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Places of Interest

Rovinj Ferry Port
Balbi Arch
Cathedral of St. Euphemia in Rovinj
Rovinj Aquarium
Vrsar Bus Station
Rovinj Marina
Ecomuseum Casa della Batana
Rovinj Heritage Museum
Dusan Dzamonja Sculpture Park
Punta Corrente Park
Popular Areas
Carera Street in Rovinj
Rovinj Old Town
Vrsar Old Town

Hotels in Rovinj


Apartments Ana Wellness
Hotel Lone
Hotel Monte Mulini


Hotel Adriatic
Alessia Apartments
All Suite Island Hotel Istra
Ambienti Apartment
Ancient Stone Studio
Apartment Camelia
Apartment City Center
Apartment City Center Amaryllis
Apartment Constantini
Apartment Garibaldi
Apartment Grisia
Apartment Istra
Apartment Janko 209
Apartment Jasna
Apartment Laste
Apartment Lavanda
Apartment Lu Rovinj
Apartment Lycia
Apartment Mark
Apartment Matteotti 199
Apartment Mazzini
Apartment Neily
Apartment Nina 296
Apartment Orange 29
Apartment Pastelo
Apartment Piazza
Apartment Sorriso
Apartment Sunce
Apartment Trevisol
Apartment Trevisol Ring
Apartment Viskovic
Apartment Zdenac
Apartments Alice
Apartments Amarin
Apartments Ana City
Apartments AnaMar
Apartments and Rooms Camaiore
Apartments Bellow the Stars
Apartments Bianca
Apartments Bordeaux 29
Apartments Casa Đekić
Apartments Casa Ivona
Apartments Casa Saina
Apartments Centener
Apartments Cvek
Apartments Cvek 2
Apartments Dominik 268
Apartments Elida
Apartments Hanna
Apartments Heisenberg 2
Apartments Horizont
Apartments Javor
Apartments Link
Apartments MaRa
Apartments Nina
Apartments Ragusa
Apartments Residence L'Ulivo
Apartments Šorić
Apartments Terranova
Apartments Venema
Apartments Villa Ernesta
Apartments Villa Markiz
Hotel Arupinum
Casa Alice
Casa Bachieri
Casa Degli Artisti
Casa Garzotto
Casa Sul Mar
Casa Svalba
d'Oro Holiday Home Amicis
Hotel Eden
Guest House Casa Mia
Guest house Villa Dea
Guesthouse Bellavista
Holiday Apartment Suzana 74
Holiday Home Cohar 80
Holiday Home Corte Masato
Holiday House Flego
House Eufemia
House Mitic
Island Hotel Istra
Luna Apartments
Marina Bed and Breakfast
Mirjana Apartment
Orchid city center apartment
Rooms Residence Dream
Rooms Villa Duketis
Studio Kos 224
Studio Nello
Studio Ritz
Studio Sea
Studio Stella
Studios Anna
Studios Galeb
Studios Villa Oscar
Studios Villa Rossella 4
Tourist Settlement Amarin
Villa Armin
Villa Brigita
Villa Ester
Villa Marea
Villa Mareonda
Villa Monsena
Villa Segalla
Villa Sveta Eufemija
Villa Tuttorotto
Villa Valdibora


