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Places of Interest

Convention Centers
National Exhibition Centre BelExpo
Belarusian State University
Holy Spirit Cathedral
Cathedral of Saint Virgin Mary
Pishchalausky Castle
Island of Tears
Church of Saints Simon and Helena
National Library of Belarus
Belarusian Great Patriotic War Museum
Belarusian National Arts Museum
Botanical Garden
Minsk Zoo
Gorky Park
Park Pieramohi
Popular Areas
Victory Square
Stadiums or Arenas
Palace of Republic
Dinamo Stadium
Minsk Sports Palace
Subway/Metro Stations
Kastrychnitskaya Metro Station
Kupalauskaya Metro Station
Nyamiha Metro Station
Pershamayskaya Metro Station
Ploshcha Peramohi Metro Station
Ploshcha Lenina Metro Station
Frunzenskaya Metro Station
Ploshcha Yakuba Kolasa Metro Station
Proletarskaya Metro Station
Institut Kultury Metro Station
Akademiya Nauk Metro Station
Hrushauka Metro Station
Traktarny Zavod Metro Station
Park Chelyuskintsev Metro Station
Mikhalova Metro Station
Maskouskaya Metro Station
Partyzanskaya Metro Station
Pyatroushchina Metro Station
Autozavodskaya Metro Station
Uskhod Metro Station
Barysausky Trakt Metro Station
Malinauka Metro Station
Mahilouskaya Metro Station
Urucha Metro Station
Maladzyojnaya Metro Station
Pushkinskaya Metro Station
Yanka Kupala National Academic Theatre
Belarusian State Circus
National Academic Big Opera and Ballet Theatre
Train Stations
Minsk Train Station


Minsk City Centre
Tsentralny District
Sovetsky District
Pervomaysky District
Partizansky District
Zavodskoy District
Leninsky District
Oktyabrsky District
Moskovsky District
Frunzensky District

Hotels in Minsk


Beijing Hotel Minsk
Boutique Hotel Buta
Europe Hotel
Minsk Marriott Hotel
President Hotel
Renaissance Minsk Hotel


Gubernsky Hotel
Hotel Minsk
Victoria - 2 Hotel
Victoria Hotel
Victoria Olimp Hotel Minsk


Apartment Complex Comfort
Arena Hotel
Belarus Hotel
Garni Hotel
Hampton by Hilton Minsk City Centre
IBB Hotel
Monastyrski Hotel
Orbita Hotel
Planeta Hotel
Slavyanskaya Hotel
Sputnik Hotel
Tourist Hotel
U Fontana Hotel
Victoria na Zamkovoy Hotel
Hotel Yubileiny


Agat Hotel
East Time Hotel
Guesthouse U Vasilya
Halt Time Hotel
IT Time Hotel
Sport Time Hotel
Zvezda Hotel


