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Places of Interest

Pula Communal Palace
Pula Cathedral
Pula Forum
Arch of the Sergians
Temple of Augustus
Gate of Hercules
Istrian Museum of Contemporary Art
Historical Museum of Istria
Archaeological Museum in Pula
Brijuni National Park
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Pula Arena
Roman Theatre
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Pula Bus Station

Hotels in Fažana


Villa Luka
Villa Matija


Apartment Excellent
Apartments Villa Chersin
Guest House Navetta
Vila in Lavanda
Hotel Villa Letan


Apartment Ana
Apartment Birkić
Apartment Celija
Apartment Cordial Fažana
Apartment Davor
Apartment Hope
Apartment Iva
Apartment Jele 1
Apartment Lavanda
Apartment Mare
Apartment Relax
Apartment Zoran
Apartments Ana 167
Apartments Babić
Apartments Belvedere
Apartments Bosnjak 108
Apartments Brijuni
Apartments Brioni
Apartments Buzleta
Apartments Buzleta II
Apartments Cerin
Apartments Dall
Apartments Drandic 94
Apartments Đurđa
Apartments Fažana
Apartments Goga
Apartments Gordana
Apartments Jeromela
Apartments M
Apartments Marina
Apartments Miki
Apartments Miljak
Apartments Moderno 2
Apartments Moratto
Apartments Nešić Peroj
Apartments Nikolić
Apartments Patricia
Apartments Prodan
Apartments Rozalina 3
Apartments Stefani
Apartments Toffetti
Apartments Valbandon Luce
Apartments Villa Nina
Apartments Vilma
Apartments Zukanovic
Guest House Croatia
House Palazzo
Hotel Istra
Hotel Marina
Mobile Homes Camp Brione
Hotel Neptun
Pansion Moderno
Rooms Alla Beccaccia
Sun Apartment
Villa Alessandra
Villa Claudia
Villa Lanca
Villa Mihaela
Villetta Phasiana


Apartments Alen
Apartments Marlen & Toni
Apartments Rabak
Villa Velina


Albatross - Camping Bi Village
Ana I Blue
Ana Ii Orange
Apartment Brace Ilic III
Apartment Brionska Croatia
Apartment Dragonja II
Apartment Faz I
Apartment Faz II
Apartment Fazana 24
Apartment Fazana 25
Apartment Fazana 26
Apartment Fazana 27
Apartment Fazana 28
Apartment Fazana 29
Apartment Fazana Istarska
Apartment Fazana Lavanda
Apartment Fazana Lavanda II
Apartment Fazana Lavanda III
Apartment Fazana Lavanda IV
Apartment Fazana Lavanda V
Apartment Fazana Pineta
Apartment Fazana Pineta II
Apartment Fazana Pineta II ogranak
Apartment Fazana Pineta II ogranak II
Apartment Fazana Pineta II ogranak III
Apartment Fazana Ribarska
Apartment Fazana Ribarska II
Apartment Fazana Vodnjanska cesta
Apartment Fazanska Cesta
Apartment Fazanska cesta Cr
Apartment Fazanska Cesta Croatia
Apartment Fazanska cesta VI
Apartment Fazanska Cesta VI Cr
Apartment Galizanska
Apartment Galizanska II
Apartment Galizanska III
Apartment Istarska IX Croatia
Apartment Jurine i Franine I
Apartment Kamelija IV
Apartment Kuntrada
Apartment Kuntrada IV
Apartment Lavanda
Apartment Lavanda I
Apartment Lavanda II
Apartment Lavanda III
Apartment Mala Vala
Apartment Mala Vala Cr
Apartment Mala Vala I
Apartment Mala Vala VI
Apartment Marlen - Veliki
Apartment Miriana - Green
Apartment Miriana - Red
Apartment Miriana - Yellow
Apartment Mirjana
Apartment Muskovic I
Apartment Muskovic II
Apartment Pavic - I
Apartment Pavic - II
Apartment Pavic - Mansarda
Apartment Perojska Cesta IV
Apartment Perojska Cesta V
Apartment Pineta II. Ogranak V
Apartment Puljska cesta
Apartment Puljska Cesta III
Apartment Rajko
Apartment Ruze Petrovic I
Apartment Sti III - Ingrid
Apartment Sti IV - Ingrid
Apartment Sti V - Ingrid
Apartment Titova Riva Cr
Apartment Titova Riva Croatia
Apartment Ulika
Apartment Ulika Croatia
Apartment Ulika V
Apartment Ulika VI
Apartment Šuran M.
Apartment Val I
Apartment Val I Bencic
Apartment Val II
Apartment Val III
Apartment Val, I Mate
Apartment Valbandon Pineta
Apartment Švarc
Apartment Vocarska II
Apartment Vocarska III
Apartment Vodnjanska Cesta Croatia
Apartment Vodnjanska Cesta I
Apartment Vodnjanska Cesta II
Apartments Tanja & Tina
Bi-Village I
Bi-Village II
Bi-Village III
Camping Bi Village
Guest house Faz II
Holiday home Bužleta
Holiday home Casa Giorgini
Holiday home Dragonja VI
Holiday home Fazana 13
Holiday home Fazana 22
Holiday home Fazana 23
Holiday home Fazana Dragonja
Holiday home Fazana Dragonja II
Holiday home Fazana Fazanska cesta
Holiday home Fazana Galizanska cesta
Holiday home Fazana Kuntrada
Holiday home Fazana Mala Vala
Holiday home Fazana Matija Vlacic-Flacius
Holiday home Fazana Ruze Petrovic
Holiday home Fazana Ruze Petrovic II
Holiday home Fazanska Cesta III Cr
Holiday home Fazanska cesta V
Holiday home Gianni
Holiday home Kvart Mimoza I
Holiday home Mala Vala Cr
Holiday home Mrkonjic
Holiday home Pineta I. Ogr. Cr
Holiday home Pineta,ogranak III./ III
Holiday home Šuran R.
Holiday home Val I Miho
Holiday home Valbandon 59
Holiday home Vodnjanska Cr
Hostel Amfora
Villa Fažana
Villa Fažana
Villa Taste

Places nearby

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Sveti Martin (3 miles)
Fižela (4 miles)
Mednjan (4.5 miles)
Murage (4.6 miles)
Veruda (5.6 miles)
Katarova Stancija (5.7 miles)
Vintijan (6.3 miles)
Sarići (7.6 miles)
Ušićovi Dvori (8.4 miles)
Stranići (8.5 miles)
Crnibek (8.6 miles)
Marko (9.3 miles)