Accommodation Vega
Accomodation Suran
Ambienti Guest House
Apartmani Delfar
Apartmani Milena
Apartment 110 Selo
Apartment 47
Apartment Alba
Apartment Ana
Apartment Ana
Apartment Anavi
Apartment Aneli
Apartment Anita
Apartment Antonietta
Apartment Apple
Apartment Ari
Apartment Atelier Scalinata
Apartment Axel
Apartment Babić 304
Apartment Bibi
Apartment Bojić 281
Apartment Boscolo
Apartment Briatore
Apartment Cah 283
Apartment Candy box
Apartment Casa Marea
Apartment Cave
Apartment Cherry
Apartment Chiara
Apartment Concetta
Apartment Corrado
Apartment Darko 339
Apartment Degobbis
Apartment Diego
Apartment Dila
Apartment Dina
Apartment Dino
Apartment Doris 433
Apartment Duketis
Apartment Edi
Apartment Epulon
Apartment Ferlin
Apartment Flora
Apartment Fusetti
Apartment Gabi
Apartment Gabriel
Apartment Gaga 98
Apartment Girasole
Apartment Ilinović
Apartment Ivan
Apartment Ivo Rovinj
Apartment Jadranka
Apartment JAL
Apartment Klara 470
Apartment Kristina 203
Apartment Krizmanic
Apartment Lana
Apartment Leone 270
Apartment Ljiljana 290
Apartment Lorena 248
Apartment Lory
Apartment Lucija
Apartment Lutrovic 202
Apartment Mama
Apartment Marconi
Apartment Margareta
Apartment Margita
Apartment Marjanovic
Apartment Marta
Apartment Maruchita
Apartment Maslina
Apartment Matika
Apartment Megy
Apartment Melita
Apartment Meynuel
Apartment Mia
Apartment Midea
Apartment Mihaela
Apartment Milena
Apartment Momento
Apartment Monika
Apartment Nada 274
Apartment Nadia
Apartment Natali
Apartment Ondina
Apartment Ondina 259
Apartment Orkić
Apartment Patricia 453
Apartment Pavlovic 228
Apartment Petar
Apartment Premsai
Apartment R
Apartment Riki
Apartment Roberta
Apartment Roce
Apartment San Vincenti
Apartment Sandi
Apartment Seaview Borik
Apartment Sky 48
Apartment Soni
Apartment Sonja
Apartment Studio Mery
Apartment Studio sole
Apartment Suzana
Apartment Svid
Apartment Tamburini
Apartment Un Chat
Apartment Valdibora
Apartment Vesna 424
Apartment Yvonne
Apartment Žaklina
Apartment Zoki Driovier
Apartment Zora
Apartment Zora 454
Apartment Zrinka
Apartments & Room Carera 6
Apartments & Rooms Elda
Apartments & Rooms Orhidea
Apartments Adri
Apartments Agroturist Cetina
Apartments Aja
Apartments Alessio
Apartments Alex
Apartments Alluro
Apartments Ana
Apartments Ana
Apartments Ana - Rovinj
Apartments Ana 475
Apartments Anamarija
Apartments and Rooms Erik
Apartments and Rooms Irena
Apartments and Rooms Lorena 236
Apartments and Rooms Robert
Apartments and Rooms Slukan
Apartments Andrea
Apartments Anias 374
Apartments Anica
Apartments Anita
Apartments Antolovic
Apartments Antonija
Apartments Apollonio
Apartments Arijeta 229
Apartments Aurora
Apartments Banko 7
Apartments Bartol
Apartments Baštovanović 8
Apartments Bella
Apartments Betty 231
Apartments Bonaca
Apartments Branko
Apartments Branko
Apartments Bučan 14
Apartments Carera 42
Apartments Carmelo
Apartments Carmen
Apartments Casa Menis
Apartments Cetina
Apartments Cetina 405
Apartments Cocaletto
Apartments Crevatin 10
Apartments Daria 206
Apartments Darko
Apartments Divna
Apartments Dobravac 85
Apartments Dobreva 207
Apartments Domenico
Apartments Dujmović
Apartments El Corsaro
Apartments Elda
Apartments Ella
Apartments Ema
Apartments Ester
Apartments Euphemia
Apartments Fabris
Apartments Frane
Apartments Franković 15
Apartments Godena
Apartments Goran
Apartments Grace
Apartments Greta
Apartments H&M 275
Apartments House Flora
Apartments Ina & Ika
Apartments Iskra
Apartments Ivan & Lucija
Apartments Ivanisevic
Apartments Jasna
Apartments Karmen
Apartments Kika
Apartments Kimi
Apartments Kiwi
Apartments La Casa di Loreto
Apartments Lara
Apartments Laura
Apartments Lavanda
Apartments Legend
Apartments Leonardo
Apartments Leverić 230
Apartments Liliana
Apartments Lipej
Apartments Ljubica
Apartments Lola
Apartments Lora
Apartments Lukšić
Apartments Luna
Apartments Magnolia
Apartments Makado
Apartments Malvina
Apartments Mare Blu
Apartments Maria
Apartments Marija
Apartments Marika
Apartments Mariza
Apartments Massimo
Apartments Matić 269
Apartments Matosevic
