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Places of Interest

Sverdlovsk Regional Universal Scientific Library
Sevastyanov's House
Ploshchad 1905 Goda
Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
Trinity Cathedral
Church of All Saints
Big Zlatoust
Rastorguev-Kharitonov Mansion
Ipatyev's House
Chapel of St. Yelizaveta
Ural State Conservatory
Ural State Mining University
Ascension Church
Headquarters of the Volga-Ural Military District
Ekaterinburg Officers' Club
Historic Square
Ekaterinburg Old Railway Station
Vaganov's House
Youth Palace
Monument to Alexander Pushkin
Museum of the Literary Life of the Urals in the 19th century
Ekaterinburg Puppet Theatre
Upper Iset Centre of Culture
Sverdlovsk Regional Museum
Kharitonov Garden
Tagansky Park
Moscow Forest Park
Ekaterinburg Zoo
Aspen Park
Osnovinsky Park
Victory Park
Popular Areas
Vaynera Street
Stadiums or Arenas
Uralochka Sports Centre
Central Stadium
Uralochka Stadium
Subway/Metro Stations
Geologicheskaya Metro Station
Dinamo Metro Station
Botanicheskaya Metro Station
Ploshchad Kosmonavtov
State Academic Opera and Ballet
Dormitory of Sverdlovsk State Academic Philharmonic
Kolyada Theater
Lavrov Concert Hall
Yekaterinburg Theater for Young Spectators
Makletsky Concert Hall
Sverdlovsk Theatre of Musical Comedy
Uralets Cultural Entertainment Centre
Cosmos Cinema Theatre
Ekaterinburg Circus
Volkhonka Drama Theatre

Hotels in Yekaterinburg


Atrium Palace Hotel
Hyatt Regency Ekaterinburg
Ramada Ekaterinburg Hotel & Spa
Vysotsky Hotel


ATLAZA City Residence
Business Hotel Senator
DoubleTree by Hilton Ekaterinburg City Centre
Grand Hall Hotel
Moskovskaya Gorka Hotel
Novotel Ekaterinburg Center
Hotel Oktyabrskaya
Onegin Hotel
Palais Royal
Panorama Business Hotel WTC
Hotel Renomme
Richmond Hotel
Ural Hotel
Vizit Hotel
Voznesensky Hotel


Aleksandrovsky Park Hotel
Hotel Antey
Hotel Arbat
Atlantik Hotel
Hotel Atlas
August Hotel
Chekhov Hotel
De Paris Hotel
Divs Hotel
Ekaterina Hotel
Emerald Hotel
Eurohotel Central
Eurohotel Southern
Fort Hotel
Galant Hotel
Grand Avenue
Green Park Hotel
Guru Hotel
Izumrud Hotel
Live Hotel
Loff Hotel
Marins Park Hotel
NN18 Hotel
Hotel Olymp
Park Inn by Radisson
Park Vista
Premier Hotel
Sanatoriy Melkovskiy
Hotel Sibir
Suite Hotel
Hotel Sverdlova 27
Tea Rose Hotel
Tenet Hotel
Tsentralny Hotel Yekaterinburg
Ural Hotel
Hotel Usadba Orehovo
Vizavi Apart-Hotel
Vizavi Hotel


Apart-hotel Karamel
AVS Hotel
Chetyre Sezona Hotel
City Hotel
Dom Artistov Tsirka Arena Ekaterinburg
Hostel Fonari
Jazz Hotel
Luna Hotel
Maksim Hotel
Malahit 2000
Parus Hotel
Taganskaya Hotel
Tatiana Hotel
Hotel Uktus
Hotel Uspensky Dvor
Hotel Yunost


Azbooka Hostel
Kristall Hotel
Mega Light Hotel
Onezhsky Hotel


"SelimVseh" Apartment at Aviatsionnaya
"SelimVseh" Apartment at Mamina-Sibiryaka
"SelimVseh" Apartment at Radisсheva
"SelimVseh" Apartment at Shchorsa 74
"SelimVseh" Apartment at Soyuznaya 6
"SelimVseh" Apartment at Universitetskiy
"SelimVseh" Apartment at Vaynera
