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Places of Interest

Hunhe Park
Sinbad Happy Castle
Northeastern University
Northeastern University Site
Shenyang University
Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Sunbird Plaza
Liaoning Radio and TV Tower
Shenyang South Mosque
Shifu Square
Shenyang Muslim Food Street
Shenyang Victory Bridge
Wu'ai Market
Nanguan Catholic Church
Shisheng Temple
Shenyang Taiqing Palace
Liu Laogen Grand Stage
Shenyang NanGuan Catholic Church
Shenyang Zhongshan Square
Liaoning Industrial Exhibition Hall
Ci'en Temple
Shenyang Four Towers
Shenyang Chang'an Temple
Shenyang Science Centrum
Zhongxing Culture Square
Nanfeng Theatre
Northeast China Liberation Monument
Shenyang Beita Monument
Liaoning Provincial Museum
Mukden Palace
Former Residence of Zhang Zuolin and Zhang Xueliang
Former Residence of Zhao Yidi
Shenyang Finance Museum
Zhou Enlai Tongzhi Juvenile Dushu Former Site
September 18th History Museum
Shenyang Bayi Park
Shenyang Youth Park
Wuli River Park
Shenyang Zhongshan Park
Shenyang Nanhu Park
Wanliutang Park
South Canal Strip Park
Beiling Park
Shopping Areas
Shenyang The Mixc Mall Store
Shenyang Middle Street-Pedestrian Mall
Shenyang Taiyuan Pedestrian Street
Liaoning Grand Theatre
Train Stations
Shenyang North Railway Station
Shenyang Railway Station


Shen He
He Ping
Tie Xi
Huang Gu
Hun Nan
Da Dong
Taiyuan Street Area
Middle Street Area
Yu Hong
Dong Ling
Zhangshi Develop Zone

Hotels in Shenyang


Country Garden Phoenix Holiday Hotel, Shenyang
Crowne Plaza Shenyang Parkview
Crowne Plaza Shenyang Zhongshan
DoubleTree by Hilton Shenyang
Grand Hyatt Shenyang
Grand Metropark Northyoker Hotel Shenyang
Kempinski Hotel Shenyang
Maritim Hotel Shenyang
NEU International Hotel
Primus Hotel Qipan Moutain Shenyang
Shangri-La Hotel, Shenyang
Shenyang Haiyun Jin Jiang International Hotel
Shenyang Marvelot Hotel
Shenyang Northeast Hotel
Shenyang Royal Wanxin Hotel
Sheraton Shenyang South City Hotel
Sofitel Shenyang Lido
Somerset Heping Shenyang
The Longemont Shenyang
Wanda Vista Shenyang


CYTS Shanshui Trends Hotel Shenyang Fulihua
Fantawild Garden Hotel
Fengtianyuan Business Hotel Liaoning
Gloria Plaza Shenyang
Golden Hotel Shenyang
Holiday Inn Express Shenyang Golden Corridor
Holiday Inn Express Shenyang North Station
Holiday Inn Shenyang Zhongshan
Hotel Jen Shenyang by Shangri-La
JI Hotel Shenyang Consulate Branch
JI Hotel Shenyang Railway Station Branch
JI Hotel Shenyang Zhangshi Development Zone
Jinjiang Metropolo Hotel Shenyang Bei Yi Road Wanda Square
Junyue Grand Hotel Shenyang
Lavande Hotel Shenyang Economic Development Zone
Liaoning Mansion
Liaoning Trade Union Mansion
Liaoning Zhengxie Hotel
Liyang International Hotel
Metropolo Hotel - Shenyang, Beiyi Road branch
Ramada Plaza Shenyang City Center(Original Tianlun Regar Hotel Shenyang)
Rosedale Hotel Shenyang
Shenfei Hotel
Shenyang Civil Aviation Hotel
Shenyang Guest House
Shenyang Howden International Hotel
Shenyang Hua Ren Hotel
Shenyang Hua Ren International Hotel
Shenyang Jilang Business Hotel
Shenyang Minshan Hotel
Shenyang Oriental Ginza International Hotel
Shenyang Pacific Regency Hotel
Shenyang Qing Dynasty Culture Hotel
Shenyang Rayfont Hotel
Shenyang Rich Gate Hotel
Shenyang Sanlongzhongtian Hotel
Shenyang Shixing International Hotel
Shenyang Tangtang Apartment Joy City Branch
Shenyang Yourland Hotel
The Royal Fortune Hotel Shenyang
Tian Feng International Hotel Shenyang
Tianbao International Hotel
Tiandu Hotel
Tobest Swiss Hotel
Tujia Somerset Xinhui Shenyang
Vienna International Hotel Shenyang Railway Station
World Star International Hotel