Apartments Matošević 36
Apartments Mattossi
Apartments Medusa 3
Apartments Mia 2
Apartments Milan 398
Apartments Milena
Apartments Milica 633
Apartments Milkana
Apartments Miro 636
Apartments Mirta
Apartments Modrušan
Apartments Mofardin 42
Apartments Nada
Apartments Nadija
Apartments Natasa 468
Apartments Natka Grisia
Apartments Nebuloza
Apartments Nefat 5
Apartments Nina
Apartments Nina
Apartments Nova
Apartments Olea
Apartments Orbanić 41
Apartments Oriana
Apartments Palma
Apartments Panorama
Apartments Paola
Apartments Paoletti 6
Apartments Paradis
Apartments Patricija 404
Apartments Petra
Apartments Pino 106
Apartments Pokrajac 31
Apartments Poretti
Apartments Prenc
Apartments Prenc Pisuko
Apartments Rajci
Apartments Riva 60
Apartments Romano
Apartments Romano (70661)
Apartments Rozi
Apartments Sabina
Apartments San Francesco
Apartments Sanja-Marino
Apartments Santa Croce Rovinj
Apartments Sarc Rovinj
Apartments Sarizol 51
Apartments Sena
Apartments Severina 1
Apartments Silva 469
Apartments Sponza
Apartments Stefan
Apartments Stošić
Apartments Suki 37
Apartments Suzi & Elvis
Apartments Sverko 70
Apartments Tanga
Apartments TIN
Apartments Trošt 40
Apartments Ulika
Apartments Val
Apartments Vanda
Apartments Vidaković
Apartments Viduman
Apartments Villa Amfora
Apartments Villa Ban
Apartments Villa Borik
Apartments Villa Brigita
Apartments Villa Cissa
Apartments Villa Di Rovigno
Apartments Villa Iva
Apartments Villa Kimberly
Apartments Villa Lucu
Apartments Villa Mara
Apartments Villa Marija Obšivač
Apartments Villa Martin
Apartments Villa Nikola
Apartments Villa Rosa
Apartments Villa Rossella 1
Apartments Villa Rossella 2
Apartments Villa Rossella 3
Apartments Zdenka
Apartments Zorica 13
Appartment Dorjan De Amicis
Apt Mirella Apartment
B@B Valbruna
Bed & Breakfast Blu Locanda
Bed & Breakfast Casa Maris
Bed & Breakfast Villa Squero
Bed and breakfast Vila Dobravac
Bed and Breakfast Villa Kristina
Ca'del Sole
Casa Leona
Casale Bed and Breakfast
Casale Studios
Central Apartment Adria
Cuvi Apartment
d'Oro Apartment Monte
d'Oro Apartments Androna
d'Oro Apartments Nel Blu
d'Oro Apartments St. Croce
d'Oro Apartments Trevisol
d'Oro Holiday Home Orto
d'Oro Holiday Home Silva
Droivier 11
Galla Apartment
Guest Accomodation Dall' Antiquario
Guest house Anamarija
Guest House Biba
Guest House Jadro
Guest House Jasmin
Guest House Jole
Guest House Marica
Guest House Marta
Guest House Matan
Guest House Montalbano
Guest House Pina
Guest House Pucić
Guest House Silvana
Guest House Tara
Guest House Villa Burić
Guest House Zohil
Guesthouse Cuvi
Guesthouse Ena
Guesthouse Goranka
Guesthouse Mila
Guesthouse Santin
Guesthouse Subiak
Guesthouse Villa Tre Marie
Holiday Apartment Daria 20
Holiday Home Julijana
Holiday Home Kalandra
Holiday Home Le Punte
House Kate
House Trevisol
Island Hotel Katarina
Kristian Apartments
Lino Apartments
Luxury Two-Bedroom Apartment 30
Margerita Apartment & Studio
Mobile Homes Polari
Old Stone Holiday Home
Old Town Apartments
Pansion Comfort Exclusive
Pansion Valbruna
Hotel Park
Residence La Carera
Residence Marco Polo
Residence Porta Antica
Room and Apartments Mariza
Rooms Alice
Rooms and Apartment Lea
Rooms and Apartments Sally
Rooms Baladur Pavan
Rooms Carmen
Rooms Cerin
Rooms da Angelica Old City
Rooms Figarola
Rooms Glavan 63
Rooms Josipa
Rooms Kata
Rooms Kati
Rooms Luana
Rooms Rojnić
Rooms Teklić
Santa Croce Studios
Sea View House Olja
Star Apartments
Stella Mare Apartments
Studio Angelina 163
Studio Apartment Nera
Studio Apartment White
Studio Apartments Miranda
Studio Bella
Studio Casale 2
Studio De Amicis 209
Studio Emanuel
Studio Erika 189
Studio Erin 442
Studio Ina 67
Studio Kala
Studio Max
Studio Menta
Studio Ozren 139
Studio Panorama
Studio Petra
Studio Pupa
Studio Rovigno Antico
Studio Tihana
Studio Tommy
Studios Barbaro
Studios Bogdan 77
Studios Dalino
Studios Gortanova
Vanesa Studio
Hotel Vila Lili
Villa Allegria
Villa Ladavac 11
Villa Mare 19
Villa Marin
Villa Milli
Villa Pasis
Villa Rose 39
Villas Rubin Apartments
Villas Rubin Resort
Weis Apartments