Hotel & Hostel Loft in Centre
hotel 66
Hotel A Elita
ABC Hostel
AC Apartments
Hotel Aist
Alesya Apartments on Malisheva Street
Alexandria na Bazhova Street
Alexandria na Komsomolskoi
Alexandria na Lenina
Alexandria on Uchitiley Street
Alexandria on Uralskaya Street
ALLiS-HALL Apartament at Karla Libkknekhta 16
ALLiS-HALL Apartament at Karla Libkknekhta 18
ALLiS-HALL Apartaments at Voevodina 4 (third floor)
Allis-Hall Hostel
ALLiS-HALL One-Bedroom Apartment at Engelsa 27
ALLiS-HALL One-Bedroom Apartment at Generalskaya 11
ALLiS-HALL One-Bedroom Apartment at Lenina 48
ALLiS-HALL One-Bedroom Apartment at Pervomayskaya 35
ALLiS-HALL One-Bedroom Apartment at Pervomayskaya 70
ALLiS-HALL One-Bedroom Apartment at Radischeva 33
ALLiS-HALL Studio Apartment at Sakko and Vantsetti 60
ALLiS-HALL Studio Apartments at Sheinkmana 45
ALLiS-HALL Studio Apartments at Tveritina 42/3
ALLiS-HALL Two -Bedroom Apartment at Sakko and Vantsetti 48
ALLiS-HALL Voevodina 4 (fifth floor)
Alyans Apartment on Shvartsa
Alyans Apartments
Amethyst Hostel
Amigo Hotel
Hotel and Hostel Centre
Hotel and hostel Loft in Centre
Apart Hotel Abazhur
Apart-Hotel na Kuibisheva 21
Apart-Hotel na Malysheva 4B
Apart-Hotel Tranzit on Popova 33A
Apartament in Gagarina
Apartament on Lenina
Apartament on Utrenniy
Apartamentay na Aviatsionnoy
Apartaments ALEXANDRIA on Tokarey 26
Apartaments Etazhi at Mashinistov
Apartaments Maryn Dom na Soyuznaya 2
Apartaments Maryn Dom na Surikova 53A
Apartamenty Domovoy Na Melnikova
Apartamenty okolo Metro Kosmonavtov
Apartamenty okolo Vokzala
Apartamenty v Tsentre Ekaterinburga
ApartHotel on Malysheva 4B
ApartHotel on Radishcheva 33
Apartment 40 Let Oktyabrya
Apartment Alexandria on Kraulya 2
Apartment Alexandria on Pirogova 4
Apartment Allis-hall on Malysheva 73 A
Apartment Allis-hall on Stepana Razina 2
Apartment Artek
Apartment at Mamina-Sibiryaka
Apartment Azina 23 near Train Station
Apartment Azina 45
Apartment Bakinskikh Komissarov 97
Apartment Bakinskikh Komissarov 99
Apartment Bazhova 68
Apartment Bazhovskiy
Apartment Belinskogo 41
Apartment Belinskogo 86
Apartment Center 15
Apartment Center 17
Apartment Center Bonum
Apartment Cheluskintsev 29
Apartment Chelyuskintsev 21
Apartment Chelyuskintsev 29
Apartment Deluxe on Moskovskaya 77
Apartment Domovoy Na Chelyuskintsev
Apartment Domovoy Na Shchorsa
Apartment Ekaterinburg
Apartment Faeton
Apartment For Rent
Apartment Furmanova
Apartment Generalskaya
Apartment Golfstrim
Apartment Greenhouse at Tokarey
Apartment Gromova
Apartment HomeHotel na Soyuznoy 2
Apartment Il'icha
Apartment Il'icha 2
Apartment in Akademichesky
Apartment in City Center
Apartment in Ekaterinburg
Apartment in ZHK Antares
Apartment Khokhryakov
Apartment Komsomolskaya 78
Apartment Kosmanavtov
Apartment Kosmonavtov
Apartment Kovcheg De Lux
Apartment Krasnykh Komandirov 25
Apartment Krylova 27
Apartment Kuybysheva 57
Apartment Kuznetsova
Apartment Kuznetsova 7
Apartment Lenina 13A-5
Apartment Ligr
Apartment Luchistaya st. 2
Apartment Malevich