2 Room Apartments on Zaslavskaya 33
3 bedroom apartment on Rafiva 88
40 Let Pobedy Hotel
Agrousadba Elnica
AIBerry Apart's
Alex Аpartments
Andrew Loft Guest House
Anna 3 Apartment on Nezavisimosti 22
Anna Apartments
Apartament 24dom on Nezavisimosti 89
Apartament ElenBach 3
Apartament ElenBach 4
Apartament na M.Tanka
Apartament Na Raduge
Apartament Tatyana v Centre
Apartaments Rafieva
Апартамент День и Ночь
Apartlux Apartments
Apartment 24dom Teplichnaya 1
Apartment ABV Gvardeyskaya
Apartment ABV Horuzhei 24
Apartment ABV on Nazavisimosti 42
Apartment ABV on Nezavisimosti 28
Apartment ABV Starovilensky Tract 10
Apartment ABV Zaslavskaya 12
Apartment Academia
Apartment Alice on Serafimovicha
Apartment Anna
Apartment Arena
Apartment at Kirova 2
Apartment at Leonida Bedy street
Apartment at Olshevskogo
Apartment at Orlovskaya 17
Apartment Belskogo
Apartment Bora Bora 9
Apartment BoraBora 5
Apartment BoraBora 6
Apartment Chkalova 9/2
Apartment City Gate
Apartment Cozy Cute
Apartment Dozari
Apartment Economdom
Apartment ElenBach 5
Apartment Elis
Apartment Euro Class
Apartment Euro Class on Volgogradskaya
Apartment Exclusive
Apartment Fantastic Luminescence
Apartment Frolikova 3
Apartment Frunze 9
Apartment Gavana
Apartment Gostiminsk Nezavisimosti
Apartment Green Fresh
Apartment Gurskogo 35
Apartment Helena
Apartment in center on Biaduli Street 6
Apartment in Cottage with Sauna
Apartment in Malinovka
Apartment In Malinovka
Apartment in Minsk
Apartment in Minsk 2
Apartment in Minsk Centre
Apartment in Stolichny House
Apartment in the Historic Center
Apartment in the Minsk Center
Apartment Inessa
Apartment Internatsionalnaya 13
Apartment Internatsionalnaya Street 12
Apartment Kaskad
Apartment Korolya 11
Apartment Korotkevicha 10
Apartment Makayenka
Apartment Maksima Tanka 4
Apartment Marinka
Apartment Masherova 56
Apartment Maxim Bogdanovich
Apartment Mayakovskogo 8
Apartment Metro Pushkinskaya
Apartment Mi-Mi On Nezavisimosti 52
Apartment Minsk Arena
Apartment Minsk center for you
Apartment Minskie Kanikuly
Apartment Mouse House
Apartment Mstislavtsa 20
Apartment My Sweet Home
Apartment na Belskogo
Apartment na Filatova
Apartment Na Kirienko
Apartment na Kirova
Apartment na Kuleshova
Apartment Na Leningradskoy
Apartment Na Matusevicha
Apartment Na Matusyevicha
Apartment na Narodnoy
Apartment na Nemanskoy
Apartment na Nezavisimosti
Apartment na Nezavisimosti 13
Apartment na Nezavisimosti 72
Apartment Na Peredovaya 9
Apartment na Pritytskogo
Apartment Na Russiyanova
Apartment na Serdicha
Apartment Na Very Horuzhey 26
Apartment na Yakuba Kolasa
Apartment na Zhudro
Apartment na Zhukovskogo
Apartment near Gorkiy Park
Apartment near metro station
Apartment near Park Chelyuskintsev Metro Station
Apartment Nekrasova
Apartment Nezavesimosti
Apartment Nezavisimosti 12
Apartment Nezavisimosti 13
Apartment Nezavisimosti Tsentr
Apartment Nezavisimosty
Apartment Nezavisimosty 22
Apartment OLGA 2
Apartment OLGA on Nezavisimosti Prospekt 52
Apartment OLGA Studio on Nezavisimosti 52
Apartment Olszewski
Apartment on Berestyanskaya
Apartment on Biryuzova
Apartment on Bogdanovicha
Apartment on Cherviakova 2
Apartment on Chervyakova 2-3
Apartment on Chornogo 31
Apartment on Dunina Marcinkevicha
Apartment on Dzerzhinskogo
Apartment on Dzerzhynskogo
Apartment on Gykalo 8
Apartment on Kalinina
Apartment On Kalinina 1
Аpartment on Kalvariyskaya street 3
Apartment on Kamennogorskaya
Apartment on Karla Marksa