Dongxu Hotel
FF Car Culture Theme Hotel
Golden Coast Hotel
Golden Cup Automobile Building
GreenTree Inn Liaoning Shenyang South Shengli Street Business Hotel
Guoda Hotel
Hanting Express Shenyang Train Station West Square
Hanting Express Shenyang Wuai
Hanting Express Shenyang Yuhong Square
Haoze Boutique Hotel
Home Inn Plus Shenyang Hunnan Olympic Centre
Huafeng Hotel
Huamei Haoting Hotel
Ibis Shenyang Taiyuan Street
Hotel Ibis Shenyang Tiexi
James Joyce Coffetel Shenyang South Taiyuan Branch
Ji Hotel Shenyang Middle Street
JI Hotel Zhongshan Park Shenyang
Jincangwenhua Boutique Hotel
Jinjiang Inn - Shenyang Nanhu Park
Jinjiang Inn - Shenyang Wu'ai
Jinjiang Inn - Shenyang Xinggong North Street
Jinjiang Inn Select Shenyang Railway Station South Taiyuan Street
Jinjiang Inn Shenyang Army General Hospital
Jinjiang Inn Shenyang Imperial Palace Huaiyuan Gate Subway Station
Jinjiang Inn Shenyang International Exhibition Center Sujiatun Railway Station
Jinjiang Inn Shenyang Middle Street
Jinjiang Inn Shenyang Middle Street Pedestrain
Jinjiang Inn Shenyang Municipal Government Square Fengtian Street
Jinjiang Inn Shenyang Nanta
Jinjiang Inn Shenyang North Railway Station Huigong Square
Jinjiang Inn Shenyang North Station
Jinjiang Inn Shenyang Palace Museum
Jinjiang Inn Shenyang Shenbei University Town
Jinjiang Inn Shenyang Taiyuan Street
Jinjiang Inn Shenyang Xingshun Street
Jinjiang Inn Shenyang Zhangshi Development District
Jinjiang Inn Shenyang Zhangshi Zhongyang Avenue
Jinjiang Inn Shenyang Zhongshan Park
Jinjiang Inn Shenyang Zhongshan Square Medical University First Hospital
Jinjiang Inn West Shenyang Beiling
Lantian Hotel
Liaoning Hotel
Railway New East Hotel
Renmin Hotel
Shentie Hotel
Shenyang Airport Hotel
Shenyang Baiyin Mansion
Shenyang Golden Coast Hotel
Shenyang Huayuan Hotel
Shenyang Jinke Hotel
Shenyang Junjiao Dasha
Shenyang Kelong Hotel
Shenyang Laodaokou Hotel
Shenyang Longemont Hotel - Yes Inn
Shenyang Sanlongzhongtian Sunshine Express
Shenyang Sister Hotel
Shihai Zheren Bontique Hotel Shenyang Taiyuan Street
Shihai Zheren Hotel Meilian Branch
Starway Hotel Shenyang Tiexi 9th Road Furniture City
Sutton Eurostyle Hotel
Wanfang Hotel
Xingcheng Hotel
Yatai Hotel Shenyang
Zhefei Hotel Shenyang South Taiyuan Street