Apartment Malysheva 23 City Center
Apartment Malysheva 73 A
Apartment Mamina-Sibiryaka
Apartment Mamina-Sibiryaka 54
Apartment Mamina-Sibiryaka 59
Apartment Meri
Apartment Moskovskaya 49 City Center
Apartment Moskovskaya 77
Apartment Na 8 Marta 64
Apartment Na Amundsena
Apartment na Aviatsionnoy 61
Apartment na Bakinskikh Komissarov
Apartment na Blyukhera 14
Apartment Na Chelyuskintsev
Apartment Na Gotvalda
Apartment Na Kuybisheva
Apartment Na Kuznechnoy
Apartment na Lenina 10
Apartment na Lenina 13A-9
Apartment na Lenina 2
Apartment Na Malysheva
Apartment Na Malysheva 106
Apartment Na Malysheva 4b
Apartment Na Mamina Sebiryaka 8
Apartment Na Mashinistov 3
Apartment Na Moskovskoy 55
Apartment Na Narodnoy Voly
Apartment Na Onezhskoy
Apartment na Popova
Apartment na Radischeva
Apartment Na Ryabinina
Apartment Na Savvy Belyh
Apartment na Serafimy Deryabinoy
Apartment Na Sheikmana 88
Apartment na Sheinkmana 118
Apartment Na Sheinkmana 45
Apartment na Sverdlova 62
Apartment Na Uchiteley
Apartment Na Universitetskom
Apartment Na Vostochnoy 166
Apartment Na Yasnaya 28
Apartment na Yasnaya 30
Apartment Na Yuliucha Fuchika
Apartment Nagornaya 11
Apartment Nagornaya 11
Apartment Narodnoy Voli 113
Apartment Near Circus
Apartment near Geologicheskaya metro
Apartment near Greenwich center
Apartment near the Park
Apartment near train station
Apartment Olga
Apartment on 8 Marta 80
Apartment on 8 marta Ekaterinburg
Apartment on Amundsmena st.
Apartment on Asina 20/2
Apartment on Asina 20/3
Apartment On Aviatsionnaya 48а
Apartment on Babushkina
Apartment on Bajova
Apartment On Bakinskikh Komissarov
Apartment on Bakinskikh Komissarov 114
Apartment on Bardina
Apartment on Belinskogo
Apartment on Belinskogo 156
Apartment on Belorechenskaya 24
Apartment on Blyukhera
Apartment on Chapaeva st.
Apartment on Chaykovskogo 80
Apartment on Chekistov
Apartment on Chkalova
Apartment On Chkalova 124
Apartment on Dekabristov
Apartment on Frunze 64
Apartment on Furmanova
Apartment On Furmanova 103
Apartment on Gagarina 35
Apartment on Hohryakova 74
Apartment on Hohryakova 74, 1 room flat
Apartment on Hohryakova 74, 2 rooms flat
Apartment on Ilycha st. 69
Apartment on Ilyicha 33
Apartment on Ispanskih rabotih, 31
Apartment on Ispanskikh Rabochikh 28
Apartment on Krasniy 5
Apartment on Krasniy pereulok 8
Apartment on Krasnolesya 129
Apartment on Krasnykh Bortsov 12
Apartment on Kraulya
Apartment on Krestinskogo
Apartment on Kuybisheva
Apartment on Kuznechnaya
Apartment On Kuznechnaya 83
Apartment on Kuznetsova 7
Apartment on Lenin Avenue
Apartment on Lenina
Apartment on Lunacharskogo
Apartment on Lunacharskogo 161
Apartment on Malysheva 1
Apartment on Malysheva 111
Apartment on Malysheva 84-5
Apartment on Mamina - Sibiryaka
Apartment on Mamina - Sibiryaka,2
Apartment on Mashinistov
Apartment on Mashinnaya 44
Apartment on Metallurgov 48
Apartment on Metallurgov 50
Apartment on Michurina 132
Apartment On Moskovskaya
Apartment on Moskovskaya 49
Apartment on Nevyanskiy 1
Apartment On Onufriyeva 6/2