Apartment and Rooms Sanja
Apartment Bozac
Apartment Lukman 285
Apartment Maestral
Apartment Mia
Apartments Ana
Apartments Borik Monsena
Apartments in Rovinj Centre
Apartments Knezović
Apartments La Pergola
Apartments Milka
Apartments Palaziol
Apartments Peteh
Guest House Mafi
Guesthouse Casa Vittoria
Room Roma
Rooms Stefani
Studio Tilio
Studios Maya
Hotel Valdaliso


Aqua Camp Mobile Homes in Camping Porton Biondi
Studio Katarina


Ana & Mauricio
Apartment Al Pozzo
Apartment Ambient
Apartment Andrije Motovunjanina Croatia
Apartment Anna
Apartment Ava
Apartment Brdo I
Apartment Brigita
Apartment Campolongo III
Apartment Carera IV
Apartment Casa Nova
Apartment Cerin
Apartment Cesta Za Valaltu-Lim VI
Apartment City Center
Apartment Cocaletto Croatia
Apartment Cocaletto I Rovinj
Apartment Cocaletto III
Apartment Cocaletto VI
Apartment Crveni Mak
Apartment D.Biondi I
Apartment D.Biondi II
Apartment Dalmatina
Apartment Darius
Apartment De Amicis
Apartment Deluxe
Apartment Dorjan Karmelo
Apartment Driovier 31
Apartment G.Tartinija II
Apartment Gržinić 298
Apartment House Flores Bregovita
Apartment in Rovinj I
Apartment in Rovinj I
Apartment in Rovinj II
Apartment in Rovinj III
Apartment in Rovinj III
Apartment Iva
Apartment Ivana
Apartment Kiko
Apartment Kseni
Apartment Kuvi Centener Rovinj
Apartment Lux Rovinj
Apartment M.Bastijana Cr
Apartment M.Bastijana I Rovinj
Apartment M.Bastijana IV
Apartment M.Bastijana V
Apartment M.Selle
Apartment M.Selle Croatia
Apartment M.Selle II
Apartment M.Selle VI
Apartment M.Vlacica Ilirika Cr
Apartment M.Vlacica Ilirika Croatia
Apartment Maestral
Apartment Marevista
Apartment Marine Breeze
Apartment Melita
Apartment Meridiana
Apartment Mimi
Apartment Mona
Apartment Monfiorenzo I
Apartment Monfiorenzo II
Apartment Monfiorenzo III
Apartment Old Town
Apartment Paliaga
Apartment Paolo
Apartment Rogić
Apartment Rovinj
Apartment Rovinj *L*
Apartment Rovinj *LI *
Apartment Rovinj *LII *
Apartment Rovinj *LIII *
Apartment Rovinj *LIV *
Apartment Rovinj *LV *
Apartment Rovinj *LVI *
Apartment Rovinj 1
Apartment Rovinj 10
Apartment Rovinj 10
Apartment Rovinj 11
Apartment Rovinj 11
Apartment Rovinj 12
Apartment Rovinj 13
Apartment Rovinj 14
Apartment Rovinj 15
Apartment Rovinj 15
Apartment Rovinj 16
Apartment Rovinj 17
Apartment Rovinj 18
Apartment Rovinj 19
Apartment Rovinj 2
Apartment Rovinj 24
Apartment Rovinj 26
Apartment Rovinj 3
Apartment Rovinj 30
Apartment Rovinj 32
Apartment Rovinj 33
Apartment Rovinj 35
Apartment Rovinj 36
Apartment Rovinj 4
Apartment Rovinj 42 with Sauna
Apartment Rovinj 43 with Sauna
Apartment Rovinj 44 with Sauna
Apartment Rovinj 5
Apartment Rovinj 5
Apartment Rovinj 50
Apartment Rovinj 6
Apartment Rovinj 6
Apartment Rovinj 7
Apartment Rovinj 8
Apartment Rovinj 9
Apartment Rovinj 9
Apartment Rovinj Brace Pesel
Apartment Rovinj Carera
Apartment Rovinj Cocaletto XII
Apartment Rovinj Eugen Kumicic
Apartment Rovinj GH-1827
Apartment Rovinj Nada
Apartment Rovinj Old Town Dream
Apartment Rovinj Rasana 16
Apartment Rovinjsko Selo bb IV
Apartment Ružić 299
Apartment Stanga bb I
Apartment Stanga bb II
Apartment Stella
Apartment Stella Marina
Apartment Studio Paula
Apartment Sunset
Apartment Sunshine
Apartment Ucka II
Apartment Una
Apartment Valmala bb VI
Apartment Valsavie II
Apartment Valsavie III
Apartment Valsavie IV
Apartment Vergerio
Apartment Vjekoslava Spincica IV
Apartment Ylenia
Apartment Zdenac
Apartment Zgrablić 300
Apartments Aida 324
Apartments Cocaletto5
Apartments Coco&Gasha
Apartments Dietro Castello
Apartments Divina
Apartments Figarola
Apartments Folo 401
Apartments Guesthouse Ana
Apartments Jaklin Rovinj
Apartments Kump
Apartments Novak
Apartments Rina
Apartments Rovinj Duplex
Apartments San Giacomo
Apartments Sandi
Apartments Simonetta 295
Apartments Sosic 410
Apartments Tin
Apartments Volte 297
d'Oro Apartments I Volti
Easy a Tent Bungalow Tent Amarin
Easy a Tent Bungalow Tent Polari
Easy a Tent Bungalow Tent Vestar
Easy a Tent Safari Tent Polari
Four-Bedroom Holiday home Rovinj with a room Hot Tub 07
Guesthouse Klaric
Guesthouse Marija
Guesthouse Marojević 291
Guesthouse Noella Mia
Holiday home 18
Holiday Home Balska
Holiday home Casa del fravo
Holiday home Casa Fontera
