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Valbiska Ferry
Malinska Bus Station
Fumak Hill Cross
Biserujka Cave
St. Mary Magdalene Monastery in Porat
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Cizici beach
Haludovo Beach
Malin Beach
Rova Beach
Riu Beach
Vantacici Beach
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Uhic Beach

Hotels in Malinska


Luxury Apartments Villa Luce
Luxury Apartments Villa Mande
Luxury Apartments Villa Matea
Luxury Villa Bernarda
Luxury Villa Prova


Apartment Bressan
Apartment Kopedana
Apartment Sandra
Apartments Ana
Apartments Dilja
Apartments Kovacic
Apartments Mantinela
Apartments Mare & Mons Deluxe
Apartments Milos
Apartments Vila Mike
Apartments Villa Paula
Apartments Villa Rina
Blue Waves Resort
Duplex Apartment Marina
Frajona Apartments
Guest House Kapela
Guesthouse Villa Adria
Guki Apartments
Holiday Home Rasopas
Hotel Malin
Pension Vago
Hotel Pinia
Vila Milcetic
Villa Dijana
Villa Flora
Villa Palma
Villa San
Villa Simfonija
Vito & Rocco Apartment


Hotel Adria
Apartmani Nikolina
Apartment Franjo
Apartment Lukic
Apartment Poljicka
Apartment Tamaris
Apartments & Rooms Milcetic
Apartments & Rooms Monika
Apartments Bogović
Apartments Elizabet
Apartments Eva
Apartments Gorančica
Apartments Haus Antica
Apartments Ivec
Apartments Jele
Apartments Krajačić
Apartments Kvarner
Apartments Kvarner 2
Apartments Lastro
Apartments Lea
Apartments Lea 2
Apartments Premec
Apartments Raužan
Guest House Antonella
Guesthouse Cecilia
Holiday Home Momcilovic
Pansion Šegulja
Villa Bijela
Hotel Villa Rova