Apartment on Palmiro Tolyatti
Apartment on Pavlodarskaya 48
Apartment on Perekhodny per. 9
Apartment on Popova 15
Apartment on Popova 25
Apartment on Prostornaya 87
Apartment on Radishcheva 33
Apartment on Radisheva
Apartment on Rassvetnoy 9A
Apartment on Rodonitovoy
Apartment on Shaumyana 103
Apartment On Shcherbakova 35
Apartment on Shchorsa 103
Apartment On Shchorsa 109
Apartment on Shchorsa 54A
Apartment on Sheinkmana 134
Apartment on Sherbakova
Apartment on Sherbakova
Apartment on Sherbakova 77/3
Apartment on Sheynkmana 122
Apartment on Sheynkmana 30
Apartment on Shorsa
Apartment on Shorsa 105
Apartment On Smazchikov 3
Apartment on Soyuznaya
Apartment on Stepana Razina
Apartment on Stepana Razina 128
Apartment on Surikova 2
Apartment On Sverdlova 14
Apartment On Syromolotova
Apartment on Tatishcheva 49k3
Apartment on Tciolkovskogo
Apartment on Tramvaynyy pereulok 2/4
Apartment on Tsiolkovskogo
Apartment on Tsiolkovskogo
Apartment on Umashiva
Apartment on Universitetskiy Pereulok 3
Apartment on Uralskaya 55
Apartment on Uralskaya 57
Apartment on Vostochnay
Apartment on Vostochnaya 21
Apartment on Ytrennii Pereylok
Apartment On Zarechnyi Rayon
Apartment Parnikovaya
Apartment Popova City Center
Apartment Posutočno
Apartment Prospect Lenina 10
Apartment Romantic
Apartment Savvy Belykh
Apartment Serafimy Deryabinoy
Apartment Shaumyana 111
Apartment Sheinkman
Apartment Shvartsa 16
Apartment Soft near Grinvich
Apartment Soft On Furmanova
Apartment Stachek 4
Apartment Sverdlova
Apartment Sverdlova 60 near Train Station
Apartment Tvoy Gorod na Sheinkmana 111
Apartment U Ksenii na Gotwalda 14A
Apartment U Ksenii na Mira 37
Apartment u Tsentralnogo stadiona
Apartment U Visotskogo
Apartment U Visotskogo Lenina 40
Apartment U Visotskogo Lenina 53
Apartment U Visotskogo Lenina 53
Apartment U Visotskogo Lenina XL
Apartment U Visotskogo Robinzon
Apartment U Visotskogo Tolmacheva 25
Apartment Ulitsa Malysheva 84
Apartment Vaynera
Apartment Yaroslavskaya 17
Apartment Yasnaya 31
Apartments Aleksandr
Apartments Аlexandria on Sheinkman, 102
Apartments Аlexandria on Zavodskaya 75
Apartments Aliance
Apartments at Kuybisheva
Apartments Bardina 2/1
Apartments Bardina 2/1-2
Apartments Belorechenskaya 23/1
Apartments center Yekaterinburg
Apartments Dream 24
Apartments Elan
Apartments Etazhi at Bazhova
Apartments Etazhi at Belinskogo
Apartments Etazhi at Belinskogo Central
Apartments Etazhi at Bibliotechnaya
Apartments Etazhi at Cheluskintsev
Apartments Etazhi at Papanina
Apartments Etazhi at Shvartsa
Apartments Etazhi at Vostochnaya
Apartments Etazhi na Kosmonavtov
Apartments Etazhi on Karla Marksa
Apartments Etazhi on Malysheva
Apartments Etazhi on Malysheva 4B
Apartments Etazhi on Sheynkmana
Apartments Etazhi on Tokarey
Apartments Flat96 - Yekaterinburg
Apartments For Soyuznoy
Apartments hhotel on Soyuznaya 27
Apartments hhotel on Tsiolkovskogo 29
Apartments Home-Hotel
Apartments Home-Hotel
Apartments Hotel on Malysheva 4B-2
Apartments Ieropolis
Apartments in Center near Grinvich