7Days Inn Shenyang Beihang
7Days Inn Shenyang Gugong Huaiyuanmen Subway Station
7Days Inn Shenyang Lianhe Road Jixiang Market
7Days Inn Shenyang Middle Street Pedestrain Street
7Days Inn Shenyang Nanta Shoes City
7Days Inn Shenyang North 1st West Road
7Days Inn Shenyang North Railway Station
7Days Inn Shenyang Pangjiang Street Subway Station
7Days Inn Shenyang Railway Station Zhongshan Square
7Days Inn Shenyang Sanhao Street Liaozhan
7Days Inn Shenyang Sanhao Street Medical University Second Hospital
7Days Inn Shenyang Sanhao Street Northeastern Univerisity Science Centrum
7Days Inn Shenyang Shifu Square
7Days Inn Shenyang Taiyuan South Street
7Days Inn Wuai Market
Candy Apartment
Elan Hotel Shenyang Nanta
Elan Shenyang East Wuai
Elan Shenyang North Middle St
Fumanyuan Hotel Shenyang
Goldmet Inn Shenyang Huaiyuan Gate
GreenTree Inn Liaoning Shenyang Tiexi Yunfeng Street Express Hotel
Hanting Express Shenyang Bei Er Dong Road Branch
Hanting Express Shenyang Beihang
Hanting Express Shenyang Beiling Park
Hanting Express Shenyang Heping Square Branch
Hanting Express Shenyang Huanghe Avenue Ju Ran Zhi Jia
Hanting Express Shenyang Longemont Square
Hanting Express Shenyang Maluwan
Hanting Express Shenyang Medical University
Hanting Express Shenyang Middle Street
Hanting Express Shenyang Middle Street Gugong
Hanting Express Shenyang Middle Street Henglong Plaza
Hanting Express Shenyang Nanjing South Street
Hanting Express Shenyang Nanta Street Wencui Road Branch
Hanting Express Shenyang North Railway Station Huigong No. 2
Hanting Express Shenyang North Railway Station North
Hanting Express Shenyang Northbound Changjiang Street
Hanting Express Shenyang Railway Station Branch
Hanting Express Shenyang Sanhao Street
Hanting Express Shenyang Shifu Road
Hanting Express Shenyang South Taiyuan Street
Hanting Express Shenyang South Tower
Hanting Express Shenyang Sujiatun Railway Station
Hanting Express Shenyang Tiexi Furniture City
Hanting Express Shenyang Tiexi Huaxiang
Hanting Express Shenyang West Railway Station
Hanting Express Shenyang West Tower Branch
Hanting Express Shenyang Xingongnan St
Hanting Express Shenyang Xizhong Street
Hanting Express Shenyang Zhonggong South Street
Hanting Express Zhong Shan Square (Shenyang Heping Street)
Hanting Hotel Shenyang Convension And Exhibition Center
Home Inn Shenyang Beihai Street Orthopedic Hospital
Home Inn Shenyang Beiling Park
Home Inn Shenyang Central Street Joy City Walmart
Home Inn Shenyang Central Street Xiaoxi Road
Home Inn Shenyang Dongzhan Street
Home Inn Shenyang Gugong Liu Laogen Dawutai
Home Inn Shenyang Heping Avenue Medical University
Home Inn Shenyang Huanggu East Chongshan Road Labor Union Mansion
Home Inn Shenyang Huanggu Tawan
Home Inn Shenyang Huanghu Zhujiang Bridge
Home Inn Shenyang Jianshe Avenue South Yunfeng Street
Home Inn Shenyang Laolongkou Winery Longzhimeng
Home Inn Shenyang Nanta
Home Inn Shenyang Nanta Xiecheng
Home Inn Shenyang North Railway Station
Home Inn Shenyang North Railway Station
Home Inn Shenyang North Railway Station Huigong Square
Home Inn Shenyang North Railway Station South Exit
Home Inn Shenyang North Yunfeng Metro Station
Home Inn Shenyang Qingnian Park Metro Station
Home Inn Shenyang Railway Station
Home Inn Shenyang Railway Station South Taiyuan Street
Home Inn Shenyang Sanhao Street Liaozhan
Home Inn Shenyang Sanhao Street Nanhu Hardware Market
Home Inn Shenyang Shenbei New District Liaoning University
Home Inn Shenyang Shenbei University Town Normal University
Home Inn Shenyang Shiyiwei Road Qingnian Street
Home Inn Shenyang South Nanjing Street
Home Inn Shenyang South Nanjing Street Gongnong Bridge
Home Inn Shenyang South Yunfeng Street Road Number Seven
Home Inn Shenyang Taiyuan Street
Home Inn Shenyang Tiexi Furniture Market Xingshun Night Market
Home Inn Shenyang Tiexi Plaza Metro Station
Home Inn Shenyang Tiexi Xiangjiang
Home Inn Shenyang West Coach Station
Home Inn Shenyang West Shenliao Road
Home Inn Shenyang Wu'ai Market
Home Inn Shenyang Wu'ai Market Nanguan Road Gas Station
Home Inn Shenyang Wu'ai Market Xiaonan Church
Home Inn Shenyang Xinggong Street East Shenliao Road
Home Inn Shenyang Xinlibao Agriculture University
Home Inn Shenyang Xizhongjie Street Taiqing Palace
Home Inn Shenyang Zhangshi Development Zone Metro Station
Home Inn Shenyang Zhonghua Road
Home Inn Shenyang Zhongjie Metro Station Shuaifu
Home Inn Shenyang Zhongjie Pedestrian Street
Home Inn Shenyang Zhongshan Square Medical University
LazyBee International Youth Hostel Shenyang
Linjia Express Hotel
Motel Shenyang Central Pedestrian Street Beishuncheng Road
Motel Shenyang Central Street Joy City Walmart
Motel Shenyang Nanta Shoes Market
Motel Shenyang North Railway Station North Exit
Motel Shenyang Railway Station Zhongxing Building
Motel Shenyang Wu'ai Market Nanguan Road Gas Station
Shenyang 419 New Concept Hotel
Yixuan Culture Theme Hotel