Apartment On Karla Marksa 21a
Apartment on Khmel'nitskogo
Apartment on Kiseleva 15
Apartment On Komsomolskaya 33
Apartment on Kulman
Apartment on Kuntsevshchina 29
Apartment On Kuybysheva 67
Apartment on Luchyny 36
Apartment On Lynkova 67
Apartment on Marksa Street 42
Apartment On Masherova 51
Apartment On Muliavina 10
Apartment on Myasnikova
Apartment on Myasnikova 35
Apartment on Myastrovskaya
Apartment on Nemiga
Apartment On Nemiga 14
Apartment on Nezavisimosti
Apartment On Nezavisimosti 164
Apartment On Nezavisimosti 19
Apartment on Nezavisimosti 23
Apartment on Nezavisimosti 35
Apartment on Nezavisimosti 42
Apartment On Nezavisimosty 52
Apartment On Nezavisimosty 55
Apartment on Nikiforova 9
Apartment on Olshevskogo 23
Apartment on Partizanskyi 46
Apartment on Pobediteley
Apartment on Pobediteley 43/3
Apartment On Pritytskogo 105
Apartment on Pritytskogo 105
Apartment on Pritytskogo 83
Apartment on Pritytskogo street
Apartment on Prospect Gazety Pravda 22
Apartment on Prospekt Gazety Pravda 17
Apartment on Prospekt Nezavisimosti 60
Apartment On Prospekt Pobediteley
Apartment on Pushkina Avenue
Apartment on Repina
Apartment on Repina 4
Apartment on Rokossovskogo
Apartment on Romanovskaya sloboda 10
Apartment on Russianova
Apartment On Russiyanova
Apartment on Russiyanova 18
Apartment on Schorsa Street
Apartment on Shugayeva 3/3
Apartment on Smolyachkova Street
Apartment On Storozhevskaya 8
Apartment on Storozhevskaya 8
Apartment on Surganova 86
Apartment on Surganova 88
Apartment on Sverdlova 24
Apartment on Talbukhina
Apartment On Vaneeva
Apartment on Volgogradskaya
Apartment on Volodarskogo 7
Apartment on Vostochnoy 32
Apartment On Zaslavskaya
Apartment on Zhukovskogo 9
Apartment Platonova 21
Apartment Princess
Apartment Prititskogo 77
Apartment Pritytskogo
Apartment Provans
Apartment Rafieva 94 MKAD
Apartment Rainis
Apartment Selitskogo
Apartment Serdtse Minska
Apartment Shafarnyanskaya 2A
Apartment Shugaevа
Apartment Storozhevskaya
Apartment Studio on Nezavisimosti 18
Apartment studio on Olshevskogo Street
Apartment Studio Sutki
Apartment Studio with Jacuzzi Kuybyshava 34
Apartment style and comfort
Apartment Tanka 10
Apartment Tivali
Apartment Travel BY
Apartment u Parka Chelyuskintsev
Apartment Uyut
Apartment Vulica Prytychaha
Apartment with Hot Tub
Apartment with terrace
Apartment Yakuba Kolasa 9
Apartment Yesenina 39
Apartment Zacharova 29
Apartment Zakharova
Apartment Zalataya Gorka
Apartment Zaslavskaya 12
Apartment Zimniy Sad
Apartment Zvyazda 48
Apartments at Prospect Gazety Pravda
Apartments Bora Bora
Apartments Bora Bora 2
Apartments BoraBora 7
Apartments Center Haradskoi Val
Apartments Daria at Marksa
Apartments Daria Nezavisimosti
Apartments DomMinsk on Karla Marksa
Apartments Edem
Apartments Flats in Minsk 1
Apartments for Antonovsky
Apartments for Moscow
Apartments in Historical Center
Apartments in Minsk
Apartments in Minsk City Center
Apartments in Parus
Apartments in the center of Minsk
Apartments Independence 168
Apartments Inga 2
Apartments Korona
Apartments Korona-2
Apartments Kupalovskaya
Apartments Maxim Bogdanovich Center
Apartments Minsk
Apartments Minsk Center
Apartments Minsk Centre on Nezavisimosti
Apartments Minsk24
Apartments Minsk24 Loft
Apartments Minsk24 Standard - 1
Apartments Minsk24 Standard - 3
Apartments Minsk24 Standart-2
Apartments na Nemanskaya
Apartments na Vaneeva 22
Apartments Natali
Apartments Near Institut Kultury
Apartments near TSUM