Apartments in Vtuzgorodke
Apartments in Yekaterinburg
Apartments in Yekaterinburg Centre
Apartments INN on Bazhova
Apartments InnService
Apartments Kak Doma
Apartments luks na Belinskogo 41
Apartments Lunacharskogo 49
Apartments Marin Dom at Malysheva 7
Apartments Marin Dom at Sheveleva
Apartments Marin Dom Na Azina 39
Apartments Marin Dom na Iyulskoy 25
Apartments Marin Dom na Komsomolskoy 54
Apartments Marin Dom Na Lenina 10
Apartments Marin Dom Na Lunacharskogo 171
Apartments Marin Dom na Lunacharskogo 50
Apartments Marin Dom Na Malysheva 104
Apartments Marin Dom Na Malysheva 120
Apartments Marin Dom Na Popova
Apartments Marin Dom Na Sakko i Vancetti 54
Apartments Marin Dom na Shevchenko 20
Apartments Marin Dom Na Sheynkmana 45
Apartments Marin Dom Na Smazchikov 3
Apartments Marin Dom Na Sverdlova 2
Apartments Marin Dom on Bazhova 68
Apartments Marin Dom on Chekistov 9
Apartments Marin Dom on Moskovskaya 42
Apartments Marin Dom on Uralskoy 65
Apartments Megapolis
Apartments Metro Chkalovskaya
Apartments MHouse on Kraulya 51
Apartments Moskovskaia 225|1
Apartments Na Aviatsionnay 12
Apartments na Bazhova
Apartments na Malysheva 4B
Apartments na Malysheva 7
Apartments na Mamina Sibyaryaka 51
Apartments na Serafimy Deryabinoy
Apartments na Vostochnoi
Apartments na Vostochnoy
Apartments near Circus
Apartments near Grinvich ieropolis 7
Apartments near Uzhniy Avtovokzal
Apartments Ogni on Belinskogo
Apartments on 40 let oktiabria 15
Apartments on 8 March
Apartments on Akademicheskaya
Apartments on Avtomagistralnaya
Apartments on Azina
Apartments on Bardina
Apartments on Bazaltovoj
Apartments on Belinskogo Ieropolis 6
Apartments on Belinsky
Apartments on Borovaya
Apartments on Chaykovskogo
Apartments on Chelyuskintsev
Apartments on Gastello 32A
Apartments on Gromova 30
Apartments on Gurzufskaya 34
Apartments On Khokhryakova 74
Apartments on Krasina
Apartments on Krasnom Ieropolis - 2
Apartments on Kuznechnaya
Apartments on Kuznechnaya 79
Apartments on Kuznechnaya 81
Apartments on Lenina 10
Apartments on Lenina 10
Apartments on Lenina 13
Apartments on Lermontova
Apartments on Lunacharskogo
Apartments on Malysheva
Apartments on Malysheva 1
Apartments on Malysheva 4
Apartments on Malysheva 4B
Apartments on Malysheva 4B
Apartments on Mashinostroiteley 47
Apartments on Mekhrenceva 7
Apartments on Metallurgov
Apartments on Muranova
Apartments on Popova
Apartments on Popova 13
Apartments on Popova ieropolis-4
Apartments on Posadskaya
Apartments on prospekt Lenina 75
Apartments on Repina 101
Apartments on Repina 68
Apartments on Rodonitovaya 22
Apartments on Sheinkmana 90
Apartments on Sherbakova
Apartments on Shevchenko
Apartments on Shorhsa 54a
Apartments on Shorsa 2
Apartments on Shorsa 3
Apartments on Souyznaya 2
Apartments on Stepana Razina
Apartments on Stepana Razina 107
Apartments on Surikova 31
Apartments on the Rassvetnaya st.
Apartments on Tsiolkovskogo 57
Apartments on ul. Kraulya
Apartments on Vostochnaia
Apartments on Zavodskaya st.
