Luxury apartment at Sayat-Nova street
Luxury Apartment in New Building Арами 82/84
Luxury Apartment in New Building Arami street
Luxury Apartment in the Centre of Yerevan
Luxury Apartment in the City Heart
Luxury Apartments in Center
Luxury Appartment at Abovyan street
Luxury appartment at Tumanyan street
Luxury Hostel in Yerevan
Luxury Loft Yerevan
Manand Hotel
Marina Apartment City Center
Masiv Hostel
Master's House Dayan
Metro Aparthotel
Metro apartment
Miami International Suite Hotel
Hotel MINI
Mini Hostel Tigranyan 5
Mini Hotel YEREVAN
Modern and nice apartment near Republic square
Modern apartment in the city center
Modern Apartment Komitas
Modern Apartments in the Centre
Modern Flat in the heart of Yerevan
Modern Komitas Flat
Motel Acapulco
Motel Eforea
Motel Uyut
My Home in Yerevan
Nice Apartment On Qajaznuni street
Nice apartment on Tumanyan street, Yerevan
Nice house in the heart of the city
Niko Apartments
No Problem Hotel at Glinka Street
North Ave Apartment
North ave.- La Piazza
North Avenue Apartment
North Avenue near Opera Theatre Apartment
Northern Residence Apartments (New Building)
On Koryun Apartment
One Way Hostel & Tours
One Way Hostel Sakharov
Onik B & B
Opera Apartment
Opera Apartment
Opera Apartment in Yerevan
Opera Kaskad Bagramyan 2 Apartment
Opera Kaskad Tamanyan Apartment
Opera Star Apartment
Opera Theatre Apartment
Original Apartment
Palma Hotel
Palma Palace Hotel
Panorama Resort&Suites
Parev Doon Guest House
Park Apartments on Mashtots Avenue
Park Avenue Hotel
Penthouse in Republic Square
Penthouse on Koruna 5
Piacce Grande
Piazza Grande
Planet Hotel
Prime Hostel Domino
Private Residence Villa
Pushkin 58 Apartment
Pushkin Street 36 Apartment
Rafael Hostel
Rent in Yerevan - Apartment on Mashtots ave.
Rent in Yerevan - Apartments on Arami street
Rent in Yerevan - Apartments on Deghatan str.
Rent in Yerevan - Apartments on Ekmalyan Street
Rent in Yerevan - Apartments on Northern Avenue
Rent in Yerevan - Apartments on Sakharov Square
Rent in Yerevan - Buzand Apartment
Republic Square Apartment
Republic Square Apartment
Republic Square Apartment
Republic Square Apartments
Republic Square Boutique Hotel
Republic Square Deluxe Apartments
Republic Square Hostel
Republic Square Metro Apartment
Republic Street Apartment
Residence Yezeguelian
Retro Apartments
Retro City Apartment at Tigran Mets
RetroCity Apartments at Abovyan Street
RetroCity Apartments at Mashtots Avenue
RetroCity Apartments by Opera Theatre
RetroCity at Komitas Avenue Apartment
Hotel Ritzar
River View Apartment in the center of the city
Room in Apartment at Tigrana Metsa
Roomer Hotel
Rose Apartment
RP Hotel
Safe House Komitas Street 45/1
Sakharov Square Apartment
Saryan Street and Mashtots blvd area
Saryan Street Studio Apartment
Saryan-Pushkin 19/21 Apt 7
Sayat Nova Apartment
Sayat Nova street Aparment
Season hotel
Hotel Sem
Shara Talyan 8/2 Guest House
Shara-Talyan 16 GuestHouse
Silachi Hotel
Silk Road Hotel
Smile Apartment
Special Studio
Stay In Heart Of Yerevan
Studio Apartment
Studio Apartment Yerevan
Studio Apartment Yerevan
Studio Tumanyan
Studio-Apartment Komitas
Studio-Apartments on Hin Yerevantsi
Suite Apartament at Nalbandyan
Sunny Apartment
Sunny Apartment on Avet Avetisyan
Tamanyan 3
Tatev Apartments
Tavrizyan House
The apartment with free mountain bike
The Lovers Park Apartment
Three Bedrooms Apartment in Downtown
Three Jugs B&B
Hotel Tigran Mets Yerevan
Top Apartments - Yerevan Centre
Hotel Tora Palace
Van hostel
VAN Hotel
Vardanants Apartment
Vardanants Apartment
VD Apartment
Venice Hotel
VG hostel
Villa 29
Villa at Arabkir
Villa in the Center of Yerevan
Villa on Zavaryan
Villa Rosa
Voyage Hotel
With a Swimming Pool Villa
Wood Interior Design apartment
X.O House
XY Hotel
Yerevan Apartment
Yerevan Apartment at Komitas Street
Yerevan Apartment at Mashots Street
Yerevan Apartment Cascade
Yerevan Apartments on Vardanants Street 5A
Yerevan Central Apartments
Yerevan Centre Apartment in Republic Square
Yerevan Heart Apartment
Yerevan Hostel
Yerevan Hostel
Yerevan Loft Apartments on Tumanyan Street 37
Yeznik Koghbatsi 2 Apartment
Yeznik Koghbatsi Aparment
Yogic Apartment
Your home in Yerevan
Your Hostel
Zakyan Apartment
Zebra Hostel & Tours

Places nearby

Imeni Tairova (0.9 miles)
Shengavit (1.1 miles)
Arabkir (1.6 miles)
Sari Tʼag (2 miles)
Nor Byutʼania (2 miles)
Nor-Kokhb (2.1 miles)
Nor Aresh (2.2 miles)
Nork (2.2 miles)
Anastasavan (2.7 miles)
Davitashen (2.9 miles)
Nor-Aparan (3.6 miles)
Kʼanakʼerr (3.6 miles)
Geghanist (3.8 miles)
Kʼanakʼerravan (3.9 miles)
Haghtʼanak (4.2 miles)
Spandaryan (4.2 miles)
Shorbulagh (4.2 miles)
Imeni Shaumyana (4.3 miles)
Charbakh (4.3 miles)
Nerkin Charbakh (4.5 miles)
Argishti (4.9 miles)
Azatashen (4.9 miles)
Agdzhakishlag (4.9 miles)
Kʼasakh (5.1 miles)

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