Apartments Nezavisimosti 74
Apartments on Budennogo 28
Apartments on Chicherina 4
Apartments On Doroshevicha 4
Apartments on Molodezhnoy
Apartments on Nemanskaya Street
Apartments on Pobeditelei 3
Apartments on Pobedy Square
Apartments on Prospekt Pobediteley
Apartments on Sevastopolsky Park
Apartments on Shugayeva 9
Apartments on Skripnikova
Apartments Orchidea
Apartments PoSutkam 2
Apartments Prityrskogo 2 k 1
Apartments Pushkin
Apartments Romanovskaya sloboda
Apartments Tarasovo
Apartments Ulyanovskaya 39
Apartments Yakuba Kolosa
Aparton Apartments - Business
Aparton Econom
Aparton Expensive Level Apartments
Aparton Gorodskoy val 9
Aparton Karla Marksa Ulitsa
Aparton Krasnaya 22
Aparton Myasnikova 34
Aparton Nezavisimosti Prospekt 52
Aparton Nezavisimosti Prospekt 53
Aparton Sovetskaya 8
Aparton Sverdlova Ulitsa
Aparton Zaslavskaya Ulitsa 12
Aparton. Nezavisimosti Prospekt 39
Aparton. Nezavisimosti Prospekt 75
Apartserg Historical Center
Appartament on Pobediteley street
Appartment ApartSerg
Arena City Apartments
Arena City on Pobediteley 125
Arenda Apartments
Arenda Apartments 2
Arenda Apartments 3
Arenda Apartments 4
Arenda Minsk
Bed & Breakfast Riverside
Bed & Breakfast Trinity
Beethoven Apartments
Belrent 2 Apartments
Belrent Apartments
Beruta Apartment
Best Travel Apartments
Bogema Apartment on Victory Square
Center Apartment
Center of Minsk - Iralina Apartment
Central 1 room
Central Minsk Apartments
CentralFlat Engelsa
CentralFlat Lenina
CentralFlat on Nemiga
CentralFlat Sverdlova Apartment
Centre Apartment on Karla Marksa 9
City Center Apartments
City Hall Аpartments
CityLife Apartments
CityLife Kaskad
CityRoom Center
Classic Two-Bedroom Apartment on Karla Marksa 50
Classic-style Apartment
Classical Apartments - Minsk
Comfort Apartment Minsk
Comfort Arenda Minsk 3
Comfort Arenda Minsk 4
Comfort Arenda.Minsk 2
Comfort Minsk Apartment
Comfort.Arenda Minsk
Cozy Apartment on Nezavisimosti 42
Cozy apartments in the city center
Ditis Apartments
Domashnij Ujut
Domashnij Ujut 3
Drozdovskiy dvorik
Dzianisaŭskaja Apartament
Economy Apartment Center
Economy with Conference Room on Plekhanova
El Guliver at Olshevskogo
El Guliver at Pritytskogo
El Guliver at Skryganova
Euapartments by on Nemiga
Euapartments by on Nezavisimosti
Euapartments by on Old Minsk Apartments - Minsk
Euapartments by on Prospekt Nezavisimosti 29
Flat in Minsk near subway
Flatcom Hostel
FlatRentMinsk apartments
Flats in Minsk 5
Flats in Minsk Apartments
Flatsby Bronevoi 12
Flatsby Miasnikova
Flatsby Nezavisimosti 87
Flatsby VIP
Football arena apartment Pobeditelei
Friendly Home
Gems Apartments
Good Apartment on Bogdanovicha 88
Good Apartment on Kedyshko 18
Good Apartment on Kuybusheva 93
Good Apartment on Nezavisimosti 46
Good Apartment on Nezavisimosti 83
Gorky Park Apartments
Gostiminsk Apartment on Nezavisimosti 23
Gostiny Dom
Gostiny Dom 2
Guest House 15
Guest House DOM 15
Guest House DOM 18
Guest House Vasilki
Guesthouse Acacia
Guesthouse Yanka
Guide of Minsk - Ploschad Pobedy
Guide Of Minsk Apartments - Nezavisimosti, Lido
Happy Hostel
Historical Center Apartment
Home Dlya Tebya
Homeliness Apartments
Hospitality by Apartments
Hospitality GUM Apartments
In Tower Hostel
International Apartment
Jasmin Guest House
Julia Studio
Just Paradise Apartment Praspiekt
Karl Marx Apartment
Karla Marksa
Karla Marksa 45
Karla Marksa street Apartments
Krasnoarmeyskaya 8 Apartment
Kvartira Petrovschina
Kvartira-studiya Minska