Apartments on Zhukova
Apartments Repina 78
Apartments Ryabinina
Apartments Shchorsa 103
Apartments Shchorsa 103
Apartments Shchorsa 103
Apartments Shvartsa 14
Apartments Solnechnaya
Apartments Tvoy Gorod
Apartments Vavilon - Yekaterinburg
Apartments Vavilon 2 - Yekaterinburg
Apartments Vavilon 4
Apartments Vavilon 5
Apartments Volgogradskaya
Apartments Volgogradskaya 190
Apartments Vysotsky
Apartments Yasnaya 31
Apartmenty na Vostochnoy ieropolis-3
Appartament on Belinskogo st.
Art Hostel Green Grove
Art Hostel on Bankovsky
Art Hostel on Lenina Street
Aurora Hostel Railway station
Aurora Hostels on Lenina
Aurora Mini-Hotel Center
B&B Hostel na 8 Marta 7
B&B Hostel na Pushkina 2a
Berloga na Kolmogorova
Berloga na Sovetskoy
Berloga on Cheluskintsev
Bolshie Podushki
Bolshoy Ural na Malysheva Hotel
Bolshoy Ural na Stachek Hotel
Boutiqe Hostel Vokrug Sveta
Business Home Apartments
Butterfly apartment
Chkalova 119 Apartment
Comfort Room
Cottage on Dvinskaya 24
Deira Apartments
Department of Balloons
DoBeDo Hostel
DoBeDo Hotel
Dostoyevsky Hostel
Hotel Dvorets Svadeb
EkaRoom Apartment on Gotvalda
EkaRoom Apartments at Tokarey 60/1
EkaRoom Apartments na Odinarka 1
EkaRoom Apartments on Odinarka 3
Elenina Svetyolka Apartments
Etazhi Apartments at Soyuznaya
Hotel Europa
Everyday Apartment
Everyday Apartment na Metallurgov
Everyday Apartment na Repina 68
Evro Apartment
Family Apartment Deryabinoy 30B
Family apartment on Bardina
Family Apartment on Popova
Family Apartments on 8 Marta
Family Apartments on Furmanova
Family Apartments on Serafimy Deryabinoy
Family Apartments on Shaumyana
Family Apartments on Sheinkmana
Family Apartments on Vstrechny
Family appts on Volgogradskya, 186
Gagarina 27
Gde Spat Hostel
Gold Inn
Gostiny Dvor&Co - Apartments Babochka at Soyuznaya 4
Gostiny Dvor&Co at Schorsa 103
Gostiny Dvor&Co at Schorsa 105
Gostiny Dvor&Co at Soyuznaya 2
Green House Apartments at Shchorsa
GreenHouse Apartments at Bazhova
GreenHouse Apartments Komsomolskaya
Grinvich Apartments
Guest House Aleksandrovskiy
Guest House on Studencheskaya 24
Guest House Va Bene
Hhotel Apartments on Radishcheva 18
High apartment
Holiday Home on Darvina
Holiday Home Zabava
Hostel 1
Hostel 3 Etazh
Hostel 8 Woman
Hostel №9
Hostel Apelsin
Hostel Atasikun
Hostel Champion
Hostel Cheshier
Hostel For Friends
Hostel Fort
Hostel Krasnyi Divan
Hostel Leto
Hostel Lider
Hostel Like on Narodnoy Voli
Hostel Nikolskiy
Hostel on Ulitsa Chkalova
Hostel on Vokzalnaya
Hostel on Vyezdnoy pereulok
Hostel R.E.D.
