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Villa Blaz
Villa Irena
Hotel Villa Stefanija, Barban


Apartments Villa Lori 196, Barban
Holiday Home Batelani, Barban
Holiday Home Villa Angelina 258, Barban
Istrian Holiday Home Zen 225
Rural Pension Istra Partner, Barban
Villa Barbara
Villa Laura
Villa Matea, Barban
Villa Rebici 105


Apartment Barban Hreljici
Apartment Barban Juricev Kal
Apartment Barban Orihi
Apartment Barban Rebici II
Apartment Borinici VI, Barban
Apartment Celici VI, Barban
Apartment Dubravka, Barban
Apartment Frkeci Croatia, Barban
Apartment Glavani IV, Barban
Apartment Hrboki III, Barban
Apartment Juricev Kal Croatia, Barban
Apartment Kozljani IV
Apartment Loncari VI, Barban
Apartment Mali Golji I, Barban
Apartment Manjadvorci Croatia
Apartment Mara
Apartment Melnica VI
Apartment Orihi V
Holiday home Barban 22
Holiday home Barban 23
Holiday home Barban 51
Holiday home Barban 60
Holiday home Barban Hrboki
Holiday home Barban I blue
Holiday home Barban III
Holiday home Barban Melnica
Holiday home Barban Puntera
Holiday home Barban V
Holiday home Biletici III
Holiday home Brgod, Macarini IV
Holiday home Celici Celici
Holiday Home Dorina
Holiday home Frkeci Croatia, Barban
Holiday home Grandici IV, Barban
Holiday home Hrboki Croatia IX
Holiday home Hrboki IV
Holiday home Hrboki V, Barban
Holiday home Kujici 23, Barban
Holiday home Melnica III
Holiday home Melnica IV
Holiday home Orihi, Barban
Holiday home Orihi bb Croatia
Holiday home Orihi Croatia, Barban
Holiday home Orihi I
Holiday home Orihi I Cr
Holiday home Orihi II
Holiday home Orihi V
Holiday home Prnjani
Holiday home Reburici I
Holiday home Skitaca Cr
Holiday home Zei XXI, Barban
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