Kvartiras Apartments 4
Kvartiras apartments 5 - Minsk
Kvartiras Minsk Apartments
Lenina 5 Apartments
LikeHome Minsk Apartments on Nezavisimosti Avenue
Loft Apartments Platonova 33
Logoyka Apartment
Lola Apartment
Loshitskaya Usadba
Lounge Studio in Minsk
Lux Apartment Mayakovskogo 14
Luxury Apartments on Marksa
Luxury Minsk Apartments
Luxury studio apartment Minsk
Malinovka Comfort Apartments
Marina Apartment Two
Marksa 33 Apartment
Metro Academia Centre
Mini-Hotel La Menska
Minsk 2 Apartment
Minsk Apartment
Minsk Apartment in Dollar House
Minsk Apartment Service Business Class
Minsk Apartment Service Luxe class
Minsk Apartment Service Optimal class
Minsk Apartments
Minsk Apartments
Minsk Apartments by South Beach Co.
Minsk Arena Apartments
Minsk Arena Panoramic View
Minsk Centre Apartment
Minsk Centre Apartments
Minsk City Apartments
Minsk Flat Fortourist
Minsk Flat Fortourist 2
Minsk Premium Apartments
Minsk Premium Apartments 2
Minsk Premium Apartments 3
Minsk Premium Apartments 5
Minsk Premium Apartments 6
Minsk Premium Apartments 7
Minsk Premium Apartments 8
Minsk PrimeLight Apartments
Minsk Сity Apartments 2
Minsk4Rent Apartments
Minskapart Apartment
MinskForMe Apartments 1
MinskForMe Apartments 2
MinskForMe Apartments 3
Minskhouse Apartments 2
Minskhouse Apartments 3
Minsklux Apartment 2
Minskrent on Komunisticheskaya
MinskRest Korolya 4
MinskRest Nezavisimosti 46
MinskRest Nezavisimosti 48
Minskroom Apartments
Minskroom Apartments 2
MinskWorld Apartment
Molnar Apartments Bogdanovicha 23
Molnar Apartments Kaliningradsky Pereulok
Molnar Apartments Kirova 4
Molnar Apartments Kiseleva 39
Molnar Apartments Kupaly 11
Molnar Apartments Nemiga
Molnar Apartments Nezavisimosti 131-1
Molnar Apartments Nezavisimosti 37
Molnar Apartments Nezavisimosti 40
Molnar Apartments Nezavisimosti 85
Molnar Apartments on Nemiga 8
Molnar Apartments Smorgovskiy 7
Molnar Apartments Sverdlova 22
Molnar Apartments Volodarskogo 18
Molnar Apartments Zaharova 24
Molnar Apartments Zaslavskaya 12
Molnar Kiselyova 10 Apartment
Most center internatsionalnaya13
Museum apartment
Nana Neman Apartments
Nana Victory Square apartment
Natali Apartment at Starovilenskaya
Natali Apartments
Nemiga Studio Apartments
Nemiga-center apartment
New Apartments in center of Minsk
New Style Studio Apartments
Nezavisimosti 39 Ploschady Pobedy
Nezavisimosti Apartment
Nina Apartments
On Prushinskikh Apartment
On Volokha Apartment
One-Bedroom Apartment Nezavisimosti 33
One-Bedroom Flat on Pritytskogo Street
Orlovskaya 86
Ostrovok Apartment
Pacific Centre Park Gorki
Paradise apartment
Pashukevich Apartment
Praskovija's Apartment
Prestige Apartments
Prime Apartments 1
Prime Apartments 2
Prime Apartments 3
Prime Apartments 4
Prime Apartments 5
Pritytskogo Comfort
Prostor Apartment
Pushkinskaya Apartments
Red Cat Apartments
Relax Apartment
Rent-Minsk Apartments Apartments
Rentapart-Minsk Apartment
RentBel Very Central Apartments
RentBel White Hall Apartments
Respect Aparts Hostel
Rest with Secured Parking
Revolucion Hostel
Romantic Lagoon
Room in Malinovka
Royal Apartments Minsk
Royal Apartments Minsk 1
Royal apartments on Marksa
Royal Stay Group Apartments - Myasnikova 34
Royal Stay Group Apartments - Prospekt Nezavisimosti 34
Royal Stay Group Apartments - Prospekt Nezavisimosti 53
Royal Stay Group Apartments - Rumyantseva 17
Royal Stay Group Apartments - Sviardlova 19
Royal Stay Group Apartments 3
Royal Stay Group Apartments 4