Hostel Standart
Hostel Travel
Hostel Ural Rover
Hostel Uspenskiy Dvor
Hostel Uyutnoye Mestechko
Hostel Vosa-Lavandula
Industrii 66
Inn Caesar
Inn near Uralmash metro station
Inn Sibir
Jasmine Apartment
Jasmine. Apartments Sherbakova 77
Klub Klen
Kosmonavtov 58 Apartment
Kovcheg de lux
Kovcheg De Lux
Kvartira on Malysheva 4B
Kvartira Yekaterinburg
Lenina 40 Apartment
Lhouse Hotel
Light Hotel
Light Hotel on Bebelya Street
Light Hotel on Klyuchevskaya
Ligr Apartments 8 Marta
Like Hostel Na Grazhdanskoy
Like Hostel na Vainera
Live Hostel
Loft Inn
London Mini-hotel
Lugano Apartment
Maksim - ZHK Bazhovsky Apartments
Maksim Apartments
Maliy Hotel Petal Lotus
MHouse on Sheinkmana 111
Michurina 171
Mini Hotel De Gennin
Mini Hotel Eightrays
Mini Hotel on Tatisheva
Mini Hotel Uyut
Mini inn on avitsionnaya 57 Hotel Sokol
Mini-Hotel Aleksa
Mini-hotel on Popova 33A
Mini-Hotel U Megi
Mini-Hotel Your Studio - 1
Mini-Hotel Your Studio - 2
MiniHotel Vavilon
Monterskaya 3
Moskovsky Hotel
Moy Dom Hostel
Mrs Hudson Hostel
Hotel na Trakte
Nashe Mesto Club House
NC Club Apartments Aquamarine
NC Club Apartments Mechta
NC Club Apartments Moskva
Nice Days Hostel
Obshchezhitiye na Vaynera
Ogni Ekaterinburga apartment on Belinskogo 108
One-Bedroom Apartment Na Ulitse Cheluskintsev
Pastel Apartments on Shorsa 103
Pearl Hotel
Pervomayskaya Apartment
Petal Lotus Apartments
Piligrim Apartments on Malysheva
Popova Apartment
Prime Inn
R.E.D. Inn
Radishev Hostel
Recreation Centre Shartash
Red Star Hostel
RedLine hostel
Respect-Hall Hotel
Restmill Apartment at Pirogova 4
Restmill Apartment at Yumasheva 3
Rodonitovaya Apartment
Room in a flat
Rooms in apartment na Ispanskih rab
Rooms in apartment on Strelochnikov
Rooms in Ekaterinburg Apartments
Rooms On Uralskaya 54
Hotel Rybin
SelimVseh Apartment at Sheynkmana
SelimVseh Apartment at Valeka
SelimVseh at Nikonova
SelimVseh Kuibisheva 21
Shevchenko Apartment
Single Apartments Pobedy 31
Sky Hostel
Smart Apart
Sophie Hostels
Hotel SPOP
Studio Apartment on Parnikovaya
Studio in Guest House on Bazaltovaya
Studio near Railway station
Suite Apartment on Stepana Razina
Super double room Uralmash
Sutkidom Apartments on Belinskogo
Sweet Home Hostel
Tciolkovskogo 27 Ж
Tciolkovskogo 29 A
Tessa Hotel
Three Bedroom Apartment in center
Top Hostel
Two Bedroom Apartment
U Aeroporta Apartments
Ural Business Class Apartments
Uralsky Teremok Hotel
Usta Apartment on Vysotskogo
Usta Apartments
Uyutny Dom Apartment 1
Uyutny Dom Apartments 2
Uyutny Dom Apartments 3
Uyutnyy Dom Apartment 4
Uyutnyy Dom Apartment 5
Volgogradskaya 190
Volgogradskaya 220
Vremena Goda
Yin Yang in DAS HAUS Complex
Yin Yang Mini Hotel in Moskva Complex
Ying Yang Mini Hotel na Shchorsa
Yo! Hostel at 8 Marta
Zhemchuzhina Apartments
Zhemchuzhina on Pasadskaya
Zk Apartments near Central Stadium

Places nearby

(( Rechnoy )) (0.6 miles)
(( Parkovyy )) (0.6 miles)
(( Listvennyy )) (0.6 miles)
(( Yagodnyy )) (0.6 miles)
(( Posëlok Ekskavatornyy )) (1.1 miles)
Gornozavodskiy (2.3 miles)
Shirokaya Rechka (4.9 miles)
Shartashkiy (5.5 miles)
Sem' Klyuchey (5.8 miles)
Yelizavetinskiy (6.4 miles)
Khimash (6.5 miles)
Nizhneisetskiy (6.7 miles)
Shuvakish (7.4 miles)
Palkino (8 miles)
(( Sheinskiy )) (8.3 miles)
Sadovyy (9.1 miles)
(( Romashka )) (9.2 miles)
Zales'ye (9.9 miles)
Gat' (9.9 miles)