Holiday Home Casacomenoi
Holiday home D.Gervais I
Holiday home Duranka II
Holiday home Galafija I
Holiday home Grisia IV
Holiday Home La Scaletta
Holiday home M.Krleze II
Holiday home Mate Balote IV
Holiday home Moncodogno bb V
Holiday home Moncodogno V
Holiday home P.P.Vergerio V
Holiday Home Rovinj
Holiday home Rovinj 13
Holiday home Rovinj 37
Holiday home Rovinj 4
Holiday home Rovinj 6
Holiday home Rovinj 7
Holiday home Rovinj 8
Holiday home Rovinj Brdo
Holiday Home Rovinj Savicenti
Holiday home Rovinjsko Selo V
Holiday home Sveti Kriz Cr
Holiday home Valmoneda
Holiday home Valsavije VI
Holiday home Vicani IV
Holiday home Villas Rubin 1
Holiday home Villas Rubin 2
Holiday home Villas Rubin 3
Istria Valalta Camp
Luxury Villa 95 Rovinj
Luxury Villa Orh
Mate & Mira
Miro Apartment
Olga Apartment
One-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj I
One-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj II
One-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj II
One-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj IV
One-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj IX
One-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj V
One-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj V
One-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj VI
One-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj VII
One-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj VIII
One-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj X
One-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj XI
One-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj XIII
One-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj XIII
One-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj XIV
One-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj XVI
One-Bedroom Apartment Rovinj 01
One-Bedroom Apartment Rovinj 03
One-Bedroom Apartment Rovinj 09
Pansion Petra
Rooms and Apartment Feral
Rooms Daria
Rosa Apartment
Rovinj Apartment 1
Rovinj Apartment 2
Rovinj Apartment 3
Rovinj Apartment 4
Rovinj Center Town Apartment
Rovinj House
Studio Ana
Studio Apartment in Rovinj I
Studio in Rovinj
Studio in Rovinj
Studio in Rovinj
Studio Iris
Studio Kuvi
Studio Rovinj 04
Studio Rovinj 09
Three-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj I
Three-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj II
Three-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj III
Three-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj V
Three-Bedroom Apartment Rovinj with Sea View 08
Two-Bedroom Apartment 0 in Rovinj
Two-Bedroom Apartment 0 in Rovinj
Two-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj
Two-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj
Two-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj
Two-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj I
Two-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj I
Two-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj II
Two-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj IV
Two-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj IV
Two-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj IX
Two-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj V
Two-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj VI
Two-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj VII
Two-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj VIII
Two-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj X
Two-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj X
Two-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj XI
Two-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj XII
Two-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj XIII
Two-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj XIV
Two-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj XV
Two-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj XVI
Two-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj XVII
Two-Bedroom Apartment in Rovinj XVIII
Two-Bedroom Apartment Rovinj 01
Two-Bedroom Apartment Rovinj 02
Two-Bedroom Apartment Rovinj 08
Villa Ines
Villa Oliva
Villa Terra Rossa Borik
Vinni Apartement

Places nearby

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