Sauna & Akva Relax Vip Apartments
Sauna & Relax Luxury Apartments
Sloboda Apartments
Smart Inn
Smile Minsk
Smolyachkova Apartment
Sport Hotel
Studio Flat Minsk
Studio na Kuz'my Chornogo, 11
Studio na Romanovskaiya Sloboda 16
Studiominsk 12 Apartments
Studiominsk 15 Apartments
StudioMinsk 16 Apartments
StudioMinsk 2 Apartments - Minsk
StudioMinsk 3 Apartments - Minsk
StudioMinsk 4 Apartments - Minsk
StudioMinsk 5 Apartments
Studiominsk 6 Apartments
Studiominsk 8 Apartments
Studiominsk 9 Apartments
Studiominsk Apartments
Super Kalinina Apartments
SutkiMinsk Apartment
SutkiMinsk Apartment Centre
SutkiMinsk Economy
Svetlana Apartment
Swedish apartment at Romanovskaia 22
Swedish Apartments at Karla Marksa
Swedish Studio at Myasnikova
Sytki by Apartments
Trendy Apartment Oliešava
Troitskoye Rental Apartments
Troyka Apartments on Storozhevskaya 8
TS Apartment
TS Apartment 2
Tvoy Ostrov Apartments near Train Station
Tvoy Ostrov Apartments on Nezavisimosti
Tvoy Ostrov Na Yanki Kupala
Two-Bedroom Apartment Nezavisimosti 33
U Troitskogo VIP Apartment
Unio Apartments
Uruchje Apartment
Valeria Apartments
Vayskovy Hostel
Victoria Apartments
Victory scuare apartmens
Victory Square Apartment
Victory Square Apartment
Victory Square Apartments
Villa HomeMinsk Kamennaya Gorka
VIP apartment in center
Vip Apartment In Minsk
VIP Apartment Minsk
VIP Apartment Nezavisimosti
VIP Apartments 24/7
VIP Apartserg Apartment
Vip Arenda Minsk 2
VIP City Centre Apartment
VIP City Centre Apartment Victory
VIP City Centre Lenin Apartment
Vip Hatka
VIP House Apartments 1 on Prospect Nezavisimosti
VIP House Apartments 3 on Lenina Street
VIP House Apartments on Kozlova Street
VIP Rental Apartments
Vip-kvartira 1
Vip-kvartira 2
Vip-kvartira 3
Vip-kvartira 4
Vip-kvartira By
Vip-kvartira Center
Vip-kvartira Frunze 9
Vip-kvartira Gorodskoy Val 10
Vip-kvartira Kirova 1
Vip-kvartira Kirova 1 (2)
Vip-kvartira Kirova 3
Vip-kvartira Kiseleva 13
Vip-kvartira Kiselyova 3
Vip-kvartira Kiselyova 3 (2)
Vip-kvartira Kozlova
Vip-kvartira Kuzmy Chornogo 4
Vip-kvartira Lenina 11
Vip-kvartira Lenina 15A
Vip-kvartira Lenina 3
Vip-kvartira Leningradskaya 1
Vip-kvartira Leningradskaya 1A
Vip-kvartira Leningradskaya 5
Vip-kvartira Leningradskaya street 3
Vip-kvartira Myasnikova
Vip-kvartira Nemiga
Vip-kvartira Nezavisimosti 13
Vip-kvartira Nezavisimosti 19
Vip-kvartira Nezavisimosti 29
Vip-kvartira Nezavisimosti 39
Vip-kvartira Nezavisimosti 46
Vip-kvartira Nezavisimosti 74
Vip-kvartira Nezavisimosti 78
Vip-kvartira Nezavisimosty 23/15
Vip-kvartira Nezavisomosti 44
Vip-kvartira Volodarskogo
Vip-kvartira Zolotaya Gorka 14
VIVA Hostel
Voyage Hotel
Welcome Center Apartment
Welcome to Minsk Аpartment
West End Apartment
Yakub Kolas Square Apartments
Your Hostel
Zalataja Apartment
Zaslavsky Apartment Minsk
Zolotaya Gorka Apartments

Places nearby

Vostochnyy (1.3 miles)
Slepyanka (1.6 miles)
Maloye Medvezhino (1.8 miles)
Olʼshëvo (2.1 miles)
Stolovaya (2.5 miles)
Sokolyanka (2.6 miles)
Sheypichi (2.6 miles)
Kruptsy (3.3 miles)
Khutor Apolinarovo (3.5 miles)
Griskovshchina (3.5 miles)
Drazhna (3.6 miles)
Loshitsa (3.8 miles)
Dvorishche (3.9 miles)
Bolʼshaya Slepnya (4.2 miles)
Podbolotʼye (4.4 miles)
Tsna-Iodkovo (4.5 miles)
Tsna-Iodkovo (4.5 miles)
Vilkovshchina (4.8 miles)
Kolyadichi (4.8 miles)
Loshitsa (4.9 miles)
Korzyuki (5 miles)
Masyukovshchina (5 miles)
Sukharëvo (5.2 miles)
Uruchʼye (5.9 miles)

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