Apartment Svjetlana
Camping Glavotok
Maestral Apartments


Apartment Andrija XXI
Apartment B Turcica 15 Malinska
Apartment Bajcic I
Apartment Bajcic II
Apartment Bartulovic II
Apartment Blatancic I
Apartment Blatancic VM
Apartment Bodulska 7 NH
Apartment Bodulska 7 ZA
Apartment Bodulska Croatia
Apartment Bodulska I
Apartment Bodulska II
Apartment Cizici bb Cr
Apartment Cizici bb Croatia
Apartment Cizici bb VI
Apartment Dina I
Apartment Dina III
Apartment Drazine 8 RO
Apartment Drazine 8 RU
Apartment Drazine 8 RY
Apartment Drazine 8 WO
Apartment Dub A
Apartment Dub II
Apartment Dubasljanska 19 Malinska
Apartment Dubasljanska 46 Malinska
Apartment Dubasljanska 52 Malinska
Apartment Dubasljanska 79 Malinska
Apartment Dubasljanska A 101 Malinska
Apartment Gabonjin III
Apartment Gromacine Cr
Apartment I.M. Milcetic 17RE
Apartment I.M. Milcetica 17ZX
Apartment in Malinska
Apartment in Malinska 11
Apartment in Malinska 12
Apartment in Malinska 16
Apartment in Malinska 17
Apartment in Malinska 18
Apartment in Malinska 19
Apartment in Malinska 2
Apartment in Malinska 20
Apartment in Malinska 22
Apartment in Malinska 23
Apartment in Malinska 24
Apartment in Malinska 26
Apartment in Malinska 27
Apartment in Malinska 28
Apartment in Malinska 29
Apartment in Malinska 30
Apartment in Malinska 32
Apartment in Malinska 33
Apartment in Malinska 35
Apartment in Malinska 37
Apartment in Malinska 38
Apartment in Malinska 39
Apartment in Malinska 40
Apartment in Malinska 42
Apartment in Malinska 43
Apartment in Malinska 44
Apartment in Malinska 45
Apartment in Malinska 46
Apartment in Malinska 47
Apartment in Malinska 48
Apartment in Malinska 49
Apartment in Malinska 50
Apartment in Malinska 6
Apartment in Malinska 7
Apartment in Malinska 8
Apartment in Malinska, Krk 1
Apartment in Malinska, Krk 3
Apartment in Primorska Malinska
Apartment Jamina 2,R
Apartment Jamina 2,U
Apartment Japlenicki put I
Apartment Jaz 5A
Apartment Jaz 5B
Apartment Jaz 5C
Apartment Jaz 5D
Apartment Jaz 5E
Apartment Jaz 5F
Apartment Jaz 5G
Apartment Jelka I
Apartment Jelka II
Apartment Jelka III
Apartment Klanice III
Apartment Krcka III
Apartment Krckih Iseljenika 16A
Apartment Kremenici 38A
Apartment Kremenici 38S
Apartment Kusakovic - Malinska
Apartment Kvarnerska 30 Red
Apartment Kvarnerska 32 Blue
Apartment Kvarnerska 41 Green
Apartment Kvarnerska 49A
Apartment Kvarnerska 49B
Apartment Kvarnerska 49C
Apartment Kvarnerska 49D
Apartment Kvarnerska 49E
Apartment Kvarnerska A 30I
Apartment Kvarneska 41B
Apartment Lavande 5I
Apartment Lavande 5II
Apartment Lokvica 6 AF
Apartment M Celebrinija 18A
Apartment M. Celebrinija 18B
Apartment M.Celebrinija A 18A
Apartment Malinska 1
Apartment Malinska 10
Apartment Malinska 13
Apartment Malinska 14
Apartment Malinska 16
Apartment Malinska 18
Apartment Malinska 19
Apartment Malinska 2
Apartment Malinska 20
Apartment Malinska 20
Apartment Malinska 21
Apartment Malinska 21
Apartment Malinska 22
Apartment Malinska 22
Apartment Malinska 27
Apartment Malinska 27
Apartment Malinska 29
Apartment Malinska 3
Apartment Malinska 33
Apartment Malinska 34
Apartment Malinska 37
Apartment Malinska 38
Apartment Malinska 42
Apartment Malinska 44
Apartment Malinska 45 Croatia
Apartment Malinska 46
Apartment Malinska 46 Croatia
Apartment Malinska 47
Apartment Malinska 6
Apartment Malinska 7
Apartment Malinska 9
Apartment Malinska Cizici
Apartment Malinska, Krk 1
Apartment Malinska, Krk 10
Apartment Malinska, Krk 12
Apartment Malinska, Krk 14
Apartment Malinska, Krk 15
Apartment Malinska, Krk 16
Apartment Malinska, Krk 17
Apartment Malinska, Krk 18
Apartment Malinska, Krk 19
Apartment Malinska, Krk 2
Apartment Malinska, Krk 4
Apartment Malinska, Krk 5
Apartment Malinska, Krk 6
Apartment Malinska, Krk 7
Apartment Malinska, Krk 9
Apartment Malinska, Primorje-Gorski Kotar 1
Apartment Malinska, Primorje-Gorski Kotar 10
Apartment Malinska, Primorje-Gorski Kotar 11
Apartment Malinska, Primorje-Gorski Kotar 12
Apartment Malinska, Primorje-Gorski Kotar 13
Apartment Malinska, Primorje-Gorski Kotar 14
Apartment Malinska, Primorje-Gorski Kotar 15
Apartment Malinska, Primorje-Gorski Kotar 16
Apartment Malinska, Primorje-Gorski Kotar 17
Apartment Malinska, Primorje-Gorski Kotar 19
Apartment Malinska, Primorje-Gorski Kotar 20
Apartment Malinska, Primorje-Gorski Kotar 3
Apartment Malinska, Primorje-Gorski Kotar 4
Apartment Malinska, Primorje-Gorski Kotar 6
Apartment Malinska, Primorje-Gorski Kotar 7
Apartment Malinska, Primorje-Gorski Kotar 8
Apartment Malinska, Primorje-Gorski Kotar 9
Apartment Malinska,Krk, Primorje-Gorski Kotar 1
Apartment Malinska,Krk, Primorje-Gorski Kotar 10
