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Acleda Bank
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Canadia Bank
Wat Leu
Wat Krom
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Serendipity Beach
Occheuteal Beach
Independence Beach
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Samudera Supermarket


Victory Beach
Serendipity Beach
Otres Beach
Independence Beach
Ochheuteal Beach

Hotels in Sihanoukville


Moha Mohori by Sokha Hotels & Resorts
Sokha Beach Resort


Blue Sea Boutique Hotel
Cambodian Resort
Diamond Ocean Resort
Golden Sea Hotel
Independence Hotel Resort & Spa
Lotus The Luxury Hotel & Apartment
Moon Julie Hotel
New Hill Paradise
New Hill Resort & Spa
OC Boutique Hotel
Serendipity Beach Resort


Hotel & Spa Victory Castle Villa
Aqua Resort
Beach Club Resort
Beach River Resort
Beach Road Hotel
Bikers Bar Restaurant
Cloud 9
Coolabah Hotel
Diamond Sea Hotel
Diver Inc Hotel
Don Bosco Hotel School
Elephant Garden Resort
Eolia Beach Resort
Fitness Resort Sihanoukville
Fortuna Hotel & Casino
Hotel Gold Cambodia
Golden River Bungalow
Golden Sand Hotel
Golden Star Inn
Grand Sihanouk Ville
Hawaii Complex Appartment
Hi5 Bungalows
Holiday Villa Nataya
Kampongsom City Hotel & Casino
Khmer Camelot Resort
King Gold Hotel & Apartment
Lovely Boutique
Malibu Bungalows Sihanoukville
New Beach Hotel
Nice Beach Hotel
OC Hotel
Orchidee Guesthouse
Otres Lodge
Ozona Hotel
Pagoda Rocks Boutique Resort
Queen Hill Resort
Queenco Hotel and Casino
Reef Resort
Ropanha Boutique Hotel
Seaside Hotel
Sihanoukville Plaza Hotel
Stone Boutique Bungalow
Tamu Hotel
The Cove Beach Bungalow Resort
The Harbor Lights Palace
The Secret Garden at Otres Beach
The Tamarind
White Beach Hotel
White Sand's Annex
Wildside Villas


Angkor Inn Guest House
Apsara Guesthouse
Aramona Guesthouse
Chhne Chulsa Hotel
Cozy Resort
DD Mark II Guesthouse
Gold Lion Hotel
Golden Bayon Guesthouse
Koh Meas Guesthouse
Makara Bungalows
Mealy Chenda
Nolan Guesthouse
Ochheuteal Guesthouse
Okata Guesthouse
On The Rocks
One Stop Hostel Sihanoukville
Otres Beach Resort
Platinum Hotel
Relax Guesthouse
Rinbunla Guesthouse
Sakal Bungalows Restaurant & Bar
Sakal Guesthouse Restaurant & Bar
Sbov Meas Guesthouse
Sea Star Guesthouse
Seagull Guesthouse
Singapore Guesthouse
Sontepheap Guesthouse
Strawberry Guesthouse
Sunday Guesthouse
Sunday Hotel
The Green house Guesthouse
The Moonflower Bungalow
The Small Hotel
White Beach Bungalow
White Sand Bungalow
Windmill Hotel
Zana Beach Guesthouse
Zana House


DD Mark Guesthouse
Family bungalow
Lucky Beach Guesthouse
Queen Side Guesthouse


Angkor Meas Guesthouse
Arunras Guesthouse
Backpacker Heaven
Banana Beach Bungalow & Restaurant
Bungalow on the Bay
Carpe Diem
Columbus Bungalow
DaZhongHua Guest House
Don Bosco Guesthouse
FourRest Hostel
Grand Kampuchea Guesthouse
Guesthouse 66
Hach Hun Guesthouse
House Of Malibu
Johnny Walker's Bar and Rooms
Keara Guesthouse
Kim Chantha Guesthouse 1
Kim Chantha Guesthouse 2
Le d'Artagnan Hotel
Nghi Chhe 2
Paradise Guesthouse
Pat Pat Guesthouse
Pen Thon Guesthouse
Penguin Pablo Bungalow
Polowai White Sand Villa House
Ponleu Phkay Thmey Guesthouse
Queenco Palm Beach
Reaksmey Meanrith Guesthouse and Residence
Ream Boutique Hotel
Rose Villa
Sahaa Beach Resort
Seahorse Guesthouse
Sihanouk Timeshare Guesthouse
Sovannphoum Guesthouse
Sunset Lounge
Swissbeach Guesthouse
Swissgarden Café & Guesthouse
Tep Apsara Guesthouse
Ung Visal Guesthouse
Villa (by Guesthouse Swissgarden)
Villa Sovann
Western City Hotel
White House Guesthouse
Win Hill Guesthouse
Wolf's Den Guesthouses

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Phumĭ Dong (6.3 miles)
Phumĭ Bát Tráng (2) (7 miles)
Phumĭ Péam (2) (7.2 miles)
Phumĭ Bát Tráng (1) (7.2 miles)
Phumĭ Ângk (7.6 miles)
Phumĭ Kaôh Rœssei (8 miles)
Phumĭ Thmâ Ângkêb (8.1 miles)
Phumĭ Kâng Kéng (8.2 miles)
Phumĭ Srê Nĕb (8.2 miles)
Phumĭ Kaôh Ta Kiĕv (8.4 miles)
Phumĭ Thmâ Thum (8.7 miles)
Phumĭ Sala Chăs (8.8 miles)
Phumĭ Kaôh Ta Kiĕv Kraôm (9 miles)
Phumĭ Kaôh Ta Kiĕv Leu (9 miles)
Phumĭ Prâbŏs (9.3 miles)
Phumĭ Smăch Dêng (9.5 miles)
Phsar Réam (9.6 miles)