Shenyang Daxi Road Hostel
Tangtang Theme Apartment Holiday Hotel


Aima Theme Apartment
Amanda Apartment
Beauty Guest and House
Bestay Hotel Express Shenyang Imperial Palace Huaiyuanmen Subway Station
Cerritos Hotel Shenyang Olympic Wanda
Country Garden Phoenix Hotel Sujiatun
Dongdong Apartment
Dongsheng Apartment Shenyang
Fasion Resort Shenyang
Grace Inn Shenyang Railway Station Shengli N Street Branch
Grace Inn Shenyang Taiyuan Road First Hospital of China Medical University Branch
GreenTree Inn LiaoNing ShengYang TieXi HuaXiang Road Express Hotel
Guiheyuan Hotel
Haitian Express Apartment Shenyang
Hani Youth Hostel
Hanjiang Star Inn
Hanting Express Shenyang North Railway Station Huigong Branch
Hanting Hotel Shenyang Bei'er West Road
Hanting Hotel Shenyang Santaizi
Hanting Hotel Shenyang WuAi West
Haofangdong Apartment Hotel
Haomeijia Rental Apartment
Hi Inn Shenyang Fengtian Street
Hi Inn Shenyang Nanta
Hi Inn Shenyang Railway Station
Hi Inn Shenyang Sanhao Street
Holiday Inn Express Shenyang Tawan
Home Inn Plus Shenyang Railway Station East Square
Huaren Hostel
Huyue Hotel Middle of Shenyang Street
Huyue Hotel Shenyangbeizhan Huigong Street Store
Jincheng Theme Apartment
Jingjing Leisure Apartment
Jinshi Busniess Hotel
Juanzi Apartment
Jurujia Hotel
Laijiajia Family Hostel
Li Li Ma Lian Apartment QingNianDa Street Branch
Li Li Ma Lian Apartment SanHao Street Branch
Liangcaohao Daojia Inn Shenyang Nanjing south
Lily Marlin Apartment
Lingwen Hotel
Manju Lishe Boutique Serviced Apartment
Meigui Woju Inn
Metoo Apartment Shenyang Qingnian Street
Metoo Apartment Shenyang Sanhao Street
Najia Classic Apartment
Pattaya Apartment
Pengchengyi Express Hotel
Quanshui Dingdong Hot Spring Short Term Rental Apartment
Rest in the clouds Apartment
Riverview Apartment
Rose Garden Villa
Rui Xiang Ge Inn
Shangyan Boutique Apartment Olympic Wanda Plaza
Shengyang Platinum Hotel
Shenyang Aishangjia Apartment
Shenyang Aolin Fashion Hotel
Shenyang Beisi Hotel
Shenyang Beiyi Road Night Rose Wanda Apartment
Shenyang Candy Fashion Apartment
Shenyang Chengjian Business Hotel
Shenyang Chenmei Hotel
Shenyang Chongxi Hotel
Shenyang Daguanjia Apartment Hotel
Shenyang Dream Train Hostel
Shenyang Golden Seed Inn
Shenyang Happy Island Apartment Hotel
