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Places of Interest

Changchun Zoological and Botanical Park
Ice Lantern Wonderland
Convention Centers
Changchun International Convention & Exhibition Centre
Jilin Police College
Changchun People's Square
Banruo Temple
Shangdong Commerce Pedestrian Street
Changchun Film Group Corporation
Changchun Film Studio
Baiguoxinglong Temple
Changchun Century Square
Jilin Provincial Museum
Changchun Geological Palace Museum
The Museum of the Imperial Palace of Manchukuo
Exhibition Museum of Northeast of China Occupied by Enemy
Yuandong Art Museum
Hongqi Culture Museum
Changchun Peony Garden
Changchun Children's Park
Changchun Shengli Park
Changchun South Lake Park
Changchun World Sculpture Park
Popular Areas
Changchun Culture Square
Shopping Areas
Zhuozhan Times Square
Changchun Wanda Shopping Plaza
Xintiandi Shopping Park
Changjiang Road Pedestrian Street
Stadiums or Arenas
Changchun Wuhuan Gymnasium
Train Stations
Changchun Railway Station
Changchun South Railway Station


Chao Yang
Nan Guan
Lu Yuan
Chongqing Road

Hotels in Changchun


Changchun Abritz Hotel
Changchun Hualida Hotel
Changchun Jin-An Hotel
Gold Collar Hotel Jilin
HNA Redbuds Hotel Changchun
Hyatt Regency Changchun
Latour Morgan Suites Changchun
New Century Grand Hotel Changchun
Shangri-La Hotel, Changchun


Changchun Chunyi Hotel
Changchun Guosheng Hotel
Changchun International Convention & Exhibition Center Hotel
Changchun Yue Dao Hotel
Changli Lijin Hotel
Chiang Nan Li Yang Hotel
Garden Hotel Changchun
HNA Grand Hotel Changbaishan Changchun
Hua Yang Grand Hotel Changchun
JI Hotel Changchun Guigu Street
Jilin Province Hotel
Jixiang Hotel Changchun
June Hotel
Songyuan Hotel
Wanjia Lakefront Hotel
Yatai Longda Hotel
Zhongchang Hotel


Changchun Guangdong Business Hotel
Changchun King Eastern Fumin Hotel
Changchun TA9 Rengency Fiesta Holiday Hotel
Hanting Express Changchun Economic Development District Huizhan Street
Ibis Changchun Jianshe Street
Jinjiang Inn - Changchun Convention & Exhibition Center
Jinjiang Inn Changchun City Hall
Jinjiang Inn Changchun Economic Development Zone Sino-Japanese Fellowship Hospital
Jinjiang Inn Changchun FAW Factory Car Business City
Jinjiang Inn Changchun Hongqi Street
Jinjiang Inn Changchun People's Square
Jinjiang Inn Changchun Qianjin Avenue
Jinjiang Inn Changchun Railway Station
Jinjiang Inn Changchun Renmin Avenue Guilin Road
Jinjiang Inn Changchun Silicon Valley Avenue
Jinjiang Inn Changchun Train Station
Jinjiang Inn Changchun Xi'an Avenue
Jinjiang Inn Select Changchun Jingyuetan Park


7Days Inn Changchun Chongqing Road
7Days Inn Changchun Conference and Exhibitions Centre Saide Square
7Days Inn Changchun FAW
7Days Inn Changchun Freedom Road Middle East
7Days Inn Changchun Jiefang Avenue Quan'an Square
7Days Inn Changchun Jiefang Bridge City Train
7Days Inn Changchun Jingyang Square
7Days Inn Changchun People's Square Jilin University Second Yuan
7Days Inn Changchun Qianjin Street University Town
7Days Inn Changchun Railway Station
7Days Inn Changchun Renmin Avenue Pingquan Road
7Days Inn Changchun Zhengyang Street Changchun Park
Changchun Jiafeng Business Hotel
Elan Hotel Changchun Yatai North Avenue
GreenTree Inn Jilin Changchun Furun Family Express Hotel
GreenTree Inn Jilin Changchun Haoyue Road Express Hotel
Hanting Express Changchun Anda Street
Hanting Express Changchun Conference Centre
Hanting Express Changchun Economic Development Zone Ziyou Road
Hanting Express Changchun Gaoxin zong Guanggu Street
Hanting Express Changchun Heping Street
Hanting Express Changchun High-tech Zone
Hanting Express Changchun Hongqi Street
Hanting Express Changchun Hongqi Street
Hanting Express Changchun Main Street
Hanting Express Changchun North Railway Station
Hanting Express Changchun Qianjin Avenue
Hanting Express Changchun Qimao City
Hanting Express Changchun Railway Station
Hanting Express Changchun Renmin Main Street
Hanting Express Changchun Renmin Square
Hanting Express Changchun Satellite Square
Hanting Express Changchun Yiqi West Station
Hanting Express Hotel Changchun Yiqi
Hanting Hotel Changchun Economy and Development Zone Linhe Street
Hanting Hotel Changchun Jingyue Branch
Hanting Hotel Changchun Yunda Avenue
Home Inn Changchun Anda Street
Home Inn Changchun Changchun Street
Home Inn Changchun Chongqing Road Wanda Plaza
Home Inn Changchun Dajing Road Ouya Outlets
Home Inn Changchun Dongfang Square
Home Inn Changchun Economy Development Zone
Home Inn Changchun FAW Group
Home Inn Changchun FAW Group Hemei Garden
Home Inn Changchun Hi-tech Zone Guigu Street
Home Inn Changchun Hi-tech Zone Jilin Univeristy South Campus
Home Inn Changchun Jianshe Street
Home Inn Changchun Jingyue Development Zone
Home Inn Changchun People's Square Jinshui Road
Home Inn Changchun People's Square Xianyang Road
Home Inn Changchun Qianjin Street Weixing Road
Home Inn Changchun Quan'an Square Airport Shuttle
Home Inn Changchun Quan'an Square Minkang Road
Home Inn Changchun Renmin Street Pingquan Road
Home Inn Changchun Shengli Street
Home Inn Changchun Yatai Street Dongsi Road
Motel Changchun Hi-tech Park South Campus of Jilin Univeristy
Motel Changchun Jianshe Street
Motel Changchun Jingyue Development Zone
Yuqiao Hotel - Huizhan


3Bed 2Bath Boutique Apartment
Blue Moon Hotel Changchun
Changchun Aishang Apartment
Changchun Aoren Hotel
Changchun Corner Apartment
Changchun Cupid Apartment Hotel
Changchun Easy-get Apartment
Changchun Jinkairui Business Hotel
Changchun One Room Hostel
Changchun Shangdong Daily Rental Inn
Changchun Wheat Youth Hostel
Gold Olive Apartment
Haoyue Inn Changchun
JI Hotel Changchun Oriental Plaza
Jinjiang Inn Changchun Quan’an Square
Jinjiang Inn Changchun Yiqidongfeng Avenue
Linhewan Hotel
Lonely Planet Youth Hostel
Tangfeng Hotel Changchun Railway Station
The one apartment
Wanda Fashion Love Apartment

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