Apartment Malinska,Krk, Primorje-Gorski Kotar 2
Apartment Malinska,Krk, Primorje-Gorski Kotar 3
Apartment Malinska,Krk, Primorje-Gorski Kotar 4
Apartment Malinska,Krk, Primorje-Gorski Kotar 5
Apartment Malinska,Krk, Primorje-Gorski Kotar 6
Apartment Malinska,Krk, Primorje-Gorski Kotar 7
Apartment Malinska,Krk, Primorje-Gorski Kotar 8
Apartment Malinska,Krk, Primorje-Gorski Kotar 9
Apartment Marija
Apartment Maslinska 8C
Apartment Miholjice Croatia
Apartment Milcetici 54X
Apartment Miro Malinska
Apartment Miroslava Krleze Cr
Apartment Miroslava Krleze Croatia
Apartment Miroslava Krleze I
Apartment Muzini 8X
Apartment Muzini 8Y
Apartment N.Tesle 37AZ
Apartment N.Tesle 37Z
Apartment Nikole Tesle 67E
Apartment Nikole Tesle 67F
Apartment Obala 7I
Apartment Obala 7J
Apartment Odvijak Rijecke 22P
Apartment Odvijak Rijecke 22Q
Apartment Odvojak Primorske 25R
Apartment Odvojak Rijecke 22S
Apartment Ostrobradici 23A
Apartment Ostrobradici 23Z
Apartment Pavus 10A
Apartment Pavus 10B
Apartment Pavus 10C
Apartment Pavus 10X
Apartment Pavus 10Y
Apartment Pavus 10Z
Apartment Petrlini 9II
Apartment Pionirska 2V
Apartment Pionirska 2X
Apartment Porat (B) 14
Apartment Porat (C) 14
Apartment Porat 132D
Apartment Porat 14F
Apartment Prhoviceva 7R
Apartment Primorska 11C
Apartment Primorska 1B
Apartment Primorska 20A
Apartment Primorska 20B
Apartment Primorska 20C
Apartment Primorska 20D
Apartment Primorska 27
Apartment Primorska 27E
Apartment Primorska 27F
Apartment Primorska 27G
Apartment Primorska 5H
Apartment Primorska 8I
Apartment Primorska 8J
Apartment Rudera Boskovica 1G
Apartment Rudera Boskovica 1H
Apartment Rudera Boskovica 1I
Apartment Rudera Boskovica 1J
Apartment Rudera Boskovica 1K
Apartment Rudera Boskovica 1L
Apartment Salatic 62P
Apartment Samoborska 16R
Apartment Samoborska 16S
Apartment Samoborska 16T
Apartment Samoborska 16U
Apartment Samoborska 20W
Apartment Samoborska 20X
Apartment Samoborska 26Y
Apartment Samoborska 2V
Apartment Sveti Vid-Miholjice 1
Apartment Sveti Vid-Miholjice 2
Apartment T. Ujevica 1B
Apartment T.Ujevica 5C
Apartment Tribulje VI
Apartment Turcic 5J
Apartment Turcica
Apartment Turcica AX
Apartment Ujevica 1A
Apartment Zidarici 14FD
Apartment Zora I
Apartment Zubra 56G
Apartments Betti
Apartments Ciglar
Apartments Cuklicevo
Apartments Karmelić
Apartments Ljuba I Mare
Apartments Skandi1
Bogovic Ivica
Dujmovic Antica
Guest House Katarina
Herceg Josip
Holiday home Bajcici VI
Holiday home Cizici bb VI
Holiday home Cizici IV
Holiday home Dubasljanska Cr
Holiday home Gabonjin II
Holiday home Ive Milcetica Matina Cr
Holiday home Kralja Zvonimira V
Holiday home Kras
Holiday home Kras II
Holiday home Kras IV
Holiday home Malinska 1
Holiday home Malinska 19 with Outdoor Swimmingpool
Holiday home Malinska 22
Holiday home Malinska 43 Croatia
Holiday home Miholjice II
Holiday home Miroslava Krleze IV
Holiday home Pionirska I
Holiday home Radići 1
Holiday home Radići 2
Holiday home Radići 3
Holiday home Rasopasno V
Holiday home Rijecka C 14
Holiday home Strazbica VI
Holiday home Suzan bb V
Holiday home Sv.Vid-Dobrinj Cr
Holiday home Sveti Ivan Dobrinjski V
Holiday home Turcic Cr
Holiday home Turcic Croatia
Holiday home Turcic I
Holiday home Turcic VI
Holiday home Zagrebacka III
Malinska Apartment 1
Malinska Apartment 10
Malinska Apartment 11
Malinska Apartment 12
Malinska Apartment 13
Malinska Apartment 14
Malinska Apartment 15
Malinska Apartment 16
Malinska Apartment 17
Malinska Apartment 18
Malinska Apartment 2
Malinska Apartment 3
Malinska Apartment 4
Malinska Apartment 5
Malinska Apartment 6
Malinska Apartment 7
Malinska Apartment 8
Malinska Apartment 9
Malinska Holiday Home 1
One-Bedroom Apartment Malinska near Sea
One-Bedroom Apartment Malinska near Sea 1
One-Bedroom Apartment Malinska near Sea 2
One-Bedroom Apartment Malinska near Sea 4
One-Bedroom Apartment Malinska near Sea 5
One-Bedroom Apartment Malinska near Sea 6
One-Bedroom Apartment Malinska near Sea 8
One-Bedroom Apartment Vila Branka
Studio Apartment Malinska near Sea
Three-Bedroom Apartment Malinska near Sea
Tonzetic Franjo
Two-Bedroom Apartment Malinska near Sea 1
Two-Bedroom Apartment Malinska near Sea 2
Two-Bedroom Apartment Prpic Antun 1
Two-Bedroom Apartment Prpic Antun 2
Two-Bedroom Apartment Vila Branka
Uljar Anton

Places nearby

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Žgaljić (4.5 miles)
Hrahorić (4.7 miles)
Smokovo (8.6 miles)
Važminec (8.6 miles)
Sveti Petar (8.8 miles)
Grmani (9.1 miles)
Manestri (9.3 miles)
Predošćica (9.6 miles)
(( Vrh )) (9.8 miles)
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