Shenyang Jiaduobao Guesthouse
Shenyang Jinhui Meiyu Hotel
Shenyang Jinjiahua Business Apartment
Shenyang Jiuye Mini Hotel
Shenyang Jushengyuan Inn
Shenyang Kailong Bojin Apartment
Shenyang Manxinge Inn
Shenyang Mei Su Fashion Apartment
Shenyang Muse Star Hotel
Shenyang Muyang Hotel
Shenyang Muyang Hotel Branch 2
Shenyang New World Holiday Apartment
Shenyang Our Home Hotel Romgxing Mansion Branch
Shenyang Pingguo Inn
Shenyang Qingyuan Fashion Hotel Apartment
Shenyang Quanxin Hostel
Shenyang Shuangli Inn
Shenyang Shuanglihe Shortcut Guest House
Shenyang Shunlv Capsule Youth Hostel
Shenyang Shunxiang Hostel Shenyang Station
Shenyang Sifang Apartment
Shenyang Simengya Inn
Shenyang Simple Capsule International Hostel North Railway Station Branch
Shenyang Taiyuan Street Yijia Apartment
Shenyang Tanabata Love Apartment
Shenyang Tianyue Apartment
Shenyang Tujia Apartment
Shenyang Wange Wenxin Guesthouse
Shenyang Warm House Apartment
Shenyang Wowo Love-Themed Apartment
Shenyang Yifang'an Guest House
Shenyang Yiju ApartHotel
Shenyang Youyue Apartment
Shenyang Yuekerenjia Apartment
Shenyang Zhongjie Business Inn
Shenyang Zhongmei Guest House
Shenyang Zuoyou Fengqing Theme Hotel
Sijia Apartment Changjiang Street
Sijia Apartment Liaoning University
Sinuoaiyizu Service apartment
Starway Hotel Shenyang North Railway Station
Tang Tang Chain Apartment
Tangfeng Art Hotel
Vanguard Apartment
Wanchen Hotel
Wanda Jixiang Apartment
Wangfu Garden
Wanxin Business Hotel
Xianggui Theme Apartment Aoti Wanda
Xiangsu Boutique Apartment
Xidake Apartment
Xin Xi Apartment
Xingkong Theme Apartment Shenyang
Xinglongsheng Theme Apartment
Xinxinyue Express Hotel
Yanhong Guesthouse
Yanzi Apartment Beihang Branch
Yanzi Apartment Taiyuan Street Branch
Yataicheng Apartment
Yemeigui Theme Apartment
Yiju V Apartment
Yiliyate Harbour Holiday ApartHotel
Yipin Inn
Yue ApartHotel (Sanhao Street)
Yue ApartHotel (Shenyang Wenzhou City)
Yuejia Apartment Shengyang Zhonghua Road Branch
Yuelongge Hostel
Yusu Holiday Inn
Zhongxing Inn Shenyang

Places nearby

Hunhezhanchaoxianzuxiang (5.7 miles)
Wenguantun (6.5 miles)
Zaohua (7.1 miles)
Yushutai (8 miles)
Yuguo (8.6 miles)
Guchengzi (8.8 miles)
Daxingchaoxianzuxiang (9.2 miles)
Wangjia (9.7 miles)