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Apartment Novi Vinodolski 2
Apartment Novi Vinodolski 26 Croatia
Apartment Novi Vinodolski 27 Croatia
Apartment Novi Vinodolski 28 Croatia
Apartment Novi Vinodolski 29 Croatia
Apartment Novi Vinodolski 3
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Apartment Novi Vinodolski 4
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Apartment Novi Vinodolski Ledenicka
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Apartment Novi Vinodolski Primorska
Apartment Novi Vinodolski Primorska II
Apartment Novi Vinodolski WX-1806
Apartment Novi Vinodolski Zagonjska
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Apartment Osap Cr
Apartment Osap Cr IX
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Apartment Pridolska Cr
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Apartment Pridolska I
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Apartment Prisika Croatia
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Apartment Radic Plavi
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Apartment Selacka Cr
Apartment Sopot V
Apartment Starigrad I
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Apartment Vlatko
Apartment Zagon Croatia
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Holiday home 22. Lipnja II
Holiday home Bogoslava Mazuranica V
Holiday home Novi Vinodolski 1
Holiday home Novi Vinodolski 2
Holiday home Novi Vinodolski 41
Holiday home Novi Vinodolski Josipa Mazuranica
Holiday home Novi Vinodolski Kralja Zvonimira
Holiday home Novi Vinodolski Milana Butkovica
Holiday home Prisika II
Holiday home Stubiste II. kuce br. VI
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Novi Resort I
Novi Resort II
Novi Resort III
Novi Resort IV
Villa Novi Vinodolski 1

Places nearby

Sveti Vid (1.9 miles)
Jargovo (2.5 miles)
Plužnice (3.7 miles)
Tribotinj (3.9 miles)
Prempen (4 miles)
Kričina (4.3 miles)
(( Pleteno )) (4.6 miles)
Krmpote-Vodice (5 miles)
Podmelnik (5.6 miles)
Omar (5.9 miles)
Luka Krmpotska (5.9 miles)
Vukelić-Draga (6.1 miles)
(( Šator )) (6.1 miles)
Ruševo Krmpotsko (6.3 miles)
(( Mala Gora )) (6.3 miles)
Javorje (6.7 miles)
Belgrad (6.7 miles)
Bile (6.8 miles)
(( Crni Kal )) (6.9 miles)
(( Vrh )) (6.9 miles)
Antovo (7.1 miles)
Baretići (7.1 miles)
Šušanj (7.5 miles)
(( Podprodan )) (7.7 miles)